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Axel Hernborg

Birmingham is a great place to visit and in fact, it’s actually the second largest city across the whole of the UK so you can be sure you’ll find plenty to do.

Actually, there are so many options that you may want to take the time to plan your visit before you go to avoid getting a little overwhelmed. 

One of my favorite things about Birmingham is there is a never-ending list of activities that range from sophisticated cultural appreciation to thrill-seeking excitement.

So no matter what kind of trip you’re planning, be it a relaxing weekend away or an action-packed busy break, there will be something on this list for you. 

Well, you’re probably pretty excited to get planning, so shall we get right to it? Come on then… 

My Favourite Things To Do In Birmingham

1. See The Fish At The National Sea Life Centre

This is probably one of the family-favourite attractions here in Birmingham. So, if you are bringing the little ones along, this is a must-visit. And to be honest, it’s still just as much fun as an adults-only trip too. 

But we parents all know the perils of trying to keep little children occupied and amused while away. Well, the never-ending fun of sea life is sure to keep them happy.

If the vast array of underwater creatures weren’t enough, they also host several events throughout the year such as the Dinosaur Detective event. 

They’ve recently even added an Antarctic landscape where you can meet penguins. Pay a little extra for the VIP experience and you can even feed them. 

2. Watch A Concert At Symphony Hall

If live entertainment is your vibe then how could you not visit the Uk’s best concert hall? Symphony Hall is renowned for its breathtaking auditorium and world-class acoustics.

And you’ll definitely find something on offer that will be right down your street. 

A wide variety of entertainment is hosted here, from some of the most prestigious orchestras across the globe to jazz, from some of the most belly-hurting comedy shows to straight-up rock, they show it all. 

So if you’re planning a trip to Birmingham, purchasing tickets to watch a concert or show at Symphony Hall is an absolute must. 

3. Try And Survive The Escape Games

Sorry kids, this one is 18+ only. But if you are planning an adults-only trip to Bristol, then you can’t miss out on escape games.

You’ll definitely be activating your brains for this one as you are trapped and locked in a room, and you and up to 6 friends must find a way to escape. 

They have several rooms and scenarios on offer. Try out the undercover detective role where you have just an hour to figure out all the clues and escape your and your fellow teammate’s demise. 

And if you are really looking to get your blood pumping, try out the murder mystery escape room in the haunted house! Be warned, this one is not for the faint of heart. 

4. Take A Ride On The Shakespeare Express

If you have a love for steam trains then you’ll adore the Shakespeare Express – it is one of the most renowned remaining steam trains in Great Britain.

The journey itself offers customers the best of both worlds as you’ll travel through industrial views and scenic countryside. 

Visit at the right time, and you can even stuff your belly full of some of the delicious meals they serve aboard.

Ride in the morning and enjoy a traditional full English breakfast or ride during mid-day to chomp down on a roast dinner which of course comes with all the trimmings.

And if you take an afternoon journey, then you may be able to enjoy a High Tea where you’ll sip away a selection of soft or alcoholic beverages. 

5. Visit The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Things To Do In Birmingham On Your Trip

Why not soak up some culture in one of the best museums around? This museum is sure to keep the whole family entertained with its wide variety of offerings.

You’ll see some of the most stunning artwork, along with tons of archeology and ethnography collections to be enjoyed too. 

Definitely check the exhibits that’ll be on before you go to find a visit that will be most suited to you.

Especially because at certain points in the year you’ll get the chance to view the famous dinosaur exhibits which are always popular amongst the little ones. 

6. Catch A Show At The Birmingham Hippodrome

He’s behind you! Those are the famous words you’ll hear at any pantomime, right? Well, Birmingham’s Hippodrome is said to be one of the best pantomime venues across the whole of the UK. 

From family pantomimes to stunning orchestra shows, and live stand-up comedy to ballet performances, there is something for everyone.

The venue even offers little booster seats for young viewers to ensure that they can see and enjoy the show! 

Definitely check out what is on while you’re visiting. Maybe even get there a little early so that you can dine in their independent restaurant that provides delicious meals before the performances begin. 

7. Test Your Speed At The Grand Prix Karting

If you’re looking to pump a little adrenaline through your veins, then a stop at Grand Prix Karting is a must. Both youngsters and adults can enjoy whizzing around what is arguably the best outdoor track in the United Kingdom.

So race around and see who really has the need for speed in state-of-the-art karts that are actually designed by leading professionals in the racing industry!

You’ll find it only a mile out of the center and it’s easily accessible with both your own private and public transport. 

8. Spend An Afternoon At Cadbury World

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Surely no one, right? Well, why not immerse yourself in a chocolatey world for an afternoon? There’s tons to do here. 

The world has its own 4D cinema which is so much fun. You’ll be taken on an experience where you are plunged into a bowl of melted chocolate. The dream.

And then you’ll ride a rollercoaster and take to the skies in a creme egg airship. Be sure to say hello to your captain – a Cadbury caramel bunny! 

You’ll also learn a load more super cool information about chocolate and how it’s made and then, the best bit, you’ll be able to shop around the world’s biggest Cadbury shop and sample food at their amazing cafe. 

9. Take A Wander Around Birmingham’s Wildlife Conservation Park

If you’re an animal lover, then you won’t find a better experience than Birmingham’s Wildlife Conservation park. There are tons of adorable animals to see, including many that are now on the endangered list. 

It’s not the biggest zoo around by any means, but at just £5.50 a head, it’s definitely not something to turn your nose up at. You’ll have a great time at a great price.

Make sure to capture a picture of the monkeys, iguanas, meerkats, and many more. 

10. Take A Trip To The National Motorcycle Museum

For all our car or motorcycle enthusiasts amongst us, this museum will be an absolute dream come true.

Over 250,000 people pass through their doors each year from all across the world as they come to get a glimpse of the 1000+ motorcycles that the museum has fully restored. 

The museum has been going for longer than 30 decades so not only will you see some very modern new bikes but some relic-classic bikes too. 

11. Enjoy A Brew At Damascena Coffee House

Last, but by no means least, you have this delightful cafe which is situated in the heart of Birmingham. It has quite the reputation in the city, so even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, ensure that you stop in for a quick drink. 

It has the most amazing Middle Eastern atmosphere and is pretty inexpensive too. So it’s definitely worth a moment of your time. 

Final Thoughts

You’ll never be stuck for things to do in Birmingham.

In fact, whittling down all the many attractions down to 11 was super difficult. I didn’t even get the chance to mention that Birmingham is home to the world’s biggest Primark with four floors. 

So whether you are looking for a thrill-seeking adventure, which you can get your fix of in the escape rooms and Grand Prix racing track, or are looking for a more peaceful stop wandering around museums and wildlife conservation parks, Birmingham has you covered. 

The UK’s second-largest city will have you busy from the moment that you set foot in, to the very moment that you leave.

So get researching what you want to do and build up that itinerary. And if you don’t get a chance to do everything you want on this visit, don’t panic – there is always next time! 

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