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Axel Hernborg

Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains are one of the state’s most impressive natural landmarks.

While the mountains look incredible from a distance, an even better way to experience their beauty is by staying at one of the many resorts in the Poconos. 

If you would like to immerse yourself in the tranquillity and gorgeous scenery of the Poconos, we have the best accommodations to recommend.

This is a guide to the top 9 stunning Poconos resorts for the perfect holiday!

1. Woodloch Resort

Woodloch Resort is one of the most popular Poconos resorts for family holidays because in addition to providing comfortably-furnished accommodation, there are so many fun activities to take part in during your stay.

In fact, this resort was recently named the #1 family resort in the United States by USA today.

You can choose to stay in a deluxe lakeview room, an edgewater suite, or an all-inclusive property on the premises.

Breakfast is served at the resort, and once you’ve finished your meal, you can start getting involved with everything there is to do.

Ice skating and snow tubing are the main sports offered by the resort during the winter months, but as the weather warms up, you can also enjoy hikes and boating activities. 

Family-oriented activities offered at the Woodloch Resort include go-cart racing, scavenger hunting, and the children’s playground. 

2. Pocono Palace Resort 

The Pocono Palace Resort is aptly named, because you’ll truly feel that you’re living a life of luxury during your time here.

Unlike Woodloch Resort, Pocono Palace is not a resort for family holidays because it’s adult-only.

However, it’s a popular choice for couples because of the stunning scenery and the privacy that the resort offers its guests.

It’s also a fun place to stay if you enjoy themed events and a combination of adventure and relaxation.

Since Pocono Palace has its own private lake and is secluded in the centre of the mountain range, it’s the ideal location for a romantic getaway.

The suites feature king-size beds, whirlpool bath tubs and fireplaces.

If you’re seeking relaxation, you can enjoy swimming in the pool or a spa treatment.

However, if you’re in the mood for excitement, you can go snow tubing, skiing, snowmobiling, boating, or hiking around the resort. 

3. French Manor Inn & Spa

French Manor Inn & Spa is a 3-star hotel in the Poconos that provides luxury accommodation to its guests.

The amenities include a pool, sauna, and hot tub, and you can receive spa treatments (including couples massages) over the course of your stay. 

This historic architecture of the hotel makes the experience of staying here even more incredible, especially while dining on the outdoor terrace.

There’s plenty of space inside the hotel to relax, whether it’s in the whirlpool tub, in front of the fireplace, or in the library.

However, you can also get active on the golf course or explore one of the stake parks in the surrounding area.

Horseback riding is an activity you can book from the resort, or you could hire a bike depending on how you prefer to travel.

4. The Village At Pocono

The Village at Pocono is a great place to bring your pets. The premises are pet-friendly, and the woodland location provides peace as well as exciting opportunities to try new things. 

One thing we love about the Village at Pocono is the fact that it’s a suitable holiday spot for any time of year.

In the winter, there’s plenty to do indoors, from working out in the fitness centre, watching entertainment in the theatre room, or simply relaxing in the fireside lounge. 

Alternatively, in the summer, there are outdoor sports to participate in, as well as the Sunset Hill Shooting Range and paintball area.

You can also tour the surrounding area in a rented Polaris Slingshot.

Accommodations are home-style, including a kitchen and dining area as well as a lounge area and, of course, the bedrooms. 

5. Stroudsmoor Country Inn 

Stroudsmoor Country Inn is an excellent choice for family holidays, and any guests looking to get in touch with nature.

The scenery also makes this resort a romantic choice for couples. When you retire to your cottage, you can enjoy the incredible views from the privacy of your very own porch.

With a fitness centre, indoor pool, spa, and luxury suites, you can have the relaxing holiday of your dreams without ever leaving the building itself.

The food at this resort is also spectacular, including champagne brunches with caviar, and fresh seafood on the dinner menu. 

Not only that, but there’s an art gallery on-site, featuring art created by artists in the local community. Exploring the gallery is the perfect way to get a sense of the Poconos beyond the resort.

6. Silver Birches Resort 

Silver Birches resort is an excellent holiday spot if you like to be outdoors, having fun and making memories.

Vintage cottages are available to book for the duration of your stay, all of which are furnished with queen-size master bedrooms and bedrooms with bunk beds, which are perfect for children.

You can also rent a single room with a king bed for a couple’s holiday.  

When you’re not relaxing in your cosy, private accommodation, you can play games on the lawn, swim in the outdoor swimming pool, or even enjoy a barbecue using the resort’s gas grills and fire pits. 

If you want to leave the resort itself, you can go exploring around the nearby lake, rent a bike, or hike through the countryside trails.

There are historical landmarks to see and learn about as you explore.

7. Mountain Springs Lake Resort 

Mountain Springs Lake Resort is an excellent choice for a family getaway.

Not only can kids stay for free at the resort, but there are plenty of entertainment options for children, as well as luxury experiences for adults to enjoy, and things to do as a family. 

The log cabins and cottages at Mountain Springs Lake Resort are cosy and comfortable, and you also have the option of reserving a luxury suite, which is perfect for couples holidays and romantic weekends.

Kitchen facilities are provided in the accommodations, so you can prepare your own food at your leisure. 

But you won’t want to spend the entire time in your accommodation, because there’s so much to do around the resort.

Whether you want to hike around the surrounding area and look for wildlife, fish in the lake, or simply watch the sunset from a rowing boat, you can plan fun-filled, busy days at Mountain Springs Lake Resort. 

8. Hotel Fauchere 

Hotel Fauchere goes back to the 19th century, and to this day, it remains one of the most luxurious, high-quality resorts in the Poconos.

While the accommodations and the resort itself are elegant, the atmosphere is comfortable, and it’s also a pet-friendly resort. 

Because Hotel Fauchere is in Milford, staying here is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Poconos.

There are museums nearby, as well as an environmental education centre and many natural and historic landmarks, so you’ll come away from your stay feeling more knowledgeable than ever. 

But your holiday at Hotel Fauchere doesn’t have to be all about learning.

There’s a spa on-site where you can relax with incredible treatments, and plenty of peaceful places to unwind and take in the scenery, such as the garden or the conservatory. 

9. The Woodlands Inn 

The Woodlands Inn has everything you could want from a resort.

It’s pet-friendly as well as family-friendly, and while there are lots of opportunities for total relaxation (from the spa to the cocktail bar) there’s also a lot to do.

This resort is surrounded by natural beauty, from nature walks where you’ll pass waterfalls and streams to the fitness centre, where you can use the wide range of equipment to get an incredible workout.

Not only are there 2 swimming pools, but there’s also a hot tub, and if you want to buy a souvenir to remember your stay, there’s a gift shop on-site as well. 

While the Woodlands Inn is great for family vacations, there’s a babysitting service that ensures couples can get time alone and take part in adult-only activities, such as going to the nightclub or the bar. 

The rooms at the Woodlands Inn resort are all well-furnished. You can opt for a king room, which is large enough to use as a family room thanks to the pull-out couch.

The rooms are also equipped with kitchen facilities, desks, televisions and tea and coffee machines.

Final Thoughts 

A holiday in the Poconos should be a memorable experience, and these 9 stunning Poconos resorts will make an already incredible trip even more unforgettable. 

Whether you’re planning a romantic couple’s holiday or a getaway for the entire family, there are resorts on our list to cater to any kind of trip.

There are even pet-friendly accommodations, so be sure to ask about this at the time of booking. 

If you’re planning to travel in the winter, take a look at the indoor activities and snow sports offered by your chosen resort ahead of time.

10 Top-Rated Resorts in Poconos Pennsylvania