Updated on November 26, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

No matter where you travel, how you travel or how long you’re away, you have limited space in your pack. You have to prioritise what to include and it doesn’t hurt to think smart. With items available in sizes perfect for travel, you can pack smarter!

We’ve explored the range of miniatures of things that are good to take with you on your trip. Discover a whole world of things that are perfect for packing! Here are 9 things that are available in smaller travel versions.

Mini perfume bottle

Mini perfume bottle

You don’t exactly take your maxi bottle of your favourite perfume with you on the plane. Maybe you don’t need to bring it either! Fortunately, there are many clever travel perfumes that you can use and carry in both checked and hand luggage. A common size is 5 ml.

In short, a mini perfume bottle is a smaller spray bottle. It doesn’t leak fragrance and it’s easy to refill directly from the pump of your perfume bottle. It can be filled in no time, so you can take your favourite perfume with you on your travels.

Mini speakers

Mini speakers

A mini speaker can be good for so many things. Connected via Bluetooth to your mobile, it can play music, act as a conference speaker, provide better sound when watching movies and more. The sound may not be as impressive as the speakers you have at home, but the quality is never bad.

There are mini speakers in all price ranges from both well-known and unknown brands and you have many designer models to choose from. Some are waterproof and some have carabiners. Some mini speakers are charged by USB while others can also run on battery power. With one of our Currys discount codes, you can get a mini speaker at a really good price at Currys.

Miniclock radio

Mini clock radio

Many people rely on mobile phones and/or smartwatches to wake them up in everyday life. It can work just fine. When travelling, however, you may want a secure back-up. If you’re getting up at three in the morning to catch a flight, you don’t want to risk hitting the snooze button on your phone in your sleep!

A mini clock radio is always really small. It fits in the palm of your hand without exception and weighs next to nothing. Among things available in smaller travel versions that are really useful on the go, the mini clock radio is high on the list.

Small first aid kit

Small first aid kit

The first aid kit you have in your car (because you do have one, don’t you?) is quite large. At least you don’t want to take it with you on your trip. It’s a good thing there are ready-made small first aid kits with the essentials in mini versions perfect for travelling.

With a small first aid kit, you’ll be prepared in case something happens on your trip. You bring wound wash, plasters, bandages, scissors and other essentials. Pack some pain killers and something for an upset stomach to supplement. You can find a small first aid kit at GoOutdoors. We have several GoOutdoors discount codes that can save you a bundle!

Mini projector

Mini projector

The world is still waiting for smartphones with built-in projectors. Until that innovation comes along, we’ll have to make do with standalone projectors. There are also miniature ones for travel. The size? Some even fit in the palm of your hand!

A mini projector is a great thing. You connect it to your mobile, tablet or computer and you can watch images and videos up to 150 inches as long as you have a wall nearby. Perfect if you’re travelling with a group and don’t want to carry too many electronics on your trip.

Mini iron

Mini iron

If you fold and roll your garments correctly, they don’t tend to wrinkle so much. However, the clothes may look less freshly pressed when you pick them up from the bag. The solution is a mini iron!

A ministry iron really does take up minimal space. Often the dimensions are about 12-14 x 7-8 cm. However, it works just like a full-size model even when it comes to the steam function.

Travel versions of board games

Travel chess

Did you know that there are travel versions of many popular board games? From classic games like chess and backgammon to modern favourites like The Lost Diamond, Alias and Catan.

Travel versions of board games are really convenient, so you can play on the plane, the beach, the hotel room – anywhere. They basically work like the originals only everything is smaller. Sometimes, however, the game board itself is taken out of the equation. Then you get to enjoy the gaming experience in card game format instead. You can find a variety of games in travel format at Ryman and with a Ryman discount code from us you can get a slightly better price.

Mini coffee makers

Mini coffe maker

Many people probably wish they could take their coffee maker with them on their travels. Maybe you wish you could too? Unfortunately, your coffee maker, Moccamaster or coffee machine is a little too bulky, so you’ll have to put those plans on hold. So how do you make sure you get really good coffee?

An alternative is to use a mini coffee maker in the form of a capsule machine or portable espresso machine. These clever manicures are minimised in shape and take up little more space than a small thermos. A must buy for the coffee lover!

Mini backpack

Mini backpack

A backpack takes up a lot of space, even when it’s completely empty. Straps, padding, reinforced seams, reinforcement at the bottom – the total is a bit bulky. At the same time, a backpack is good for so much on the trip.

Fortunately, there are ultra-portable, ultra-light and ultra-compact mini backpacks to check out. They don’t take up much more space than the equivalent of a tennis ball when squeezed together, but they work great as backpacks for shorter outings. Of course, ergonomics will be a bit lacking and you can’t exactly fill a mini backpack with gadget after gadget, but often these clever gadgets hold at least 10 litres.