Updated on November 15, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

Do you travel a lot? Then you’ll know that there are plenty of gadgets to make travelling easier and more convenient. Maybe you have a set of smart travel gadgets that you always pack with you? In all likelihood, you still have a whole world of travel gadgets left to explore.

We’ve researched and explored, searched and searched to find really good, clever and innovative gadgets for travel. Here are 10 travel gadgets for men that you can surely put to good use!

Accessory bag with room for everything

Many men are very particular about their toiletries. The order is pedantic and the content is very carefully selected. Other men are not as particular. The nail clippers are stowed away next to the toothbrush and even the most necessary items are forgotten at home.

A toiletry bag with space for everything and with clear compartments is a really good travel item for men. You can see what you should (should!) pack and distinguish between different things. For your toothbrush and other wet/damp items, you can use waterproof compartments and you may find it easier to find the right one overall! For an extra dose of cleverness, you can choose a model that you can hang up.

Passport case with RFID protection

Passport case

The passport case is one of those gadgets that at first you might feel is rather unnecessary. The passport is quite durable in itself! The more you think about it, the more you might start to think that this gadget is smart. After a while you find the passport case indispensable!

A passport case not only holds your passport, but also cards, money, tickets, boarding passes and more. Everything is protected and everything is in one place. Nowadays, passport cases are also available with RFID protection, i.e. protection against skimming, for extra safety and security.

Charging stand for mobile phone and more

How many electronic gadgets do you have with you on your trip? Probably at least a few. The mobile phone is a given and in addition you might have a smartwatch and a pair of wireless headphones. To avoid having to carry many meters of cord and many different adapters, you can use a charging stand!

With a charging stand, you can wirelessly charge your phone, smartwatch and headphones in one place (with just one cable!). If you place it next to your bed, you also have a practical alarm clock.

Electric shaver in mini format

Electric shaver in mini format

You may be very particular about your beard stubble. Maybe you put shaving soap, razors and beard oil in the first thing you do when you pack? There’s nothing wrong with that, of course!

However, many men prefer to take care of their facial care in a simpler way while travelling. Then an electric shaver is a good choice and an even better choice is a mini shaver. There are actually variants that are not much bigger than a matchbox.

Photo lock with combination lock

Padlock with combination lock and wire

A list of 10 travel essentials for men just has to include something for your safety and security. Therefore, we now present a padlock with combination lock. This is essential if you want to travel safely and securely.

There are lots of uses for a padlock on the move. You can lock your checked baggage, zip up your hand luggage, secure your backpack when you’re out at your destination, lock your locker in the hotel gym and so on. Extra clever is if you choose a padlock with a wire. It is much easier to use one than a shackle lock. You can find a padlock with wire at Safe.co.uk. We have several Safe.co.uk discount codes that you can use to get a slightly lower price.

Bracelet with multi-tool

A multi-tool is indispensable at home, on the road and at your destination. It’s always good to be able to screw and unscrew, tighten, open and so on. With a multi-tool you can do it all!

Multi-tools are often quite ugly, boring and clumsy. However, this does not have to be the case. In fact, nowadays there are even bracelets with built-in multi-tools. The concept is that each link has a chisel of some kind (slotted, torx or star) and a wrench. In total, you have up to 30 tools at your disposal (including a bottle opener!).

Scoop bags

Shoe bags

Packing shoes in your suitcase is always a bit of a challenge. Shoes are not always so hygienic. The soles can be full of both visible and invisible dirt and bacteria levels can skyrocket. Besides, the shoes might smell a bit!

The solution to this problem is to use shoe bags. Shoe bags protect your clothes and other packing from your shoes. Hygienic, smart and even cheap. Shoe bags do not cost very much.

Hooded travel pillow

Many journeys last a long time and it may be a good time to take a nap from time to time. However, sleeping while squashed into a cramped seat is not so comfortable. You notice this not least when you wake up and your neck is sore! The solution is a travel pillow that holds your head up.

Travel pillows have been around for a long time, but you no longer have to settle for the most basic format. Nowadays there are travel pillows with built-in hoods! In addition, there are models that are inflatable. You can wear the pillow around your neck like a scarf for the whole trip. When you want to sleep, blow it up. Very clever!

Laptop backpack

Laptop backpack

One of the niftiest travel gadgets for men has to be the laptop backpack. Firstly, it’s a durable companion for your laptop. Secondly, it’s a comfortable backpack that works just as well on the train as on the plane. Laptop cases always meet the maximum hand baggage limits.

Put the laptop in the back of the bag, towards the back. Of course, a laptop backpack also has room for a tablet and other electronics. Many models also feature convenient cable management and external ports. For example, you can connect a power bank to a port inside the case and then charge your phone with a cord to an external port. You can buy a laptop backpack at GO Outdoors. By visiting our page with GO Outdoors discount codes you can also get some discount.

Lightweight and travel-friendly rain jacket

If there’s one thing many men quickly prioritise in their packing, it’s clothing against the rain. It seems to be a law of nature! At the same time, it can rain (and wind) regardless of your destination and it’s always a good idea to pack a rain jacket.

But a raincoat is bulky, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many lightweight, travel-friendly rain jackets that weigh next to nothing. Yet they have high waterproofing and breathability. A weight of about 200 grams and a pack size of about 15 cm in height with a diameter of 8-10 cm – it will fit in the pack, right?