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It’s hard to sum up Glasgow in just one word.

This vibrant city can be found on the banks of the River Clyde in West Central Scotland, and it’s famous for its friendly locals, contributions to architecture, whiskey, and unique charm – just to name a few! 

If we’ve piqued your interest, stick around to view our list of some of the top things to do during your trip to Glasgow. From artistic explorations to thrilling motorsport races, there’s something for everyone. 

Glasgow Cathedral 

Immerse yourself in Glasgow’s rich history with a visit to the Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow Cathedral was built between 1136 and 1484 making it the oldest Cathedral in mainland Scotland, and it’s now known as Scotland’s largest place of worship. 

Glasgow Cathedral is a mediaeval Cathedral that makes the birthplace of the city and is said to have been built on the tomb of St Kentigern.

Glasgow cathedral boasts some impressive gothic architecture, with rows of pointed arches, slender windows, and unique vaulted aisles around its presbytery. 

This iconic cathedral is just a short walk from Glasgow city centre, and can be found right next to the royal infirmary.

If you wish to visit to pray or simply soak up its incredible architecture, you are advised to book a free entry ticket online to avoid disappointment.

The cathedral is also open for guided tours of up to one hour, and tours can be requested on the website. 

Note: visiting times may vary. Contact Glasgow Cathedral for more information. 

The Lighthouse 

Right at the heart of Glasgow lies the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is the beating heart of art and culture in the area, and when you visit, you’ll be greeted by stunning architecture and a range of electric art. 

The Lighthouse is a multipurpose visitor centre, events venue, and exhibition space is beautiful both inside and outside, and with free entry, it’s certainly worth a visit.

The Lighthouse is just a three-minute walk from the Gallery of Modern Art, and it’s nestled in the heart of a small alleyway – so at first glance, you may not even know what you’re looking at! 

The Lighthouse was completed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1895. Once you’re inside the building, you can explore a variety of levels and learn more about his life, work, and architectural vision.

You can even climb (or take a lift) to the Mackintosh viewpoint, which is said to offer some of the best views in Glasgow! 

From exhibitions, galleries, and the Doocot Cafe Bar on level 5, you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy. Tuck into some tasty food, and dive headfirst into one of Glasgow’s greatest architectural creations for next to nil. 

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea 

If you fancy something a little more unique, atmospheric, and famously shabby-chique, be sure to visit the Tchai-Ovna House of Tea.

The Tchai-Ovna is one of Glasgow’s most distinctive hidden gems, serving more than 80 varieties of tea, and serving up plenty of veggie options (and even shisha!) to keep you entertained. 

The Tchai-Ovna is tucked neatly away in the ancient cobbled lanes of a former stables, and it’s a classy nod to both Glasgow’s history and its alternative culture.

Visiting the Tchai-Ovna is often described as taking a step back in time. Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by plenty of brick and dark wooden interiors, ambient lighting, and a friendly cat that even makes the odd appearance!

With plenty of quirky artwork, books, and comfortable seating to keep you entertained, you’ll feel more as though you’re the guest in someone’s home, rather than in an establishment in the heart of the city. 

Tea lovers will find themselves in awe at its eclectic range of tea, including lavender, jasmine, Pi Luo Chun, Tuo Cha, honeybrush, and many, many more.

The food is equally delicious, and you can enjoy everything from a spread of cheese and crackers to delicious cakes and sweet treats, a curry, or chipotle chilli! If you want to feel at home in the city, Tchai-Ovna is the place to be. 

Glasgow Tigers Speedway 

Motorsport lovers and adrenaline junkies may prefer a visit to the Glasgow Tigers Speedway instead.

Glasgow Tigers are the only professional speedway team in the West of Scotland, and their venue is one of a handful found in the area. 

From March to October, the Glasgow Tigers compete in the UK speedway Championship League, and you can go and see them for yourself!

You may even find the occasional mid-week race to enjoy, which makes for a thrilling experience for the whole family. It’s exciting, loud, and bustling with life, with plenty of food and drinks always available.

You’ll find yourself close to the action every time – even if you’re not a motorsport lover, you’ll be blown away by their skill, speed, and the atmosphere at the speedway. 

The track was first formed in 1928 and has provided entertainment (and formerly greyhound racing) to Glaswegians for decades.

You’ll find a cafe, restaurant, and shop onsite, so you can treat yourself to something tasty when you’re watching the race.

The Glasgow Tigers Speedway is one of Glasgow’s biggest attractions, and it’s well worth the visit. 

Pollok Country Park 

If you’re in search of something a little less noisy, you may prefer Pollok Country Park.

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This astounding park is situated over 360 acres of greenery, and it’s famous for its stunning walking trails, scenic running routes, and wildlife. 

Pollok Country Park is the only country park in Glasgow, and it offers visitors an expansive and peaceful place to relax and unwind.

If you’re a keen cycler, Pollok Country Park is the ideal place to visit for leisurely trips or mountain biking, and the park itself is home to three mountain bike circuits, all close to cycle routes 7 and 75. 

The park can be found just 3 miles from the city centre, and it’s steeped in history.

This old estate park is also home to Pollok House, a vast stately home that’s often regarded as one of Scotland’s greatest Edwardian country houses.

The home is open to visitors and inside, you’ll be greeted by an impressive art collection amassed by its former owners the Maxwells.

An impressive number of Spanish paintings and portraits can be found inside, and you’ll learn more about its history, and tour each room of the stately abode.

If you’re up for more than a brisk walk, Pollok Country Park also offers a playground, an orienteering trail, a variety of gardens, and it even hosts seasonal events for the whole family to enjoy.

Pollok Country Park is a surefire way to fall in love with Glasgow. 

Glengoyne Distillery

Whisky lovers won’t want to miss the chance to visit the Glengoyne Distillery. Glengoyne produces some of the highest quality single malts, with hints of brazil nuts and soft oak.

Each drink is packed with bold and complex flavours, giving whiskey lovers the chance to taste some of the finest varieties found in Scotland. 

The Glengoyne Distillery is a Highland distillery that’s open seven days a week and welcomes visitors with open arms.

The Glengoyne whisky is famously distilled slower than any other malt whisky, to create some complex, bold, and fruit tastes. Nothing is rushed, and each drink is treated with astounding care and attention. 

For £25pp, you can taste 3 Glengoyne whiskeys and learn more about the history of the venue. If you want a distillery tour, you can pay anywhere from £45pp to £200, and group bookings are welcome.

If you’re not blown away by the tour, you’ll certainly be lost for words at the view – Glengoyne is nestled on the Highland Line, with views of Loch Lomond painting the horizon.

Nestled between cascading hills and stunning tree lines, there’s so much to love about Glengoyne! 

East Yonderton Farm 

Last but not least, we have East Yonderton Farm. East Yonderton Farm is a family-run fruit farm, offering the ideal place to pick your own fresh fruit during the summer and soak in the idyllic surroundings. 

The farm can be found near Inchinnan and is just a stone’s throw from Glasgow Airport.

The farm itself has been running since 1926, and it also grows vegetables and potatoes which are available to purchase throughout the year. At East Yonderton, you can pick a variety of fresh fruit, including: 

  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries 
  • Gooseberries 
  • Redcurrants

And if it’s veggies you’re after, dive into their beautifully fresh collection of potatoes, peas, and broccoli!

Most of the fruit is ready to pick between July and August, making it the perfect place to visit during your summer trip to Glasgow.

Not only is it fun to pick your own fruit and veg, but it’s also exceedingly delicious, and a fun way to educate yourself, and the kids.

Entry is free, but the price of your fruit will depend on your yield. Contact East Yonderton Farm for more information. 

The Bottom Line 

If you’re not sure where to visit next, why not take a trip to one of the friendliest cities in the world? In this bustling cultural hub, you’ll never be short of things to do. Glasgow is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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