When it comes to UK city breaks, Belfast really is one of the most underrated cities that you could visit.

This city is filled with culture and activities, and the fact that you typically have to get on a plane to get there really makes it feel like a holiday.

So, if you are planning a city break in the future, you should definitely check out Belfast!

There are tons of different things to do in Belfast, but the first thing that you will need to plan for your trip is where to stay.

Like most cities, there are lots of different types of accommodation located across the city of Belfast, and this can make it a little overwhelming to find the perfect place for you. 

In this guide, we’ve compiled a guide to the 5 best hotels in Belfast. So, if you are planning a holiday in this city, you are in the right place. Read on to find out more! 

If you are looking for a hotel to visit during your stay in Belfast, then you are in the right place. Below we have shortlisted 5 of the best hotels to consider if you really want to enjoy your stay in Belfast to the max.

Read on to find out more about them. 

The Merchant Hotel

In Belfast’s historic Cathedral Quarter, you will find the beautiful Merchant Hotel. This hotel is an absolute masterpiece, and it is a very fancy place to rest your head during your stay in Northern Ireland. 

Set in a grade-A-listed building, this hotel really is special. With Victorian-inspired rooms including 4-poster beds, a wealth of facilities, and a restaurant that serves delicious food, there is everything to love about this hotel. 

Despite not being located in the centre of Belfast, this hotel is in a location that will easily allow you to get to the different attractions located across the city.

So, if you want to stay somewhere fancy during your trip, the Merchant Hotel really is one of the best hotels to check out.


  • A very fancy hotel
  • Lots of facilities on offer
  • Perfect for a luxurious stay


  • An expensive place to stay

Titanic Hotel Belfast

Alternatively, if you want to immerse yourself in history, then you might decide to stay in the Titanic Hotel.

The Titanic Hotel is a truly majestic hotel located in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, and it is perfect for fans of the 1997 film. 

From start to finish, a stay at the Titanic Hotel is a real experience. This hotel is decorated and laid out to feel exactly like the Titanic ship.

It really is one of the most authentic Titanic hotels on the planet (and there are more than you would expect), so if you want to experience the beauty of that majestic ship, this hotel is the next best thing.

Again, this hotel isn’t located in the centre of Belfast. However, it is located close enough that you can easily access all the attractions in Belfast (including the Titanic Experience), so you should definitely consider it!


  • A themed hotel
  • Well-decorated rooms
  • An entire experience


  • Not in the centre of Belfast

The Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

Another brilliant hotel to consider in Belfast is the Fitzwilliam Hotel. This is another excellent hotel that is perfect for anyone visiting the city for the very first time. 

This hotel is a great choice if you want a chic and stylish place to stay while you are in town.

The rooms are all decorated to a very high standard, and its location is right in the centre of Belfast. So it is perfect for any tourists who are visiting the city. 

Just like the two previous hotels we have looked at in this guide, the Fitzwilliam Hotel is a 5-star hotel with 146 guest rooms, incredible food, an outstanding bar, and lots more. So you should definitely check it out! 


  • Central location
  • 5-star service
  • Outstanding amenities


  • Fairly expensive

Stormont Hotel Belfast

If you loved the location of the Fitzwilliam Hotel, then you will also love the Stormont Hotel. This hotel is just minutes away from the centre of Belfast, and with an official 4-star rating, you really are in for a treat during your stay. 

The Stormont Hotel is home to over 100 stylish bedrooms. Every single room comes with lots of different features, and there is an outstanding cocktail bar located right downstairs.

Despite its high rating, this is a hotel that people come back to time and time again, simply because it is so brilliant. 

There are a lot of hotels in Belfast, but the Stormont Hotel is truly special. So, if you are looking for somewhere to stay, you should definitely check it out!


  • Stylish hotel
  • Outstanding cocktail bar
  • Brilliant location


  • Very popular, so it books up quickly

Grand Central Hotel Belfast

Finally, let’s wrap up this guide with the Grand Central Hotel Belfast. This hotel is truly out of this world, and definitely somewhere that you should consider staying. 

The Grand Central Hotel is located in the heart of Belfast. It is a luxury hotel in the city’s Linen Quarter that has over 300 different rooms on offer.

With a seafood restaurant and a vibrant café on site, there are lots of amenities included in the cost of your stay, and this justifies the higher price point. 

No matter what the reason is why you are visiting Belfast, this hotel will have you covered as it is in the perfect place to get around. So you should definitely consider staying here!


  • Luxurious hotel
  • On-site bar and restaurant
  • Great location


  • Fairly expensive

Buyer’s Guide

Before you book a hotel for your Belfast holiday, there are some things that you should consider. There are lots of different things to think about when you are booking a hotel. They include the following. 


Location is critical when you are booking a hotel, especially in a city like Belfast. There is so much for you to do during your trip that a good location is essential if you want to fit lots of activities into your trip. 

Most people choose to stay right in the centre of Belfast, and that is a brilliant choice.

If you stay in the centre, you will easily be able to visit some of Belfast’s biggest attractions as the majority of them are located in the centre.

However, accommodation in the city centre does tend to be fairly expensive. 

If you want to reduce the cost of staying in Belfast, then you can stay a little further out. Public transport is generally very good, and even if you stay a 10-minute walk away from the centre, you will save a lot of money.

So, if you are happy to compromise on location, you will generally be able to save some money.


Another thing that you need to consider is what features you want from the hotel. Do you want a hotel that comes with a restaurant and a bar?

Do you want a hotel that has a swimming pool or spa facilities? If the answer is yes, then this allows you to filter out hotels that do not meet your needs.

The features that you want from your hotel might not be that big, you may simply want tea and coffee facilities in the hotel room, or free Wi-Fi.

Regardless of what you want from the hotel, it is good to have an idea of your ideal hotel before you start looking. 


Finally, you should consider the cost of a hotel before you book one.

There are lots of things that will impact the cost of the hotel, including how long you stay, the rating of the hotel, and the amenities that the hotel offers. 

Booking in advance is generally quite a good way to reduce the cost of your hotel stay in Belfast. So, if you want to reduce the cost of your stay, consider planning it as far in advance as you possibly can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Nicest Part Of Belfast?

If you are looking to stay in Belfast, then there are several different areas that you should consider staying in. Central Belfast is a good idea if you are a tourist as you will easily be able to reach attractions.

However, if you would rather stay a little further out, then the Cathedral Quarter, Titanic Quarter, or Queen’s Quarter could be a good idea.

Is Belfast A Walkable City?

The great thing about Belfast is that it is a city in which you can easily get around on foot. So no matter where you are staying, you will easily be able to walk around the city.

If you don’t want to walk, then public transport in this city is generally very good. So it is really easy to get around Belfast regardless of where you stay.

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