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The Montcalm

The Montcalm at 2 Wallenberg Place is the most reputable hotel in a group of multiple luxury hotels in the central part of London. Each hotel is a five-star unit, offering an extraordinary experience that stands out in the crowd.

The Montcalm was built in the 1970s and named after Marquis de Montcalm, a French commander who was defeated by the English fighting for Canada in 1759. The Georgian facade of the hotel means the history of the site dates back way further.

The luxurious approach of the hotel makes it quite expensive compared to other alternatives in the area, despite prices in central London being higher than average. This being said, our website offers access to a bunch of Montcalm discount codes, as well as Montcalm voucher codes and Montcalm coupons.

Most Sought-After Amenities at The Montcalm

Located only a three-minute walk from the Marble Arch station, the Montcalm luxury hotel is proudly presented in a Georgian building less than a mile away from Hyde Park. The exterior can only prepare you for what’s on the inside.

Whether you join the Montcalm club or you use a Montcalm voucher code, staying at this hotel will provide access to designer toiletries from the most reputable brands in the world, rainfall showers in all rooms, heating, minibars, tea and coffee facilities, Wi-Fi all over the hotel, flat-screen TVs and loaner smartphones.

Suites also come with a butler service. Finding a Montcalm discount or a Montcalm coupon will give you an excellent deal on such a personalized service. Two-bedroom suites for families or couples feature whirlpool baths. Again, this can come much cheaper with a Montcalm promo code.

The club level will give you access to a lounge offering breakfast facilities, not to mention refreshments in the evening. The Montcalm voucher codes on our website will help you save money, but it’s worth noting that many of these services are free, such as the evening refreshments.

Room service is available round the clock.

Talking about amenities, clients will gain access to a champagne bar, two renowned restaurants, a gym and a spa.

Benefits of Staying At The Montcalm

Whether you’re after London Halloween escapes, a boutique retreat, a week away, a romantic weekend getaway or just business accommodation, The Montcalm is ready to offer an exclusive and luxurious service.

Full Package Deals

Nothing screams luxury more than a butler service available for all the suites. Whether you travel alone or want to impress your loved one, no Montcalm offer will disappoint.

Gain access to a spacious club room, complimentary upgrades, numerous facilities included, free parking and excellent cuisine in the local restaurants. Top all these with an amazing discount and get ready to be treated like royalty.

Excellent Location

All the hotels in the Montcalm group are located in central London. You could spend a day exploring London, as everything’s on your doorstep. The tube station is just minutes away from you for easy access to farther areas of London.

When London’s calling, you just can’t go wrong with Montcalm.

Superior Service

The staff at Montcalm Hotels is known for working tirelessly to ensure top-notch service with no issues whatsoever. Everything’s planned and calculated in the smallest details, from the initial greeting to your pampering comfort.

While such a service may come with a price, you can find the best price by using a Montcalm promo code or a Montcalm coupon for complimentary upgrades.


Despite being one of the top recommendations in London, The Montcalm offers great availability and has various types of rooms available, from suites and simple rooms to two-bedroom apartments.

Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need to stay overnight to benefit from some of the amenities, such as coming in for a fine dining experience on a special occasion.

Most Popular Types of Montcalm Voucher Codes

The Montcalm voucher codes change on a regular basis and may target various deals at the hotel, as well as specific amenities. We recommend making sure the voucher you need is still in date and booking as soon as you find something suitable for your needs.

While they may change, here are some of the most common types of offers you can get:

  • 10% off any purchase for Montcalm hotels
  • Up to 35% on certain hotels in the group only
  • Seasonal sales of up to 10%
  • Up to 40% off for various times of the year, such as Black Friday
  • Up to 25% for families during half-term
  • Special deals for the spa only

How to Redeem Your Montcalm Voucher Code?

Browse our website and find the perfect Montcalm discount. Remember that you can usually use one voucher per booking, so do the math and figure out which one is better for your needs. Even a short break for a couple or a family-friendly escape can benefit from discounts and great deals.

Go to the official Montcalm website to make your booking. Booking over the official website will give you the best possible price. Other websites may look cheaper, but fees and taxes will make the final price more expensive.

It’s also worth noting that all these significant savings can be applied on the Montcalm website only.

Choose the room, duration of your stay, extras or packages you’re interested in, and proceed to the checkout page. Double-check everything you’re about to book. While cancellations are free within the terms and conditions, such mistakes are stressful and time-consuming.

Apply the coupon at the checkout. Just before paying, you’ll be given the total price for what you’ve booked, including every extra or service. Before proceeding with the payment, you’ll find a slot to enter coupons. Copy and paste the code from our website and check the new price.

If everything looks alright, proceed with the payment.

Other Ways to Save At The Montcalm

You can get an amazing discount if you use one of our Montcalm discount codes or Montcalm voucher codes. Fortunately, there are more ways to save money and enjoy the amenities at the Montcalm luxury hotels without spending a fortune.

  • Make sure you keep an eye out for vouchers and promotion codes on our website. Whether you’re interested in a romantic stay with a daily English breakfast, daily body massage sessions, deliciously light foods or just an overall luxury holiday, vouchers change regularly.
  • Newsletter sign-ups are just as important. Join the newsletter, and you’ll get occasional deals by email. Some of these emails will include news or perhaps new offers. Users will also get exclusive deals every now and then.
  • Join the official club. Being part of the club means you’ll get points whenever you book something. The more points you get, the more offers you’ll have access to, as you can redeem them during your bookings.
  • Check out the official website, especially the link at the top with special offers. Those offers won’t apply to one Montcalm hotel but throughout the whole luxury chain. It’s worth taking a look before booking something.
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The Montcalm FAQs

What Are The Benefits Of Booking Directly With The Montcalm?

The Montcalm is guaranteed to offer you the best possible price. You can find the chain hotels on other booking websites, too. However, they’re less likely to give you a better deal, especially when fees start adding up. Furthermore, you won’t be able to use coupons on other websites but the official one.

Can I Add Extras To My Booking?

Of course. Adding extras is pretty simple and depends on what you’re after. If you’re interested in a romantic stay in a perfect location, you can add extras like champagne or chocolate, not to mention flowers.

The option to add extras is given just before the payment page, so make sure you get all the adjustments in place before entering your voucher.

Can I Have A Meal Or Afternoon Tea At A Montcalm Hotel?

Absolutely. Each of the Montcalm hotels has a fine restaurant and bar on-site, so you won’t need to leave the premises. Each hotel will also give you the option to get room service, so you won’t even have to leave the room. Given their location, you can also explore local restaurants in the area.

Afternoon tea is available only at The Brewery, The Chilworth and the Marble Arch hotels.

What’s The Best Discount Offer At The Montcalm?

The truth is there’s no such thing. Some people may be interested in Montcalm discounts for a day at the spa. Some others might be interested in a discount for family getaways, not to mention romantic weekends or just a random overnight stay.

Furthermore, The Montcalm vouchers and discounts change on a regular basis. They’re usually active for a few months before being renewed, so we recommend browsing our selection before making a booking with the Montcalm.

Up to 25% off at The Montcalm
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