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Travelling is always an exciting, but also pricey, experience. We offer people the chance to save money on their next trip by finding the best deals on airfare. We have a wide variety of discounts codes for airlines, hotels, car rentals, and more. With our site, people can find the best deals for their specific travel needs in just a few clicks!









Frequently Asked Questions about Using Discount Codes for Flight Bookings

What should one consider when redeeming a discount code for a flight?

Utilising a discount code for flight tickets may differ from other online purchases. Typically, you must proceed through most of the booking process, from entering personal details to selecting additional services, before you can redeem your discount code. However, sometimes it’s the opposite, and you enter your discount code in the airline’s search tool before even choosing your flight. To understand precisely how to use your discount code with the airline, visit the page on where you found the code. Detailed instructions on how to activate your discount code are usually provided there.

Are discount codes for flight bookings time-limited?

Yes, nearly all discount codes for airlines are time-limited and have an expiration date. They may be valid for a short period, such as during promotional days like Black Friday, or for several months. Some codes may be valid indefinitely, but they will not remain valid forever and will eventually expire.

Can I use discount codes for last-minute flight bookings?

Many discount codes are valid for all types of flights, but there may be exceptions for certain promotions, such as last-minute offers. If a discount code does not apply to last-minute flights, this will be stated in the terms of the code, for example, that it only applies to regular prices.

Can I combine multiple discount codes for a flight booking?

It is very rare for airlines to allow customers to use multiple discount codes for the same booking. As a rule, you should expect to be able to use only one discount code per flight booking.

How often are airline discount codes updated on

We strive to continuously update all discount codes, promotions, and offers as soon as something new is added or changed. We are connected to major affiliate networks and often receive automatically updated discount codes and offers through their APIs. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact us so we can make corrections and updates.

What should I do if my discount code does not work for my flight booking?

If a discount code does not work, it could be due to several reasons, such as not meeting a minimum booking value required or the code only being valid for specific destinations. Discount codes can also be geographically limited. If you meet all the conditions but the code still does not work, contact us at via the comment section on the page where you found the code or via email. You can also contact the airline’s customer service.

Do the discount codes apply to all types of flights?

It is not always certain. Some discount codes may be limited to certain flight routes and destinations. There might also be restrictions, such as the discount only applying to economy class. Read the terms of the discount code to know which flights it applies to.

Can I cancel or change a flight booking made with a discount code?

In most cases, the use of a discount code does not affect the ability to cancel or change a flight booking. The airline’s policy for cancellations and changes usually applies regardless of whether a discount was received. However, there may be campaign-specific conditions associated with the discount code. Therefore, read the terms of the discount code you are using carefully to avoid any surprises.

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