Updated on November 15, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

As a woman, what should you pack for your trip? Of course, it depends on many things, such as the destination and the length of the trip. As well as clothes, shoes, toiletries and other essentials, there are plenty of smart travel gadgets to use.

To help you in your hunt for smart travel gadgets, here are 10 travel gadgets for women that will make your travels easier and simpler in different ways. Some you may already pack as standard, others may be completely new to you!

Mini-size jewellery box

When you travel, you’ll want to take some jewellery with you. At the same time, it’s less smart to bring the whole jewellery box. An alternative is to bring a miniature jewellery box. So you can carry the essentials without having to reserve a lot of space in your bag.

What could you possibly fit in a jewellery box for travel? You can expect to have two levels. Put rings and earrings on the top one. In the bottom you can put bracelets and necklaces.

Hanging travel bag

Hanging travel accessories

There are some old-fashioned sayings about travel. If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail is one of the sayings. There is a lot in it. With a bit of poor planning, there’s a risk that the trip won’t be as good as you want it to be.

A hanging travel case with transparent compartments makes it easier to plan for all the personal care products you need. The risk of forgetting something is reduced when you see everything in front of you. Of course, a hanging travel bag is also great to have at your destination. Hang it on the nearest hook for direct access to everything.

Inflatable wine bag

Imagine that you are in a lovely destination where you enjoy good food and drink. Now you want to take some of your favourite wines (or other drinks!) home with you. Are you going to try to fit the bottles in your suitcase?

A much more convenient, better and safer way is to use inflatable wine bags or wine bottle covers. The construction is quite simple. Wine bottle protectors consist of columns of air running the length of the bottle. You inflate the bag with a nozzle and the whole process does not take much time.

Personal alarm/mugging alarm

Assault alarm

When you are travelling, especially if you are travelling alone, you should always consider your safety and security. A personal alarm can scare off attackers and alert the surrounding community so you can get help. On a list of 10 travel gadgets for women, assault alarms must be included!

Haven’t seen or used an assault alarm before? They are actually very straightforward things. To turn on the alarm, pull out a sprint. Then the alarm starts sounding really loud (up to 140 decibels). Often there is also a light that flashes when the alarm sounds. The lamp also doubles as a flashlight.

First aid kit in miniature

First aid kit in mini format

Imagine cutting your finger, getting a sting in your hand, suffering from an upset stomach or getting a large blister on your foot. Then you need first aid and if you don’t have a first aid kit you may have a problem.

First aid kits in “normal” size are quite large. However, there are also mini-versions and travel versions that barely take up any space at all. A miniature first aid kit normally contains a thermometer, wipes, plasters, bandages and a small needle and thread kit. Among travel gadgets for women that are all about the essentials, a kit like this is number one!

Should you wish to purchase a mini first aid kit, you can find different types at GO Outdoors. Through us, you can also find a discount coupon to use at GO Outdoors.

Scarf with compartment for important things

Actually, it’s strange that we had to wait until the 2020s for a scarf with more functions than just warming the neck. Fortunately, inventors around the world have now figured out that you can add a pocket to a scarf.

Among women’s travel gear, a scarf with a compartment for important items is very clever. Somewhere on the scarf there is a pocket with a zipper. I fickan kan du stoppa mobilen, pengar, pass – ja det du behöver ha med dig men inte vill hålla i handen.



Having all the power in your phone at all times is not only good for your entertainment and social opportunities. It’s also essential if you’re concerned about your safety. If you have an accident, it’s no fun standing there with a dead battery.

With a powerbank, you can always have extra power to recharge your phone. There are many very small and painful powerbanks to choose from. Some are no bigger than a lipstick! Just remember that the smaller the model, the less battery power it can store. Aim for at least 10,000 mAh to charge your phone a couple or three times. You can buy a Powerbank at a great price at Robert Dyas. With our Robert Dyas promotional codes you can also get an even lower price.

Dry wet wipes

What could this be about? Dry wipes sound a bit contradictory, don’t they? When travelling, you may occasionally want to refresh your facial skin and remove make-up and impurities. At the same time, you may not want to carry around a load of wet wipes (which can also dry out).

Dry wipes are soaked with water and then used for cleansing, make-up removal, scrubbing and sometimes more. Paper napkins can go anywhere, of course, so you can put some in your suitcase, your hand luggage, your make-up bag, even your wallet!

Mini bag for underwear

Underwear, socks and bras often end up in the bag. Then, when you want to find a pair of socks, you have to search through everything. Do you recognize this situation? With a mini underwear bag, you have everything in one place. You also keep your clean clothes away from shoes and objects that can scratch/damage them.

A mini underwear bag often has a large compartment for your bras. In this way they keep their shape. Underwear and socks are stored in compartments in the lid.

Sleeping mask

Sleeping mask

Diligent travellers know that a nap every now and then during the journey can be necessary. However, sleeping in environments such as airplanes and train compartments is not the easiest thing to do. For example, the bright light can be distracting. The light can also interfere with trying to sleep in the hotel room.

A very effective, simple and even cheap solution is to buy a sleeping mask. With a sleeping mask, you can block out all the light and relax more easily. Today’s sleep masks have adjustable neck straps and are made of foam to avoid pressure on the eyes. To shield yourself even more from the environment, choose a model with built-in Bluetooth headphones! Need a hanging travel accessory? You can buy several different models at Marks and Spencer! Don’t miss to use a Marks and Spence discount code via us to get a discount.