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Experiences and activities are an important part of our lives, but sometimes they can be very expensive. With our discount codes and offers, you can not only save money on these activities, but also make sure you can afford those truly memorable experiences for you or your loved ones! Get the latest and best offers and discounts on your favorite online experiences and activities.
















Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Using Discount Codes for Experiences and Activities

How do I use a discount code for experiences or activities?

Using a discount code to book experiences or activities is simple. Usually, you enter the discount code in your shopping cart or at checkout when it’s time to pay. There are also experience companies where you need to enter the discount code at the beginning of the booking process, directly in the search field, before you have searched for different experiences and activities. For specific instructions on how to use your discount code, visit the page on where you found the discount code, where there are usually detailed instructions on how to enter your discount code with each individual experience organizer.

What is the validity period for a discount code for experiences?

The validity period for discount codes varies greatly. Some may be valid for months, while others only apply for a day, such as during Black Friday. Check the terms for your specific discount code to know its validity periods.

Can I use multiple discount codes at the same time?

It is unusual for experience organizers to allow the use of multiple discount codes so that you as a customer can get a larger combined discount. Expect to be able to use only one discount code per booking.

Can I combine my discount code with other offers?

This depends on the terms of your specific discount code. Some codes can only be used for regular prices, while others can be combined with other offers or campaigns.

What do I do if my discount code does not work?

If your discount code does not work despite following all terms and meeting all requirements, you should contact the company’s customer service. You can also contact for problems with discount codes from our site.

Can I use a discount code for bookings both online and on-site at the experience organizer?

Discount codes on are generally only for online bookings and cannot be used at physical booking offices.

Does a discount code affect my ability to cancel or change a booking?

Normally, the use of a discount code does not affect cancellation or change policies, but there may be exceptions. Therefore, check the terms of your discount code carefully.

Are there discount codes specific to certain destinations or types of experiences?

Yes, some discount codes are only aimed at certain types of activities or destinations. For example, a discount only applies to a specific experience in Rome. There are also discount codes that apply to all types of activities and cover the entire range of the company.

What is the maximum discount I can get with a discount code?

It varies greatly, but generally, you can expect between 10-20% discount. Discounts over 30% are rare.

When is the best time to find discount codes for experiences and activities?

The best time is during the off-season when organizers often offer tempting discounts to attract customers to their experiences and activities.

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