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Latest discount added: April 15, 2022

Founded in 1985, Travelodge is now the UK’s largest independent hotel brand. This company operates throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain. Travelodge proudly boasts a significant presence across the UK, Ireland, and Spain, with hotels and guest bedrooms that cater to a wide range of travelers looking to explore these beautiful destinations.

It was branded as Travelodge after Lord Forte bought the brand in the US. Earlier, it was known as the Forte Travelodge. The first hotel was opened in 1985 near Staffordshire.

Travelodge is the second-largest company after Premier Inn to operate in the budget hotel industry. They have 500 hotels in the United Kingdom, 5 in Spain, and 11 in Ireland. Plus, you can save money with every Travelodge promo code.

Travelodge offers several great deals and discounts on booking, making it the perfect pocket-friendly stay. Moreover, they provide special discounts for student bookings and group bookings. For those traveling for work, joining Travelodge Business offers an exclusive benefit of 5% off all flexible rate bookings, enhancing the value for business travelers.

Travelodge also offers a wide choice of comfortable rooms for each budget where you can plan your business meetings or family trips. It offers plenty of exotic dinner and unlimited breakfast options; get ready to enjoy the lip-smackingly delicious food in a wonderful atmosphere.

Make sure to check out our Travelodge promo codes before you head on out for a trip. Also join travelodge business to take advantage of exclusive savings.

Choose Your Vacation Wisely And Save With Travelodge Voucher Code

In today’s busy world, we all feel the urge to unwind and relax, preferably in a quaint, peaceful place away from the complexities of the day-to-day routine.

This is especially the case for individuals overloaded with endless work tasks. The right kind of vacation does wonders in refreshing the mind and providing the motivation and inspiration needed for efficient work. The Travelodge business bookings promise to offer travelers the best of both worlds.

Everyone deserves the best vacation with much fun and frolic. Whether you want to appreciate nature’s rugged beauty at the magnificent Cliffs of Moher or explore the pounding nightlife of Ibiza, Travelodge will help you make your dreams a reality.

Be sure you’ll enjoy Travelodge Hotels as they do everything to fulfill all your needs without putting a significant dent in your wallet. Plus, families will appreciate the added perk of kids' free breakfast, making Travelodge an even more attractive option for vacation stays aka travelodge stay.

Choose From a Plethora of Pocket-Friendly Hotels

, Travelodge has over 500 hotels in the UK alone and several premium hotels in Spain and Ireland. Their hotels are the perfect place for spending a wholesome time with your loved ones. Plus, the per-night at Travelodge is reasonably priced.

Being reasonably priced, the hotels are luxurious and magnificent, and the rooms are cozy and comfortable. For all king-size bed lovers, get ready to get an exceptional quality night’s sleep with Travelodge. Their mattress, each made with 952 individual pocket springs, are designed to give you an unforgettable experience. To enhance your stay, keep an eye out for exclusive Travelodge offers that highlight contemporary facilities and added benefits, ensuring you get the most value and comfort during your stay.

Their staff is extremely friendly and supportive to handle your needs. The restaurants offer the most exotic and succulent dishes that will blow up your taste buds. Additionally, for those looking to save on their stay, various hotel deals and discount codes are readily available, making luxury more affordable.

If you are striving for a restful time by the pool or want to indulge your senses by visiting the spa, look no further because Travelodge will have you covered. Plus, the flexibility and ease of Travelodge booking mean you can change and upgrade your bookings to suit your needs, with various room types available for a more premium experience.

Check Out Special Offers for Students and Group Bookings

We all have been in that stage of our lives when our pockets were emptier than our resumes. Being a student is a stressful and under-appreciated job, and what better way to recharge yourself than planning a trip with your friends?

Luckily, with Travelodge, student discounts are a reality, not only for solo travelling students. They offer a wide variety of deals and discounts for students and groups. Pack your bags and set out to explore fantastic new places. Travelling rejuvenates the soul and enriches the mind. What can be better after so many hours of studying? How to Use Travelodge Voucher Codes (Image)

Nothing can be more pleasurable than saving money on a hotel while travelling. So check out how to do it quickly and hassle-free with plenty of amazing Tripplo discount codes, and get ready to set off on a great adventure with Travelodge!

  1. Go to and browse through various categories to find the place you like.

  2. After choosing the destination, check-in and check-out dates, number of nights, and guests, choose the hotel you’d like to stay at.

  3. Click “Book Now” and go on with the booking summary.

  4. Pick the best discount code on Tripplo and click the “Get Deal/Discount Code” button.

  5. Before you can copy the code, please check if any additional terms apply.

  6. Paste the Travelodge discount code into the Discount code box and click “Apply.”

  7. Enjoy the lowest prices for your next vacation!

Saving on a hotel stay with Tripplo is incredible! And that’s extremely easy, isn’t it? For those traveling for work or in charge of booking accommodation for staff, joining Travelodge Business offers 5% off all flexible rate bookings, catering specifically to the needs of business travelers.

Exclusive Travelodge Discount Code - Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save with the Tripplo discount code at Travelodge?

With our Travelodge discount codes, and Travelodge business account you can save up to 20% on your bookings! Whether you are looking for a cheap stay in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, or Birmingham, go on with Tripplo and find a room for less than a mind-blowing £30 per night! Save money with us and remain satisfied with your travel experience.

How often do Travelodge coupons come out?

New great Travelodge coupons are waiting for you every month! You don’t need to spend eternity searching for the latest deals on the Internet - keep pace with Tripplo. We update our discounts regularly, so you can always find the freshest discounts on our website and benefit from the hottest prices available.

Is it possible to organise a group booking?

Need a group booking? No problems! The team is real experts at arranging a Travelodge room. If you need ten rooms or even more, get in touch with their dedicated team and find out more information.

Take your time with difficulties. With Travelodge, you don't need to worry about any organisational aspect. They always support their customers through every step of the booking process.

Can I cancel my booking and get a full refund?

Yes. Travelodge is known for its exceptional flexibility. If you want a full refund, you just need to cancel your booking until noon on the day of arrival. Sounds impressive, isn't it?

To cancel your booking, contact their Central Reservations team on 03719 848484 or do it via their website. You will get an automatic refund within five working days.

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