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Beerwulf is the ideal destination for ardent beer lovers continually looking forward to updating and cherishing different beer cultures. You don’t have to go to a bar to enjoy your beer time! With Beerwulf, you will be left spoilt for choices. Having a vast collection of beers, it offers all your favourite lagers, ales, and blond ales right at your front doors. Shoot for the value beer cases as they have the best offers. Whenever you shop with Beerwulf make sure you look for the best offers and don’t forget to use the discount codes for more benefits.

Beerwulf was launched in March 2017, and its success already bagged it the 2018 Golden Dutch Interactive Award(DIA). It belongs to the brand Heineken which was founded in 1873 in the Netherlands. As Heineken is incredibly famous for its lager beers, the brand has promised to connect all the passionate beer enthusiasts to the other beautiful breweries around the world. Every beer has a story behind it. The company aims for consumers to truly understand and appreciate the deep roots of the local brews coming from different countries. Having said that, Beerwulf offers an innumerable range of beers to take your pick.

Beerwulf stands out in providing and meeting the market trends as the love for craft beer has already taken a storm, with the cider being a new hit in the town. It provides you with massive information about brewers by featuring one brewery every month. In this way, you can enjoy your drink and seek to discover more. The fun part is it also encourages you to brew at home with its MiniBrew.

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A Pool Of Beers

It feels great when you can select from all the top brands of your ultimate favourite beer right from your home and also get to know behind the scenes of all the popular breweries. It has nearly 873 beers from 150 different breweries. Shop all your favourite beers from Beerwulf without any hassle.

The best thing about purchasing beers from Beerwulf is that you get to explore and select beers according to your taste and preference. You can always check with their taste intensity scale for bitterness, intensity, sweetness, and acidity if you are not sure. Whether you like it spicy or fruity, hoppy or strong, Beerwulf has the best suggestions. You can choose or experiment with any beer ranging from IPA, Lager, German Wheat Beer, Pale Ale, Pilsner and Hoppy Lager, Blond Beer, Tripel Beer, Lager Bier to Barley Wine, Blond and Golden Ale, Bock Beer, Brown Ale, Weizenbier, Fruitbier and Witbier.

Beerwulf lets you try beers from different countries by simply letting you check on the country of origin. They also have their special serving advice if you don’t know. For instance, a snifter of Birra Moretti La Rossa, also called Doppio Malto, goes well with grilled beef and pasta with tomato sauce. Further, you can also experiment with the MiniBrew to indulge in freshly made beer at home, and it’s definitely worth your time. The MiniBrew is easy to install and guides you through the MiniBrew app.

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Set Up Your Dream Bar

Now you can host your party for your family and friends just by inviting them to your home. Well, it’s no secret that you’ve always wanted to build your dream bar at home, and you know what! Beerwulf comes with its reliable bar dispensers to serve your purpose. They are handy, sleek and very easy to use. Their unique technology gives you a more comfortable bar feeling right at your home. So don’t worry about the temperature, light or pressure.

Now you can get that perfect pint every time with the Beerwulf Sub or the Beerwulf Blade. They are easy to maintain, and they don’t require any additional hardware fittings. But don’t forget to stock your kegs for a daily bar experience. You can also get the starter pack to purchase a beerwulf sub or a blade. Different starter packs contain 2 or 4 kegs of Heineken, Affligem, Tiger and Birra Moretti accordingly.

Beerwulf Sub

The Beerwulf Sub is slim built, compact and is compatible with 2-litre kegs. It weighs only 4.5 kg and can easily fit on your table or counter. So all you have to do is load your favourite beer and be the bartender you wished to be. Beerwulf has all the white beers, lagers, ales and ciders available in 2-litre Sub kegs, so you don’t have to worry about refilling. Your beer stays fresh in the Sub for up to 15 days and keeps it cool at 2℃.

Beerwulf Blade

The Beerwulf Blade gives you the best experience of draughting beers at home. They are very professional, and eventually, you will be a proud bartender leaving your family and friends in awe. They are compatible with 8-litre kegs, and currently, there are 8 beers to choose from for the Blade. Heineken, Heineken 0.0, Tiger, Affligem, Edelweiss Hafetrub and Birra Moretti are the options with the promise of stocking more popular beer in 8-litre kegs soon. The Beerwulf Blade lets your beer stay fresh for up to 30 days and maintains the temperature at 2℃. You get 14 full pints from 8-litre kegs. Every pint that you get from this beer tap is purely magical and refreshing.

Why Choose Beerwulf

Beerwulf gives you the freedom to explore more about the culture and heritage behind each brew and serves as a platform to expand your horizons. Apart from that, it is also very reliable because it cross-checks your age even during delivery so adults can keep checking with kids at home.

You can keep your shopping affordable using Beerwulf discount codes. You can subscribe to any of their subscription packs which also includes a saving pack. For example, you can choose Mixed beer cases for a £26.99 discount and beer dispensers with 32% discount. If you are someone who only sticks with Heineken and Birra Moretti, then the savings plan is just for you. You can also go to the flex plan if you keep changing your mind every single month. And, if you are unsure about your choices, Beerwulf also has other plans. It surprises you with four Heineken kegs along with four different surprise kegs. So don’t forget to check out all their subscription plans, offers and value beer cases before placing an order.

Freqently Asked Question about Beerwulf discount codes

Can I get free delivery to save money?

Yes all beer packs will be delivered without additional charge. An order not fully filling a box incurs a delivery charge of £8.95. The service program was designed to assure that customer services were provided well enough.

What are payment options?

The customer can pay using the credit cards Visa or MasterCard or PayPal for payment. When you use credit cards for purchases no fees arise.

How do I redeem a Beerwulf discount code?

Select all offers through a pop-up icon in your browser to show a beerwulf promo code. Enter your favourite beerwulf discount code when your shopping account is complete for your savings to apply to the order sum. We will direct you to the Beerwulf UK online beer store where you can place an order.

Which is the best Beerwulf voucher code?

Blade Beer tap, beer kegs, craft beers, blade beer machines are the most popular items in Beerwulf sale. Boost the bar experience for a lower price without sacrificing quality. You can frequently find promotions on bottles and beers.

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