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While many people going for city visits in England may opt for the big places, such as London, Birmingham, or Manchester, or the historical cities like Oxford or Cambridge, there are a host of other incredible places that should also make that list.

Take Newcastle, as an example. Undoubtedly the party capital of North-East England, this is a city that has garnered a reputation as one of THE places to go for a good evening or night out.

Add to that a growing number of businesses in the city, and you have plenty of reasons that you may want to visit the city, whether you’re in a professional or leisure business here.

And with all that activity, there also needs to be hotels where people can crash before and afterward.

Newcastle certainly has you covered here, too, with arguably more hotels and flat locales than many visitors know what to do with.

It can be a pretty confusing scenario, trying to navigate between so many different hotels and picking just one or two where you may choose to stop. If you want to find the best hotels deals and discounts it’s even harder!

Luckily, we’ve got the perfect guide for your next city visit!

Here, we’ll take you through the best places for you to book a night, from city centre boutique hotels to affordable accommodations that anyone and everyone will be able to relax in after a long evening out on the town.

1. EasyHotel Newcastle

So, when it comes to Newcastle, where should we start in this hotel-abundant Northern city?

Well, for us, one of the best hast to be a hotel name that many travellers across the United Kingdom will be familiar with.

EasyHotel is a chain that has always delivered reliable service, and cosy accommodations, something that they do just as well in Newcastle city centre as they do anywhere else.

With 104 rooms to pick and choose from for a variety of party sizes, as well as a private en suite bathroom and complimentary toiletries for each, you’re well and truly covered for a city stay here.

The flat-screen TV in each room is a nice bonus too!

Plus, with 24-hour check-in, you’ll be able to get set up at pretty much any time of the day, whether you’re flying into the city in the evening, or arriving in Newcastle by terrain early in the morning.

That’s not even mentioning that EasyHotel’s Newcastle location is pretty much just outside of the city centre, so you only need to walk for 5 to 10 minutes to get to the hub of activity that is Newcastle centre.

Whether it’s one of the many clubs and bars that you’ll find here, to the hustle and bustle of Quayside on the River Tyne, the river that stretches through the city, there’s plenty to get up to nearby.

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2. Hotel Du Vin Newcastle

Of course, affordable and reasonably priced hotels are all well and good.

But sometimes, especially if you’re going no-holds-barred for your city visit, you want a hotel experience unlike any other.

One that makes your next stay in the city memorable, and unlike anything that most budget hotels could ever offer.

Fortunately, this is something that Newcastle can also deliver in spades. Especially with hotels like Hotel Du Vin.

Situated close to the Quayside area of the city, Hotel Du Vin has a style that immediately sets it apart from the budget options that you’ll find dotted around the city.

The plush leathers and lavish furnishing have been carefully curated to best reflect the old Edwardian building that the hotel is based in, which was formerly the old Tyne Teas Steam Shipping Company.

Plus, the hotel comes with an all-day restaurant that serves delicious helpings of breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you’ve even got food covered at this amazing accommodation.

And that’s not even touching on the phenomenal bar that you’ll find here, too. Seriously, the cocktail and wine list for this place is to die for!

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3. Jesmond Dene House

Now, if you’re looking to live in the lap of luxury during your stay in Newcastle, and don’t mind a little driving commute between your hotel and the city centre, then we have to recommend Jesmond Dene House as one of THE go-to options for lavish living during your city stays.

Right from the moment that you enter the courtyard, you understand what kind of stay a hotel like this will be like. Surrounded by woodland and gardens galore, this is the kind of hotel that makes you feel like royalty, just by being there.

It’s a feeling that you’ll continue to feel as you enter the hotel, decked out in beautiful Edwardian decorations, and the fully furnished 42 bedrooms that you’ll find in this historic stately home. 

Plus, with a bar and restaurant on-site, all your needs can be taken care of in this hotel. This hotel can also host events when requested by customers.

So, if you’re looking to host the mother of all parties, or the best wedding you’ve ever seen, anywhere, you won’t have to look much further than here.

And, as we said, this hotel is a little out of the way from the city centre, meaning that walking to and from here and there probably isn’t viable.

However, if you’re visiting Jesmond Dene House, then you’re only about 10 to 15 minutes away by car, meaning that booking a taxi or Uber to get back here is an option that you can go for.

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4. Holiday Inn Express Newcastle City Centre

Anyone who has spent any amount of time looking for affordable accommodations, whether it’s for a city break or a stop-off on a motorway, will have heard of Holiday Inn.

They run a truly massive number of hotels and other accommodations in pretty much every corner of the United Kingdom, and indeed, across the world.

So, of course, they are going to have at least one hotel that you can check out in Newcastle too!

There are a few different Holiday Inn locales across Newcastle and its surrounding area. But for this list, we’re going to stick with their premium option, located in the city’s centre.

Being slap-bang in the middle of city life means that you’re never far from something to do, whether it’s checking out art galleries, theatres, or, again, Quayside (seriously, check it out Quayside.

The Sunday Market is a must-see for any day visitors!).

Of course, we’re here to discuss the hotel itself. And luckily for customers, it manages to please everyone!

From the spacious rooms, the restaurant that covers any meal you might need, or the temptingly stocked bar, all your needs are met with this stellar hotel.

Heck, that breakfast is complimentary on the hotel’s part and runs between 7 am and 10 am. Perfect for those post-night-out breakfasts that you’ll need to treat a potential hangover you might have!

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5. Malmaison Newcastle

Staying in the town centre for a little longer, the Malmaison Newcastle Hotel is the place to go if Luxury is the most important thing that you’re looking for in a hotel room!

Even from just a glance at the kinds of rooms, you can rent here, you can tell that the design game of the owners of this lavish hotel is on-point! 

And that luxury doesn’t start and stop at the rooms, either. The on-site restaurant is one of the best in the city, and you’ll find the bar more than perfect for starting a night out on the town.

Heck, there’s even a spa that you’ll have access to within the hotel. This is the perfect palace to enjoy a getaway with your partner, or a few select friends who enjoy the finer comforts of a city visit as they do a good club or bar!

6. Close House Hotel

Close House Hotel has always been rated highly among guests when it comes to city stays in Newcastle, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Every room comes fully furnished in every way that a guest could ask for. En suite, TV, air conditioning, toiletries, amazingly comfy beds. If you need it in a hotel room, Close House has probably put it as standard in your hotel room.

Plus, add into the mix a 24-hour check-in at reception, and you’re covered for entry at pretty much any time of the day. Early morning, or late evening, you’ll be able to get into your room.

In terms of a balance between luxury, comfort, and overall affordability for most people, Close House might be the best of all three worlds, wrapped into one package.

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7. Rosebery Boutique Hotel

And finally, to close out our list of amazing hotels to consider in Newcastle, we have the amazingly furnished Rosebery Boutique Hotel. 

It might be located slightly outside of Newcastle city centre, but it’s still only a 10-minute drive and lavishly decorated to boot. What more could you want from a boutique hotel?

Plus, this extra distance from the city centre, which might feel like a negative to some, gives you easier access to the natural beauty spots that surround much of Newcastle.

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