How we make money while creating value

Our Mission: To Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience

Our mission is to assist those searching for travel and other travel-related services to have the best possible online shopping experience. We do this by providing the best discounts and promo codes from leading travel companies and online stores, ensuring you get the best price possible on what you plan to book or purchase.

Understanding Our Revenue Sources: Transparency and Trust First primarily earns money through various types of affiliate partnerships with travel agencies, booking services, hotels, airlines, shipping companies, car rental companies, train operators, experience providers, and a number of online stores.

How Affiliate Partnerships Work: A Win-Win-Win Situation

Our income from affiliate partnerships works in the same way as it does for many other websites that earn their revenue through affiliate partnerships. This means that if you click on one of our discount codes or discounts, are redirected, and then make a purchase, we receive a small sum as a thank you from the company where you made your purchase. This incurs no extra cost to you. The price of what you intend to book or purchase will be the same whether you use our affiliate links or not.

To summarize, all three parties benefit from It becomes a Win-Win-Win situation:

  • You as the user and customer benefit: You can take advantage of our discount codes and discounts and get a lower price on what you intend to buy or book. All without any additional costs.
  • The company where you make your purchase benefits: The company gains you as a customer through, and you make a purchase that you might not have made if you hadn’t found a discount code or discount on our website.
  • benefits: We at receive a small sum of money from the company where you have made your travel booking or purchase. This allows to continue operating and improve the service.

Other Sources of Income:’s income consists of 99% from revenues from various affiliate partnerships. However, on very rare occasions, we may receive other forms of income by, for example, giving a company extra exposure. This could be the company appearing in our newsletter or the company getting an advertising banner on

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