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Cambridge is perfect for a day trip, especially if you are travelling out from London.

Cambridge is a beautiful city that is full of historical locations, beautiful architecture and quaint streets. It has been famous for many years as somewhere to visit. 

Cambridge is very easy to get to, with excellent transport links linking the city to London. This article will explore some of the fantastic things that you can do in Cambridge on your trip! 

History Of Cambridge 

Cambridge is a very famous city and has been for many years. It is a very important trading centre, and it has been this way since Roman times. 

Cambridge became very popular in the middle ages, when the University was founded. It became one of the best and most celebrated Universities in the world. 

Cambridge University was established in 1209, and the University even took some Oxford scholars who had had a dispute with the townspeople. 

The University has always been a huge part of the city, and its many students are a huge part of the city.

The University buildings are all over the heart of the city, and they give the city the character that it has today. 

Many successful people have attended Cambridge University, including Charles Darwin and Sylvia Plath.

Things To Do In Cambridge 

There are many different things to do in Cambridge that will suit all of the different types of people. It is a very small city that is easy to navigate.

You can easily walk around the city, especially if you arrive by train.

You can also take the buses from outside the station that will take you towards the main attractions.

1. Tower At Great St Mary’s

A great place to start in Cambridge is the tower of the Great St Mary’s Church. This is located opposite King’s College.

You will climb 123 steps at the tower of this church which is over 800 years old.

The view over King’s College Chapel is the best view in Cambridge and it extends over the college and the river Cam. You are able to walk up the tower from 10am Monday to Saturday and from 12.15 on Sundays. 

You will have to pay a small amount to climb this tower.

2. Fitzwilliam Museum

This impressive museum is a must-see in Cambridge. It has vast collections of antiques from places like Rome, Greece and ancient Egypt. The artefacts that the museum holds are very impressive. 

The museum also included exhibits of European and English pottery and glass. You will find furnitive, ceramics and clocks from Korea and Japan, too.

If you plan to visit this museum, it is recommended that you leave around 2 or 3 hours to complete the visit.

3. The Cambridge Gin Lab

This is very different from the museum listed above. The Cambridge Gin Lab is an interactive lab that is centred around the much-loved spirit – gin! 

This lab is owned by Cambridge Distillery, and it is home to a classroom, tasting lounge, shop and private hire room. 

If you want to learn more about the history of gin and the way that the Cambridge Distillery works, then this is the perfect place for you!

4. King’s College Chapel 

A visit to Cambridge isn’t complete without a trip to the King’s College Chapel! It is a huge chapel which definitely won’t disappoint! 

The fan vaulted ceiling is the first thing that will impress, and the light that retracts from the stained glass windows creates incredible light inside the chapel.

The stained glass window is mediaeval. 

The chapel dates as far back as Tudor times. It was started by Henry VII and completed by Henry VIII.

You can see lots of Tudor roses within the walls of the chapel, and you can also see evidence of Henry’s marriage to Anne Boleyn.

5. Punting Tours 

When you’re in Cambridge, you must enjoy a punting tour. While you are able to head out onto the River Cam on your own, it is highly recommended that you do so on a punting tour. 

You should sit back and relax while your guide shows you around the river.

You will hear fantastic stories about the city on these tours, and you will have the chance to slide under the famous bridges of cambridge – the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical bridge.

If you want to experience a punting tour, you should head to the Quayside Punting Station. This is where you will find tours that leave regularly, from 9.00am to dusk.

During the winter months, you should ensure that you wrap up warm. This is very important as it can get very cold on the river! 

Most of the tours of Cambridge that take place on punting boats last around 45 minutes. You can book a place on these tours online or you can head down to the punting station.

6. Visit The University Colleges 

There are 31 different colleges on the campus of the University of Cambridge. They each have a very long history, as they were built over 800 years ago. 

You can visit any of these colleges all year round, except in May when the visits are limited due to the students sitting their exams. 

If you want to see some of the colleges in Cambridge, you should visit one of the following: 

Trinity College 

Trinity College is definitely one to visit! It spans the river, and it has residences on both sides. It is famous for being the home to Wren Library and its Great Court. 

Trinity College has been home to over 32 Nobel Prize Winners. 

The Library is one of the best in the country, and it is home to two of Shakespeare’s original folios. 

You can visit this college most of the year, but make sure to check as there are some restrictions on visitors at certain times.

St John’s College 

St John’s College is one of the oldest in Cambridge. It was founded by the mother of King Henry VII, as far back as 1509! You can see her crest above the entrance to the college. 

This college has been the learning ground for many very successful people, including William Worsworth! 

The college spans both sides of the river and it is linked by the Bridge of Sighs. This is named after a bridge in Venice.

King’s College 

King’s College is well known for its Gothic Chapel. It is beautiful and has been home to many very successful people.

7. Guided Tours 

As there is so much history in Cambridge, it is a great idea to take a guided tour of the city. This will give you lots of information on the history of the city and it will show you the beauty.

You will get lots of information about the University and the city on these tours.

This is a great thing to do on your trip to Cambridge! 

8. The Round Church

There are only four mediaeval round churches left in England. One of these is in Cambridge. It is definitely worth a visit!

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a very important landmark in Cambridge and it is definitely worth a visit! 

If you’re a bit fed up with touring the University, then this is a great break!

The symmetry of the building is great to admire and it is made with the same chalky limestone that is used throughout the city.

How Can You Get To Cambridge?

Cambridge is a very easily accessible city. It is fairly easy to get to Cambridge, as it has very good transport links.

If you are travelling by train from London to Cambridge, then the train will only take an hour! There is also an express train that takes even less time than this.

You can get a train to Cambridge from Kings Cross or Liverpool Street. There are about 4 trains an hour. 

Most of the trains to Cambridge leave from Kings Cross and they are very fairly priced!

It is also very easy to drive to Cambridge. If you are looking for parking, the Park Street car park is a good choice. 

You can also get trains to Cambridge from lots of other places around the UK. There are many coaches that also stop in Cambridge, so you won’t be short of ways to get to the city! 

Final Thoughts 

There is an abundance of things to do in this fantastic city! If you are visiting Cambridge, you’ll never run out of fantastic things to do and see.

This article has explored some of the things that you should definitely do on your trip to Cambridge!

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