Dublin has increasingly become the place to go for city visits.

It has all the great perks of being a capital city, from the amazing range of foods, activities, and easy connectivity to other parts of the world, while also having a culture and history that is uniquely it’s own.

No other European city feels quite like it.

However, seeing the sights, sounds, and smells of the emerald isle’s southern capital is only part of the equation. If you’re visiting the city for any length of time, you’re also going to need a place to spend the nights, too.

So, it’s time to go hotel-hunting. And luckily for visitors, there is no shortage of great hotels in Dublin to stay at.

Dublin might have the opposite problem. With so many hotels to pick and choose from, narrowing down your options can be a real chore!

Luckily for you, we’re here to help out with that particular problem!

We’ll cover some of the best hotels that you’ll be able to find out here for your next visit to this amazing city.

Whether it’s on a budget, or spared no expense, in the heart of the city, or one that lets you soak in the sights on your commute, Dublin has hotels for all!

1. The Merrion Hotel

Starting this list with a hotel that balances class with history, we have the Merrion Hotel, found just a stone’s throw away from the National Gallery of Ireland in Central Dublin.

(Seriously, it’s pretty much that close. Just take a step across the street and around the corner, and you’re there. We’d highly recommend it!)

Situated in a family of mid-18th century homes, the Merrion Hotel is built into the historical heart of Dublin.

Heck, even a trip to the National Gallery just around the corner might be unnecessary, given the Merrion Hotel’s impressive collection of historical items and relics that it houses, which guests can view at their leisure.

But don’t assume that the furnishings are that antiquated, however. With air conditioning and flat-screen TV as standard for these hotel rooms, you’ll have all the comforts that you’ve come to expect from a skyline apartment, in classy luxury.

And, with a classic 20th-century afternoon tea event, that classy luxury is on full display in every corner of the Merrion Hotel. 

2. The Alex Hotel

Going from classic European chic hotels to a hotel that is firmly for the tourists and visitors of the 21st century, the Alex Hotel is absolutely the place to go for young travelers who love to live in luxury.

The first thing that will strike you about this hotel when you visit will be the sheer stunning interior beauty.

Immediately stepping foot inside, from the warm, luxurious glow of the reception, to the amazingly comfortable beds that your rooms are furnished with, it’s a visit that you soon won’t forget.

The hotel was originally built on the site of an old train station, a fact that the hotel takes great pride in. You’ll see all kinds of amazing decorative nods to the building and the site’s history, from the ticker signs on the elevators across the building to the classic art deco-style furnishing throughout the building.

Even the 1950s-like radios and bedside electric outlets have a certain charm to them!

Fresh off of a brand-new round of renovations as well, there arguably isn’t a better time to check out this amazing venue, whether you’re visiting Dublin on business, or here just for the amazing city vacation that you’ve wanted to take here!

3. The Westbury

Staying with the heights of luxury for a little longer in the guide, the Westbury Hotels, just off Grafton Street, is another hot spot to go to if you want to live like royalty while staying in Dublin!

Once again, you’ll find the attention to detail in this hotel to be second to none. From the chandelier decorations of the reception and lounge spaces to even the sidebar and dining areas.

Everything is decked out in this art deco, Great Gatsby-esque styling and trappings that harken back to a crucial time in Modern Irish history.

And, of course, that is to say, nothing about the rooms that Westbury offers its guests.

Fully furnished with both lavish comfort and decoration, and plenty of staple Irish items to make you feel at home in the city, these rooms are the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day out in Dublin, whether it’s a busy conference you’re attending, or a vacation unlike any other!

4. Staycity Aparthotels Dublin City Centre

Of course, not every visit to Dublin is purely for the thrills. Sometimes, and increasingly so in this city that only seems to be getting richer, you’ll be out here in the jewel of Ireland for business reasons.

And for those occasions, you need a hotel that is the perfect place for both preparing for any business ventures, as well as relaxing after a tough day of work.

For these reasons, we would wholeheartedly recommend Staycity Aparthotel in Dublin city centre.

Already a well–respected chain of high-end business hotels in Europe, Staycity is always a reliable name to pick when considering rooms for business trips.

And their building in Dublin city centre is the biggest in the country, so not only are you in safe hands here, but you’re also almost certainly going to find a room available here!

Plus, with on-site staff that is both attentive, and experts on the local area, you’ll feel comfortable asking for the best places to see around Dublin’s city centre.

And considering how much there already is to see and do here, that’s saying something!

5. The Shelbourne, Autograph Collection

Back to the luxury accommodations we go for our next entry!

The Shelbourne has pretty much always been a place for celebrities and other incredible guests to stop at in Dublin since it was first built in the early 19th century.

And it maintains that golden grip on luxury accommodations to this day!

From the beautifully furnished Lord Mayor Lounge where afternoon tea is held, to the fully kitted out gym and spa that you’ll find on-site, there’s nothing that this premium hotel doesn’t have that you might want.

Plus, with the No. 27 Bar & Lounge being one of the best in the city, you don’t even need to go outside of the building for an amazing evening with friends, family, or work colleagues.

If it’s good enough for the Kennedys and countless film stars and celebrities to stay in, then it’s good enough for anyone else to stay in too!

6. The Harding Hotel

Of course, pretty much every hotel we’ve covered in this guide has been a hit. A centre of luxury and relaxation whenever 

If you have the cash, of course. A good chunk of Dublin’s central hotels is for the folks that can fork out the cash for them.

If you’re someone looking for a quieter or more inconspicuous place to stay on a tighter budget, you’re fresh out of luck with most of the earlier entries in this guide.

This is where hotels like the Harding Hotel come into the picture, providing a nice middle ground for people that are looking for a little Dublin comfort in this busy city, without finding a hotel that is furnished head to toe in marble.

Found in the old Medieval quarters of the city, the Harding is a hotel that prides itself on having a comfortable atmosphere that guests can simply lounge into upon entry.

The guest rooms are surprisingly spacious, too, especially for a hotel of this size and price range.

Plus, this is still pretty close to the heart of central Dublin, with many of the city’s major points of interest being just 10 minutes away, whether by tour bus or on foot.

Even the on-site bar, Darkey Kelly’s, is one of the most popular bars in the city!

Are there hotels out there that may have more bells and whistles to them, with greater pedigree? I mean, just take a look at pretty much every other entry that we’ve covered in this list if you’re looking for extravagance.

But if you’re looking for somewhere to kick your feet up in and relax after a long day of exploring everything that Dublin has to offer, this is a great option to pick.

7. The Mont

Finally, we had to end this guide with one of our favourite hotels to stay in when on a Dublin visit!

The Mont is a perfect blend of modern design sensibilities, while also retaining the Dublin character that all the best hotels in this guide have.

With designer bedrooms that draw on the world’s best interior designers, while still keeping those trademark Irish furnishings and suppliers handy, and being a hive of activity for exploring the city outside, you couldn’t ask for a better place to stop by for your next Dublin trip!

Final Notes

So, there you have it!

Dublin is a city that is full of hotels, and as it becomes an increasingly popular place for folks to visit, that number is only set to balloon even further in the coming years.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you make your next hotel visit to this city a little easier!

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