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We offer discounts for all types of hotels and accommodation providers, from weekend getaways to a place to stay during work hours. Whether you’re looking for a hotel room for your next business trip or need a place to call home while you’re on vacation, we can help! Just take a look at all the amazing brands we work with that can save you money on your accommodation, so that you have more money to spend on souvenirs and making memories. Please read our FAQ about hotel discount codes.























Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Bookings and Using Discount Codes

How do I use a discount code for a hotel booking?

Using a discount code for a hotel booking may differ slightly from using a code in a regular online store. When it comes to discount codes for regular online stores, you usually enter the code directly in the shopping cart. For hotel bookings, it might be necessary to go through almost the entire booking process, filling in everything from personal details to other travel information, before you can enter your discount code. To know exactly how to enter your discount code, visit the subpage on where you found the code. There, you will usually find detailed information on how to activate your discount code.

Are hotel discount codes time-limited?

Yes, most discount codes for various hotels and hotel booking sites are time-limited. Some may only be valid for a day (such as during Black Friday), while others may be valid for several months. Some discount codes are valid indefinitely, but they will not be valid forever and will also be removed after a while.

Can I use more than one discount code per hotel booking?

It might be possible, but it is extremely rare. Expect that in most cases you can only use one discount code per booking.

How often are the discount codes on updated?

We strive to update all discount codes and offers as soon as something new comes in or if anything changes. We are connected to the largest affiliate networks and receive automatically updated discount codes and offers through their APIs in most cases.

What should I do if a discount code does not work?

If a discount code does not work, there could be several reasons. It might be that you do not meet the minimum booking value required for your discount code to work. It could also be that your discount code only applies to selected hotels in certain destinations. A discount code can also be geographically bound, which can make it not work for some customers. If you believe you have a discount code that you meet all the conditions for, but still cannot get it to work, you can contact us at via the comment section on the subpage here on where you found the discount code or via email. You can also contact customer service at the concerned hotel or booking service.

Do the discount codes apply to all types of rooms and accommodations?

This is not certain. Some discount codes are limited to only be applied to, for example, certain types of rooms or certain destinations. Read the terms and conditions of the discount code to know what applies.

Is it possible to cancel or change a hotel booking made with a discount code?

In most cases, the ability to cancel or change a hotel booking should not be affected by whether you have used a discount code or not. The company’s cancellation and change policy for bookings is normally the same regardless of whether you have received a discount or not. However, in rare cases, it may be that by using a discount code you agree to different terms for cancellation and changes. To avoid any surprises, we recommend that you really read through the terms and conditions of the discount code you intend to use.

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