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Axel Hernborg

Dublin is a very small capital city. However, it certainly makes up for that with its large reputation!

Dublin is well-known for being an artistic, multicultural city full of amazing architecture, a plethora of green spaces, and a never-ending list of entertainment. 

If you are planning on visiting Dublin anytime soon, then you may feel overwhelmed with the never-ending list of activities you can get involved in. So, we are here to help! 

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 things to do in Dublin on your trip, so you can make the most of your time in this wonderful city. So, if you’re interested, read on for more!

1. Wander The Corridors Of Trinity College 

Trinity College is a place full of elegance and charm situated in the very heart of Dublin. It is the most prestigious university in all of Ireland and was founded in 1592.

Its alma mater includes writers like Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift. 

So, if you’re a big fan of literature and poetry, it is well worth a visit just to wander down the same corridors and explore the same bookshelves as these famous writers once did. 

Of course, the biggest reason to visit Trinity College is the Long Room in the Old Library.

This room is typically barrel-vaulted, because it contains the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells is one of the most amazing treasures in all of Ireland, it is a Gospel manuscript that dates all the way back to the 9th century! 

2. Learn About Ireland’s Emigration At The EPIC Irish Emigration Museum 

If you’re interested in learning the history of Irish emigrants, then be sure to check out the EPIC Irish Emigration Museum. This museum has been named as a leading tourist attraction multiple times. It is high-tech and interactive. 

You will be able to explore Irish emigration and the impact that it had on Ireland and the 70+ million people who can still claim Irish ancestry today. You can even trace your ancestry and the Irish Family History Centre. 

One of the best parts of this museum is the music exhibition. Here, you will be able to follow the exact steps of the Riverdance.

Or, you can wander over to the Rogues Gallery, where you can participate in a quiz all about Irish outlaws and practise your quick-draw skills! 

3. Drink A Pint At The Guinness Storehouse 

One of the most popular attractions in all of Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse, an homage to Guinness, one of the most famous brands of beer in the world.

The Guinness Storehouse used to be a fermentation plant, but it has since been converted into what it is today, a seven-story building that shares the history of Guinness and shows exactly how to make the famous beer. 

Here, you can try your hand at pouring a pint, and you can also enjoy drinking them with some lunch. Be sure to check out the Gravity Bar – where you can experience panoramic views of all of Dublin, it’s absolutely stunning! 

4. Go On A Talking Statues Tour 

If you want to see the sights of Dublin uniquely, then a Talking Statues tour is the way to do it! This is a unique and entertaining way to get to know the city.

Dublin has many famous statues scattered throughout the city, and 10 of them have a plaque with a QR code that you can scan. 

Once you do so, you will be able to listen to a famous Irish actor give a monologue from the perspective of the statue.

For example, you can listen to a monologue from Oscar Wilde, voiced by Andrew Scott, or a speech from James Joyce, given by Gabriel Byrne.

Some of these monologues will be filled with comedy, others will be dramatic, while some are purely fantastical! 

5. Relax At Phoenix Park 

Phoenix Park, Dublin, consists of 709 hectares of lush greenery, relaxing trails, and plenty of wildlife! Did you know that in 1979, Pope John Paull II said mass here to 1 million people! 

 This park features a whole host of activities that you can do. You can spend the day by yourself relaxing amongst nature, or you can have a fun and interactive day at Dublin Zoo or Farmleigh House. 

At the zoo, you will be able to say hello to a plethora of animals while at Farmleigh House you will be able to take a guided tour of the glass conservatory and amazing library.

You can also stroll the Japanese gardens and sit by the lake to watch the world go by in the pleasure gardens. 

6. Visit The Museum Of Dublin

The Museum of Dublin can be found in a little Georgian House. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn all about Dublin and its history spanning the last century.

Visitors can inspect artefacts, photographs, and memorabilia that have all been donated by the general public. 

This collection includes a lectern that was used by JFK on his visit to Ireland, as well as the original letter that was handed to the Irish envoys on their way to the 1921 treaty negotiations. 

Of course, one of the must-see rooms of this entire museum is the floor dedicated to U2, the band. And, when you’re done exploring the museum, you can take one of their walking tours.

This includes the popular Green Mile walking tour, which is award-winning! 

7. Explore The Historic Liberties

The Liberties is a neighbourhood located near the Guinness Storehouse. So, you could do both of these activities in one day! 

Here, you can walk the streets of this historic village and stumble across many beautiful landmarks. For example, you can explore the ancient St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where the titular saint baptised locals.

You can also explore Christ Church, which is the most beautiful of all the cathedrals and is often regarded as one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. 

If you’re a lover of literature, then you will love exploring Marrowbone Books, an independent bookshop that sells second-hand books. You can lose hours by browsing the shelves and even sit for an intimate music gig. 

The Liberties is also home to Francis Street, a little street for lovers of all things antiquated. It has many little art galleries inside its buildings, as well as whiskey distilleries that offer fantastic tours.

There is an eclectic mix of things to do here, so be sure to leave a whole day free to check it out!

8. Walk The Pier At Dún Laoghaire

In the south of Dublin, you will find a port town called Dún Laoghaire.

Dún Laoghaire is home to a famous pier and lighthouse. Here, you can take a romantic stroll down this pier with a loved one and spend time peering through the viewing telescopes in the lighthouse to see what you can spot in the ocean! 

Then, when you have worked up an appetite, you can go to the People’s Park to enjoy a picnic, and even browse the farmer’s market if it’s a Sunday! 

9. Listen To Live Music 

If you’re looking for a fun-filled night of entertainment, then you’re going to find it in Dublin! This city is host to a plethora of amazing nights out!

There’s many a bar crawl to be had in Dublin, but we think the highlight of a night out in this city is the live music. 

There will be many places to go and listen to live music, but Grafton Street is the best place for it! Whelan’s is the most loved live-music venue in the city, but we think The International Bar is great, too. 

Here, you can listen to authentic and local music to get a true taste of Irish nightlife. 

10. Go Shopping On O’Connell Street

If the best holidays you’ve been on involve copious amounts of retail therapy, then O’Connell Street is the place to go!

There are many shops here where you can spend the day browsing or filling your bags with goodies (remember to buy some Dublin memorabilia to take home!)

But O’Connell Street isn’t just good for shopping! It is also home to many historic buildings, monuments, and sculptures.

So, while you are enjoying the shops, you should also check out must-see attractions like The Spire, which is a needle-like monument that is the most visible landmark in Dublin. 

What’s more, you should go and see the General Post Office, which is considered to be the heart of the Irish struggle for independence as it is where the Proclamation of the Republic was read.

It was also the rebel HQ during the 1916 Easter Rising and has since become a point of remembrance, parades, and protests. 

Final Thoughts

Dublin is home to many important historical landmarks as well as beautiful architecture, fun attractions, and many places to shop and learn more about the city.

Be sure to add our top 10 things to do in Dublin to your list and enjoy the best of what the city has to offer!