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Latest discount added: May 8, 2024

Who doesn't like spending the day at a super-luxurious hotel? Who doesn't want to have their big events in a luxurious hotel setting, right? With their finest hotels, Thistle Hotels are available to make your special occasions and other gatherings even more memorable. Thistle Hotels provide great value for money at every one of their sites throughout the world. The goal of their London hotels is to make you feel comfortable, which sets them apart from the competition. In addition to providing a lovely setting for your stay, each of their fully-serviced establishments have been hand-picked to give an excellent value for money option among hotels in the heart of London's city center.

In each hotel, they have every facility that you expect. If you visit these hotels, you have access to super luxury rooms, restaurants & bars, a pool area, and many other facilities as you desire. Their spectacular surroundings of all hotels will amaze you for sure, no matter what. You can organize their weddings and other special functions and events the way you want. Their well-trained staff are always there to help you and guide you at their best. If you have any issues or queries regarding hotels, you can simply call their hotline and inform them. They are always willing to accept good and bad feedback to improve their services as their guest’s desire.

You'll discover fantastic deals at Thistle Central London hotels. For example, you can receive 30% off a London stay; but, if you stay on a Sunday, you'll get 15% off your room rate, complimentary breakfast, and late checkout. If you are a loyal member, you will get a 15% discount on all bookings at any hotel. Does this seem like a deal that you should pass up? No, I don't believe so.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thistle Hotels Discount Codes, Offers, and Promotions

What is the highest discount I can get with a Thistle Hotels discount code?

It is hard to determine exactly. Usually, a Thistle Hotels discount code provides around 5-15% discount. More than this is very rare. However, there could be discount codes that give you up to 25% off, but this would indeed be extremely unique and not something you should count on. If you get around 10% of with a discount code, you should be pleased!

Does Thistle Hotels have any loyalty program or membership that can give me discounts and other benefits?

Yes, you can become a member of Thistle Hotels and thus receive exclusive discounts and offers. However, there isn't a direct loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points or similar, instead, you can become a member and in this way receive various benefits.

If I have two Thistle Hotels discount codes, can I use them on the same hotel booking to get a bigger discount?

No, unfortunately, you can't merge and combine two or more discount codes to jointly give you a bigger discount on your booking. Only one discount code per hotel booking applies.

Is there any limitation on how many times I can use my Thistle Hotels discount code?

It depends on the type of discount code. If it's a personal discount code that you've received by email, for example, it may only be used once. The discount codes we publish here on, on the other hand, are usually reusable multiple times on separate hotel bookings.

Where can I find more Thistle Hotels discount codes for future bookings?

You can continue to find them here on or on similar discount websites. You can also get them if you choose to become a member of Thistle Hotels or subscribe to their newsletter.

Can I use my discount code at all Thistle Hotels or are there exceptions?

There may be exceptions. Usually, a discount code works at all their hotels, but there could be a discount code targeting and offering a discount on a specific hotel. To be sure of what applies, you should read the discount code's terms and conditions.

What happens if I cancel my hotel booking, do I then lose my discount code?

Yes, if you used a discount code that, at the time of cancellation, has passed its expiration date, you cannot retrieve the discount code. However, if you cancelled when the discount code is still active, you can of course use it again.

Does the discount code also apply to hotel nights that are already on promotion and have a reduced price at Thistle Hotels?

This entirely depends on the discount code's terms and conditions. Some discount codes may be used when there is already some kind of campaign or discount, while other discount codes can only be used when hotel nights are booked at the regular price. Read the discount code's terms and conditions to be sure of what applies.

Can I get free hotel nights with a Thistle Hotels discount code?

In theory, it could happen, but as a rule, a discount code gives a percentage discount on your hotel booking. Therefore, it is more or less impossible to get a hotel night for free.

20% off stays at Thistle Hotels this summer September 9, 2024
Up to 25% off at Thistle Hotels
At least 15% off Your Room Rate at Thistle Hotel
At least 15% off for Every Booking for Members at Thistle Hotel
At least 30% off Bloomsbury Park Spring Bookings at Thistle Hotel
At least 30% off London Spring Stays Spring Bookings at Thistle Hotel
Trafalgar Square Rooms from £185/night at Thistle Hotel
Deluxe Twin Room As Low As £175 at Thistle Hotel


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