Cheap holidays, weekend breaks, all inclusive and last minute under £300 per person

What kind of holidays and trips can I find for under £300 per person?

Although £300 per person is considered a relatively low travel budget, you can actually find quite a lot for under this amount! Trips under £300 are usually slightly shorter than a week, lasting 3-5 days, and destinations rarely stretch beyond the borders of Europe. If it’s a package deal under £300 per person including both accommodation and transport, expect comfortable but basic lodging and transportation that might involve budget airlines or trains.

Here at, we’ve listed everything from last-minute trips to exciting destinations for under £300 to weekends in European cities including flights and accommodation. With a bit of luck and careful planning, you can find incredible trips for less than £300 per person!

Barbati Beach, Corfu, Greece

Here are some examples of what kind of trip or package deal you can typically get for under £300:

  • A city break in Prague with flights and three nights at a hotel
  • A relaxing trip to a spa in Latvia including ferry and hotel
  • A cultural trip to Budapest with flights and four nights at a central hotel
  • An adventure trip to Slovakia with train travel and a hiking package
  • A sunny beach holiday in Portugal with budget flights and three nights’ accommodation
  • A romantic weekend in Venice with flights and hotel for two nights
  • A wine tour to the Rhine region in Germany with car travel and two nights at a vineyard
  • An adventure trip to Transylvania with flights and four nights at a guest house

With these examples, you can see that there are many exciting and affordable options for trips under £300. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or culture, you can find something that fits your budget and interests.