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A deeper look at some of the best travel deals and packages for December 2023.

As we approach the month of December, it’s hard not to get excited about the travel opportunities that await. With the holiday season in full swing, there are so many amazing deals and destinations just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy winter escape to a snowy wonderland, planning to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or simply looking to spend some time in a peaceful countryside, away from the busy metropolitan life, the possibilities are truly endless. From skiing and snowboarding in the mountains to relaxing on a sunny beach, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy.

So why not start planning your next adventure today? If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already on the lookout for amazing travel deals and discounts for your next holiday. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and keep your travel dates flexible to get the best savings. Still, there are also many fantastic opportunities at the very last second. Keep reading to find out more!

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Airlines & Flights Deals for December 2023

EasyJet.com – A low-cost airline catering to some of the most notable European destinations

Easyjet december flights
EasyJet, a renowned player in budget-friendly travel, is a go-to platform for British travellers seeking wallet-friendly journeys. As we enter December 2023, EasyJet.com is slowly unveiling an array of awesome deals for sought-after European destinations. From Prague’s charming Christmas markets to Barcelona’s many colours, EasyJet.com enables people to take a much-deserved break…without breaking the bank!


Discount: Varies by flight / destination

Expiry date: Offers relate to limited flight through December or early bird bookings for early 2024 trips.

Other conditions: Minimum 2 people for most flights

Ryan Air’s December 2023 and winter offers

Ryanair is a low-cost airline based in Dublin, Ireland. It was founded in 1984 and has since grown to be one of the largest airlines in Europe, ushering in the concept of low cost flights to a large audience. As a pioneer in budget air travel, Ryanair.com is still going strong. The airline has become a go-to for cost-effective ways to explore Europe. With December 2023 just around the corner, Ryanair.com takes the spotlight with an appealing range of deals for popular European destinations. For instance, there’s an offer to travel to Aalborg, a Danish town known for its beautiful Christmas atmosphere this time of the year, for a little under 15 pounds per flight. If you’re not the kind of person looking to spend the holidays somewhere cold, no worries there. Ryan Air also has amazing December 2023 deals from the UK to Spain, Italy, and Portugal, where you’ll be able to spend your Christmas holiday somewhere with a more moderate climate.

A word to the wise: Ryan Air’s fees and policies are notoriously strict when it comes to add-ons, luggage weight and so on. For this reason, you should always make sure you get what you exactly want from your booking to avoid surprise fees. Despite the hickup, the airline remains popular among budget-conscious travelers, and if you manage your bookings well, the savings are indeed incredible.

Find out more about Ryan Air’s latest travel packages and deals:


Discount: Offers relate to limited flight through December or early bird bookings for early 2024 trips.

Expiry date: Offers relate to limited flight through December or early bird bookings for early 2024 trips.

Other conditions: Minimum 2 people for most flights

Norwegian Air’s December 2023 and winter deals

Norwegian Cheapest Flights

Scandinavia is a truly fantastic holiday destination for Christmas. If you like the more traditional mood, with markets, lights, snowy landscapes and hot drinks, you can’t go wrong by visiting Norway, Sweden or Finland. Thankfully, Norwegian Air is now offering some amazing deals through November and December 2023. The airline has created some limited packages for travellers from the UK looking to visit Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki or Stockholm. The current best offers are all under 50 pounds per flight, making for a truly fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for a magical white Christmas!

Find out more about Norwegian’s latest flight deals and learn about the company’s December 2023 offers:


Discount: Offers relate to limited flight through December or early bird bookings for early 2024 trips.

Expiry date: Offers relate to limited flight through December or early bird bookings for early 2024 trips.

Other conditions: Minimum 2 people for most flights

Wizz Air: A new kid on the block in the airline gamewith some amazing low-cost deals

With an increasing network ofdestinations, Wizz Air is one of the most popular new low-cost airlines catering to Europe. The Hungarian low-cost company has shared a few amazing flight deals from the United Kingdom to some of Europe’s most amazing winter wonderlands. Wizz Air offers affordable flights to more than 150 destinations and has a fleet of over 130 aircraft, making for a wide range of fantastic travel deals on tap. Currently, Wizz is offering mind-blowing travel deals, such as flights to Rome (Italy) or Malaga (Spain) for less than 30 pounds.

Find out more and check out Wizz Air’s latest flight deals below:


Discount: Offers relate to limited flight through December or early bird bookings for early 2024 trips.

Expiry date: Offers relate to limited flight through December or early bird bookings for early 2024 trips.

Other conditions: Minimum 2 people for most flights

Hotels & Accommodation Deals for December 2023

Britannia Hotels Weekly Sales

Britannia Hotels Weekly Sale

Britannia Hotels is a trusted provider when it comes to quality accommodation at a fraction of the cost. The company has launched a December 2024 discount campaign, which includes weekly sales on a per-person basis. Current deals are as low as 42 pounds per traveler, so jump on this amazing opportunity and learn more via the following link:


Discount: Low flat rates (42 poulds per person)

Expiry date: Prices vary week by week through December 2023.

Other conditions: This is a pre-paid offer and payment must be made at the time of booking.

Guoman Hotels: Experience Christmas and New Year’s Eve In London

Guoman Hotels is a trusted name in the hospitality industry and one of London’s most exciting experiences. They have recently launched an amazing savings campaign for the Christmas holidays, enabling people to enjoy significant discounts of up to 25% up until New Year’s eve! Celebrating the end of the year and the start of a new one in one of the best cities in the UK is a priceless experience in and of itself, so this is a truly fantastic opportunity.


Discount: 25%

Expiry date: From 17th December 2023, up to and including 31st January 2024

Other conditions: Subject to availability and blackout dates

Hotel Du Vin: Holiday discounts throughout the United Kingdom

Hotel du Vin Winter SALE

Hotel Du Vin offers many amazing locations throughout the UK: what a fantastic opportunity to discover some of Britain’s finest towns and take advantage of the chain’s winter sales, which are quite substantial right now. Find out more:


Discount: 145 pounds for two (one room) and a 50 pounds dining credit

Expiry date: Not specified

Other conditions: This offer is only available for a limited time and dates sell out quickly.

Malmaison’s December 2023 Flash Sale

Malmaison Hotels is a collection of stylish, luxury hotels located in various cities in the United Kingdom. The hotels are often housed in converted buildings with historical or architectural significance, such as former warehouses, prisons, or other unique structures. Malmaison is running an amazing flash sale, giving guests an opportunity to experience luxury stays at some of their finest locations across the UK at a fraction of the cost. Find out more, and do not miss out on this limited-time flash offer, which is about to expire very soon.


Discount: 100 pounds for two (one room) and a 50 pounds dining credit

Expiry date: Not specified

Other conditions: This offer is only available for a limited time and dates sell out quickly.

Jaz Hotels: Convenient savings in December 2023

Jaz Hotels Christmas deals

Jaz Hotels, a true hospitality leader in the Middle East,is offering an exciting opportunity to enjoy significant discounts during the Christmas holidays. The company has announced that it will provide deals of up to 20% off across selected locations. With these discounts, customers can enjoy a wide range of amenities and services at an affordable rate and experience the quality this brand is known for!


Discount: 20%

Expiry date: Not specified

Other conditions: Not specified

Booking.com Deal: Visit Naples, Italy, with a killer Bed and Breakfast deal.

Naples is quickly becoming one of Italy’s most exciting and sought-after destinations. As the hometown of Pizza, its food is legendary. In addition, it’s a gateway to centuries of culture and history, located just a stone’s throw from global landmarks such as Pompei. The B&B “Partenope 10” is conveniently located in the charming Vomero neighbourhood and is well-connected to the city’s main attractions. The holiday rates are incredibly convenient due to the seasonal discounts! The staff is also knowledeable and always eager to ecommendations for the best restaurants and activities in the area.

Find out more about this deal


Discount: 20% off

Expiry date: December 15th, 2023

Other conditions: Minimum 20 people / Contact host for more information.

Discover the perks of a London luxury stay at a fraction of the cost in December 2023 with Hilton Hotels.

Hilton Hotels is one of the most successful and highly regarded hotel chains worldwide, with stunning facilities in pretty much all of the world’s major cities. Naturally, they have a few stunning locations, including a Kensington-based hotel. Currently, Hilton is offering luxury rooms for less than 200 pounds a night, which is a truly mind-blowing opportunity for anyone looking to spend a few days in the capital. Don’t we all love to splurge in the big city and go on a shopping spree every now and then? The Christmas holidays are the best time for that, and when you visit The Big Smoke, you want to do it in style. Now, you can do just that and embrace all the prestige of the Hilton brand without breaking the bank.

Find out more about this deal here

Discount: Varies depending on booking and duration of stay

Expiry date: Through December 2023

Other conditions: Offers might vary with different booking partners

Enjoy a Christmas shopping break in Cardiff with Marriott

Marriott december and Christmas offer

Cardiff, Wales, is a charming town, and it’s renowned all across the UK for its fantastic Christmas markets and atmosphere, and it has been gaining even more popularit in recent years. For this reason, many people from all over Great Britain come to the area to enjoy a break and soak in the holiday spirit in the most authentic possible way. With this fantastic offer, you’ll get to stay at the local Marriott hotel in the heart of Cardiff and enjoy the Christmas buzz. With this convenient package, you can also save some extra money on your shopping spree! The hotel chain has some partnerships with some of the surrounding shops in the city centre, including some of the most sought-after luxury brands. For example, visitors get to save 10% on John Lewis branded clothing and beauty products. In addition to that, travellers who take advantage of this fantastic Cardiff getaway will also get that fancy hotel breakfast included and enjoy a further 10% off on-site food and drinks at the famous Browns Brasserie and Bar, a true local staple. In addition to shopping and Christmas markets, there are also many other festive events and activities to enjoy, such as ice-skating, traditional carolers and a wide variety of shows and entertainment events.

Find out more and check it out:


Discount: Discounted flat rate for accommodation + 10% discount on selected shopping outlets

Expiry date: Through December 2023

Other conditions: Be sure that the Promotional Code appears in the Corporate/Promotional code box when making your online reservation, or call 02920 399944 and ask for a special promotional code.

The most convenient deal aggregators offers in December 2023

Here are some websites that are always worth checking out for some fantastic deals!

Jet2Holidays: A low-cost escape to a sunnier Christmas

Jet2holidays is a trusted travel agency specializing in all-inclusive packages. This is a perfect option for people who are looking for a practical yet affordable solution to their vacations. The company has just posted a wide range of amazing offers and deals for their December 2023 season. The range is extremely broad, offering trips from the United Kingdom to Spain, Turkey, Portugal, and more. In addition, the company has set up special packages catering to families and adults-only holidays for people who want a romantic getaway or simply want to enjoy some relaxing time away from a busy household!

Check out the new deals for December 2023:


Discount: Varies depending on destination / package

Expiry date: Varies depending on destination / package

Other conditions: Additional supplements might apply

Holiday Hypermarket: Versatile and affordable

Holiday Hypermarket is a very broad digital marketplace where you can explore and select from a diverse array of travel options. It caters to the UK market in particular, offering British holiday-goers the opportunity to leave the wintering cold days behind in favour of some beautiful and sunny destinations over the Christmas break. Recently, the online travel agency posted a mind-blowing selection of new December holiday deals for 2023. Enticing stats in Tunisia and Morocco are some of the highlights, providing convenient all-inclusive packages for an exotic and wonderful experience. Turkey is most definitely one of the most popular places to visit this year, and for a good reason: the charming Antalya region offers so many charming waterfront locations that are generating quite the buzz as of late! Travellers who prefer to stay within continental Europe will also enjoy some amazing deals for Spain.

Find out more about Holiday Hypermarket’s amazing December 2023 deals.


Discount: Varies depending on destination / package

Expiry date: Varies depending on destination / package

Other conditions: Additional processing and travel fees might apply

Virgin Holidays Winter 2023 Deals

Virgin Holidays special offers

Created by tycoon Richard Branson, Virgin is a truly gigantic business group with many sub-branches and divisions catering to various industries. Some years ago, the company forayed into the travel industry, going as far as launching its own airline. Virgin Holidays was a natural evolution, and it’s an all-inclusive solution for people looking for great deals on their vacations or trips. The company has some amazing deals for 2023, with some amazing options related to the Christmas holiday break! What makes this platform different is that it actually caters to some fairly high-end destinations and sought-after cities. These include New York, Paris, Rome, and more. In addition, Virgin Holidays is offering amazing deals for some dreamy exotic locations, such as The Caribbeans, The Maldives, Dubai, and Hawaii.

Find out more and discover deals and offers from Virgin Holidays:


Discount: Varies depending on destination / package

Expiry date: Varies depending on destination / package

Other conditions: Additional fees might apply

TUI: A perfect French holiday for your December 2023 getaway.

France is by far one of the most popular destinations in continental Europe, and it is not surprising. Not only is it sought-after for its cities, but also for its beautiful countryside, coastal town, history, food, and culture. Whether you want to enjoy a quaint country getaway or a romantic holiday for two in Paris, the city of love, Tui offers some amazing deals for December 2023.

Tui (Thomson Travel Group) is a Canadian travel agent that operates worldwide, and it is particularly trusted in the UK since it has a very active branch in the country. Ever since the 90s, the agency has been able to provide great value packages for some of the best destinations across the world, and this year, it’s also offering a huge selection of fantastic travel deals.

Find out more and check it out:


Discount: Varies depending on destination / package

Expiry date: Varies depending on destination / package

Other conditions: British citizens don’t need a visa to enter France but must have a valid passport.

Firstchoice.co.uk (December 2023 holiday deals)

FirstChoice december deals

As the name implies, First Choice is one of the most trusted sources of fantastic holiday deals in the United Kingdom. The company has always been a very popular option for people looking to escape the cold and rainy days during the Christmas break, and this year is no exception. First Choice has put together another truly fantastic collection of wonderful packages, including all-inclusive trips to some destinations that will make you want to ditch your winter coat for a pair of sunnies!

This year, Turkey is particularly popular, and there are many offers for convenient trips to Alanya, a truly beautiful and sun-drenched region. Still, First Choice also has some amazing all-inclusive deals for British travellers looking to explore the ever-so-wonderful Morocco with the fairytale-like settings of Marrakesh.

In addition, there is also room for some amazing destinations in Europe, such as Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Find out more about the latest December deals and hot new packages at the following link:


Discount: Depends on the specific travel package.

Expiry date: Not specified

Other conditions: Additional feels might apply

Coop Travel (Time for an adventure for your December 2023 holidays and beyond)

Cooptravel.co.uk is an online haven for adventure enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-fueled journeys and immersive experiences. The website caters to those with a passion for exploration, offering a diverse range of thrilling options. They’ve recently included an amazing variety of packages and deals with sales and savings from November through December 2023. If you’re interested in adventure travelling and quite literally going away from the beaten path, this one might be for you! Be aware that this website is an “experience first” company, so they usually offer very limited spots in order to ensure quality and a great time for all without the hassle that comes from these types of experiences in broader groups.

Find out more and discover this deal:


Discount: Depends on the specific travel package.

Expiry date: Not specified

Other conditions: Additional feels might apply

Go check out Santa’s home in Lapland with On The Go Tours

On The Go Tours is a UK travel company with a focus on providing amazing experiences for people looking for something a bit more on the adventurous side. While most people love to escape the winter and opt for a warmer destination to visit in December, others love a different approach.

On The Go, Tours is catering to these people with an exciting all-inclusive trip to the Finnish region of Lapland, a beautiful winter wonderland and the original home of none other than Santa Claus! Trips to Lapland are notoriously fairly difficult and costly to organize, so while not on the cheaper side, this particular package is truly fantastic if you have been yearning to visit this iconic destination without spending thousands of pounds. In fact, this entire trip is under a thousand pounds per person, making for a truly great opportunity. Among other magical experiences, you’ll get to spend five magical days in the idyllic Nordic town of Rovaniemi, meet Santa Claus himself, and have fun driving a reindeer wagon, just like the jolly Christmas legend carrying gifts to the children of the world! This is a family-friendly trip, perfect for families with children aged four years and above, with a further discount for couples and families when booking.

Find out more and discover this deal:


Discount: 25%

Expiry date: Not specified

Other conditions: International flights from tour start points and additional meals not included.

Brittany Ferries: Head off to France via Ferry with huge savings!

Brittany Ferries Winter Price Freeze

France offers something for everyone during the holiday season. Whether you’re interested in visiting historic landmarks, tasting traditional French cuisine, or simply enjoying the timeless atmosphere, this is the place to be! Brittany Ferries is currently offering a winter deal for those looking to travel to France during the Christmas holidays. The offer allows for a car and two people to travel one way for a price starting at £45. This is a great opportunity to enjoy significant discounts while embarking on a fun and exciting winter getaway to France.


Discount: Low fares starting at £45 for two with free car pass)

Expiry date: Through December 2023

Other conditions: Supplements apply for larger vehicles, additional passengers, onboard accommodation, pets, bicycle carriers, trailers and caravans

On The Beach: Making summery destinations possible and affordable in December!

On The Beach is a travel agency that caters to people who want to escape the cold winter days and enjoy a sunny holiday. The company is currently offering tremendous deals and savings for December 2023, and there’s a significant site-wide sale happening right now. This is a perfect opportunity for travelers who are looking for a budget-friendly holiday to book their dream destination and enjoy a memorable time.


Discount: Sales vary according to destination or package

Expiry date: Not specified

Other conditions: Supplementary fees might incur.

Miscellaneous aggregator platforms

Deals change every single day on the following platforms, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out!

booking.com – The world’s most popular source of holiday deals.

Booking.com is a popular travel website that allows users to book hotels, flights, rental cars, and other travel-related services. It’s a great place to find amazing deals and discounts on travel packages, especially during the December sales and other special all-inclusive deals. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Booking.com has a wide range of options to meet your needs and budget.

Edreams.com is a travel booking platform that provides access to a wide range of flight options, hotel accommodations, and rental cars. It’s perfect for travellers to find deals for trips from the UK to various destinations across Europe and the world. If you’re planning a trip for December, edreams.com is definitely worth checking out to find some great deals.

HolidayPirates.com is a travel deals and discount website that highlights a variety of travel offers, including package holidays, flights, and hotel deals. The site often features special promotions and last-minute deals.

Travelzoo.com/uk is a global media commerce company that publishes travel, entertainment, and local deals. The website’s travel section curates a selection of travel offers, including hotel discounts, vacation packages, and more.

Expedia.co.uk is a well-known online travel agency that offers a range of services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. They frequently feature deals and promotions for various destinations.

Skyscanner.com is perhaps the most popular travel search engine website. It allows users to compare prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals. It’s known for its comprehensive search features and often provides a variety of options for different budgets, including some exciting holiday deals for the December 2023 period.

Final tips and tricks to get great travel deals in December 2023.

This article is a great starting point if you want to check out some great deals, but as always, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled and make sure you stay flexible with your travelling schedule.

This way, you might be able to snag some amazing last-moment opportunities, even if you haven’t been able to plan ahead. While booking your trips with significant advantages often means you’re going to be able to enjoy a very good rate, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, airlines, bookers and travel agencies post flash deals and last-minute offers that go away pretty quickly. It’s always a good idea to sign up for newsletters or even follow your most trusted providers on social media.

This way, you’ll get ahead of thousands of people who simply make a Google search on a whim. As they say, information is power, so getting to know what’s going on in the world of travel deals will definitely give you an edge! Keep in mind that cheaper holiday packages and flights from trusted companies usually get sold out very quickly due to the high demand and limited availability. You want to be the first in line if you want a better chance at getting some amazing trips booked for your Christmas this year (or any other time, really!)