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Expedia is the world's largest travel companies and own many of the different travel brands that you usually come across when booking your trip. Hotels.com, Trivago and Hotwire are included in Expedia Inc. Expedia’s total annual sales are upwards of $6 billion and the company acquires new partners every year and its growth is constantly increasing. The range of services and products is enormous. As a customer you’ll find over 400 000 luxury hotels and accommodations, vacation rentals, airline tickets from 400 airlines, rental cars from the world's leading car rental companies and affordable package offer with flight and hotel combined. You also have the option of booking different experiences and activities, ranging from guided tours to helicopter tours. In addition to the classic package offers with cheap flights and hotels, Expedia also has customized vacation and weekend packages. There’s a ton of last-minute trips at a great price if you’re ready to travel on short notice as well!

There are many benefits of choosing to book your trip through Expedia. All customers get a Price Guarantee for example, which means that the customer can receive a full refund of the entire difference if they find the same flight at a lower price. The Price Guarantee applies to hotels and packages with flight and hotel combined. It is also completely free of charge to change or cancel your hotel reservation. There are over 11 million guest reviews that you can browse through before making a decision, if you want to make sure that you have the best trip possible. You can even feel safe when it comes to paying for your trip! Expedia has a high security regarding its payment solutions and accept the usual credit and debit cards as well as PayPal and bank transfer.

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You should keep an eye on Expedia’s various campaigns and promotions if you’re looking for the best rate possible for your trip. There is a tab in the main drop-down menu on the website where you can find various deals and temporary discounts. This can include everything from discounts at a specific airline to particularly good prices on selected holiday destinations. You can also occasionally find promo codes that are usable on Expedia. These promo codes can make your Expedia booking a few percent cheaper – but there’s a lot to save if your total is somewhat significant! If you were to, for example, take your whole family on a trip around the globe, then you can save several hundreds of pounds by using a promo code.

Quick Facts about Expedia

  • The largest online travel agency in the world
  • Over $5 billion US dollars in annual sales
  • Over 400 000 hotels, luxury suites, and accommodations
  • Fly with 400 different airlines
  • Car rental at 30 000 destinations with world-leading car rental companies
  • Package deals including flight + hotel bookings
  • Experiences and activities (Guided tours, admission tickets, etc.)
  • Complete vacation packages and weekend packages
  • Low-priced last minute deals
  • Over 11 million guest reviews from previous customers
  • Price Guarantee (Expedia will pay the difference if you find a lower price somewhere else)
  • Secure and encrypted payment solution
  • Free cancellation facility.

How to use a discount code at Expedia

  1. Use Expedia's search function to find and select hotels, airfare, beach getaways, travel package, vacation package, car rentals, or activities/experiences on a selected date. You can use the Expedia app for this. Become an Expedia member and start searching for your desired packages.
  2. Select the one you’re interested in and click on the price.
  3. Make sure that everything’s correct (Room type, possible search options, etc.).
  4. Click on "Book".
  5. (Go to the next step if you haven’t chosen a hotel)
  6. You’re now at the step where you’ll ill in your personal information etc.
  7. Click on "Enter a coupon or promotion code" under "Payment".
  8. Enter your Expedia voucher code and click "Apply coupon".
  9. Enjoy watching the price fall :)

Rules for discount codes on Expedia

  • You cannot combine different discount codes.
  • Discount codes can not be redeemed for cash. It is not possible to redeem a discount code after a booking has bene made.
  • It is forbidden to sell on discount coupons.
  • Discount codes can be used when the payment option "Pay Online" has been selected.
  • Expedia reserves the right to at any time change the terms or cancel the discount code.
  • It’s not possible to redeem discount codes for various charges, such as change fees, cancellation fees and administrative fees.
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Frequently asked questions about Expedia discount codes

Is it possible to use more than one discount code at once?

No, it is not possible to combine two or more discount codes when you purchase from Expedia. You might be thinking about getting more discounts by doing this, but there is no such thing as using more than one discount code. You are only eligible to use one Expedia discount code at a time.

What’s the easiest way to get hold of an Expedia discount code?

Well, there are basically two easiest ways to find discount codes for Expedia. The first way is, visit google.com, then search for discount codes websites, then visit the website, collect the discount code, get the discount and save money. The second easiest way is, visit the Expedia website and subscribe to the Expedia newsletter. They will send you emails regarding Expedia discounts and offers, the best deals, such as incredible hotel booking deals and holiday deals, Expedia coupons, codes, etc. Also, you can sign up for the Expedia rewards program where you can save more money.

Do Expedia coupons usually work for the whole line of travel packages in the store?

Most of the time, Expedia discount codes are available for the whole package line. But, sometimes there may be some exceptions. You may see that the Expedia voucher codes are available for some specific packages sometimes. Generally, if the price is already reduced for some packages, no Expedia promo code needed. But, if Expedia wants, they may offer discount codes for reduced-priced packages.

How much discount can I get with an Expedia discount code?

Discount code you get for Expedia, you can avail the discount at least 10% and a maximum of 25%. The discount rate will vary from package to package. You can save 10% or more discount on purchasing hotel bookings at Expedia for cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Rome, York, Bath, Bristol, and London. So, check the discount rate before you purchase. Apart from that, Expedia may arrange discount campaigns, be alert for that.

Is it possible to swap my Expedia coupon codes for money?

You might be thinking of the possibility of swapping Expedia voucher codes for money. But, in reality, it is not possible to swap Expedia discount codes for cash. You are only able to use Expedia discount codes on the Expedia online store when purchasing. Also, Expedia does not allow you to sell the discount codes to other users.

For how long is usually an Expedia coupon code valid?

It is quite difficult to predict how long the Expedia promo code will remain valid. Because the longevity and validity of discount codes vary. Some Expedia discount codes may be valid for a single day, some may valid for a week, some may be valid for a month or more. You can get a special discount from Expedia on special days like new year's eve, Expedia black friday deals, Expedia cyber monday deals, etc. So, keep visiting the Expedia website and know the Expedia promotion. If you want to get more information about discount codes, read the discount Expedia app terms and discount terms and conditions. If you still do not find the information, contact the Expedia customer care center.

How much discount can I get on sale packages and special offers at Expedia?

At Expedia, you can get a maximum of 35% off the regular price from Expedia promo codes.

Early Summer Campaign May 27, 2024
Early Summer Campaign May 27, 2024
Early Summer Campaign May 27, 2024
Early Summer Campaign May 27, 2024
Early Summer Campaign May 27, 2024
Early Summer Campaign May 27, 2024
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Up to £35 savings on all members’ bookings at Expedia


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