If you’re looking for a warm and tropical getaway, look no further than Key Largo, Florida. Known affectionately as the “diving capital of the world”, this stunning destination has everything you could dream of, including picturesque beaches, clear waters, and great resorts. 

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, or a romantic escape, there is a wide range of luxurious resorts available in Key Largo that will allow you to cater your accommodation to your needs with no hassle. 

With many of these resorts providing a wide range of activities, such as diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and more, plenty of things will keep you busy.

Meanwhile, for those who are looking to relax, there are also spas, and other relaxing amenities to help you wind down after a busy day. 

So, if you want to discover some of the most stunning Key Largo resorts, then this guide will help you to decide on which one is going to be right for you!

Best Key Largo Resorts

1. Baker’s Cay Resort 

If you’re looking for somewhere with plenty of natural beauty, and a relaxed atmosphere, then Baker’s Cay Resort is going to be for you.

This stunning resort is set upon 13 acres of land, which features luscious tropical gardens, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters. 

There are over 200 different room options available at the resort, and each one is equipped with free wifi, a 50-inch TV, mini fridge, and even a private balcony, which allows you to take in the wonderful surroundings without being disturbed. 

Other amenities include a private beach, a fitness centre, a pool, on-site restaurants and bars, all of which will be sure to help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. 

The resort is also conveniently located to a number of prominent tourist attractions too, including the Everglades National Park, and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park too, which makes it perfect for those who want to see as much of the surrounding area as possible. 

Overall then, this resort is most certainly a great choice for any family or couple looking for somewhere enjoyable to stay in Key Largo!

2. Playa Largo Resort & Spa 

For those truly looking to live the luxury lifestyle during their time in Key Largo, then staying at Playa Largo is an absolute must.

This beachfront resort is surrounded by incredibly scenic views, and guests can make the most of this ocean view from the resort’s very own private beach. 

Across the resort, there are 178 different rooms, suites, bungalows, and even the option of a beach house, all of which are equipped with many of the modern amenities needed to ensure that your stay is an enjoyable one, including soundproofing, a coffee and tea maker, walk-in showers, wifi, and much more. 

There is also a range of restaurants on site that will help to cater to all of your culinary needs, which means that you won’t even need to leave the resort in order to enjoy some delicious cuisine. 

So, a taste of luxury awaits you if you plan on heading to Playa Largo during your stay in Florida, which means it should definitely be one of the places you consider staying at! 

3. Seafarer Resort & Beach 

While it’s easy to become swept up in the resorts owned by larger corporations, there’s no better feeling than supporting a family-owned operation, which is exactly what Seafarer Resort & Beach is! 

Widely considered to be something of a hidden gem amongst all of the resorts in Key Largo, the villas and cottages on offer at this resort provide you with the perfect slice of paradise, without being anything too complicated. 

One of the biggest benefits of this resort is that it’s situated on the gulf side, meaning that the waters it is next to are much calmer, making them more enjoyable, and safer too. 

Despite not having all of the frills of the larger resorts, there are still a number of benefits to staying at this resort.

There’s the complimentary breakfast, which includes coffee, juices, yoghourts, fresh fruit, and the revered breakfast muffins. 

The more adventurous travellers will also be able to take advantage of the offer of free kayaks to use throughout the duration of your stay, allowing you to explore Key Largo to its fullest. 

So, while it might not exude the same amount of luxury of the bigger resorts, if you’re looking for an excellent small resort to stay in, then Seafarer Resort & Beach is an excellent choice. 

4. Island Bay Resort 

While staying in a resort is always fun, there’s a good chance that you’ll also want to get out and experience more of what the surrounding area has to offer, especially when you’re staying in a state like Florida.

For this, you’ll want to find a resort that is perfectly situated, allowing you to explore a number of different attractions and places. 

This is exactly why Island Bay resort is such a good choice, it’s situated between Key Largo, and the ever-popular Islamorada, plus you’re only 2 hours away from both Miami, and Key West, which means that you can cater your holiday depending on what else you’re looking to do. 

The resort is filled with all of the amenities you could want, including free parking, a private beach, BBQ facilities, boat docking, fishing and eco tours, and much more for you to explore throughout your stay. 

The cottages at the resort are also particularly impressive, and there are only 10 of them, meaning you won’t find the resort overly busy during your time there either.

Each of the cottages features flat-screen TVs, wifi, air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a walk-in shower, which will help to ensure you’re comfortable during your stay.

For those who are looking to see as much of Florida as possible, this resort makes for a great choice! 

5. Kona Kai Resort 

While the Florida Keys are often considered to be something of a paradise, those who are seeking a true glimpse into the beauty of the area should consider staying at Kona Kai Resort. 

The resort is made up of 13 spacious and luxurious rooms surrounded by a gorgeous tropical botanical garden, which allows you to enjoy the enchanting scenery and views without compromising on privacy. 

All of the rooms feature complimentary wifi, climate control, and private bathrooms, but the other amenities throughout the different rooms vary depending upon your choice of room. 

The luxury doesn’t stop there though, as throughout the resort you’ll also be able to take advantage of the private beach, waterfront jacuzzi, private yoga and massage sessions, ping-pong, shuffleboard, and tennis courts, as well as access to kayaks, paddleboards, and paddle boats too. 

There’s even a rotating gallery of artwork for you to enjoy, all of which have been painted by those who have previously visited and been inspired by Kona Kai Resort!

If you’re looking to make your stay in Key Largo a tranquil and relaxing one, then Kona Kai Resort is certainly the place to be.

6. Coconut Palm Inn 

For the ultimate family holiday, then a visit to Coconut Palm Inn might just be in order.

With 19 different rooms and suites found throughout the resort, alongside 450 of private and secluded beachfront for you to savour and enjoy, then a stay at this resort is going to be a great way to spend your time in the Florida Keys. 

With a heated pool, usable marina, and access to the use of the resort’s kayaks, paddleboards, hammocks, lounger chairs, BBQ grills, and bikes, you can explore the resort to its fullest thanks to the wide range of amenities on offer here. 

With friendly and accommodating staff, your stay at the Coconut Palm Inn is sure to be a great one, and might just be the perfect place for your Key Largo holiday! 

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the 6 most stunning resorts in all of Key Largo, and hopefully, you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Key Largo Expensive?

Much like most of the Florida Keys, Key Largo can be somewhat expensive depending on where you stay and what you do, so keep this in mind when planning your trip. 

Is Key Largo Safe?

With its family-centric and relaxed atmosphere, Key Largo is definitely a safe place to visit, especially with small children. 

Why Visit Key Largo?

While most of the Florida Keys are considered to be beautiful, Key Largo is home to the “Dive Capital of the World”, which attracts a large number of tourists looking to try their hand at diving each year! 

Is Key Largo Walkable?

While Key Largo is a great destination, it’s also not particularly walkable, so you’ll ideally need to have access to a car throughout your stay in order to make the most of your time there!

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