Updated on January 18, 2024 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

When you’re travelling, you often have to wait for different things. The airport is one example. Here you’ll have to wait at check-in, security and the gate. On your journey, you may also have to wait for connecting buses, for the train to roll onto the platform and so on.

When travelling, there are often waiting times and waiting can be really boring. The question is, what will you do to make the wait less boring? Here are 22 things to do when you’re bored!

Play mobile games

Whatever your mobile, there’s an ocean of games to download and play. Maybe you choose a strategy game, maybe it’s an action game or a puzzle game. As long as you have a good time!

Look at airplanes

If your travels have taken you to an airport, there is always the opportunity to watch different aircraft taking off and landing. Why not also guess the start or destination of different planes?

Send messages

You may not have much time to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances in your everyday life. When you have time to spare on your trip (and are bored!), you can send messages and stay in touch.


You can use the time you’re waiting for to relax and daydream a bit. Give your brain free rein and let your thoughts wander without stopping them.

Make an activity schedule

Maybe you’re heading off on a holiday to just sunbathe and swim, maybe you want to be extremely active. Regardless, it’s not a bad idea to have a little plan – make it when you’re waiting and bored.

Learn more languages

Travelling abroad? A hot tip is to brush up on your language skills or learn something completely new. It’s always more fun to be able to communicate a bit in the local language! There are lots of nifty apps you can use to learn basic phrases.

Read a book

There are many train delays and flight delays that have been overcome thanks to good old-fashioned books. A paperback doesn’t take up much space and can provide plenty of entertainment when you’re bored. Don’t forget that we have several Waterstones discount codes in case you need a new book or e-book.

Play card games

A deck of cards is the source of a whole world of fun and entertainment. A few fun games of your favourite game can turn even the dullest wait into something enjoyable. If you can’t find someone to play with, you can always add patience!

Organizing photos

If you’re travelling, you’re sure to have your mobile phone with you, maybe even your camera. If you get bored somewhere along the way, you can always take the opportunity to organise your photos.

Plug in your headphones

Listening to a good collection of favourite songs, a podcast or a good audiobook is perfect when you’re bored. Make sure you always have something good to listen to. You never know when you’ll have to endure a long wait. If you’re in need of new headphones, take advantage of our partnership with Robert Dyas and our Robert Dyas discount codes.

Watch a movie

With a smartphone, tablet or computer, you have the world’s entertainment at your fingertips. Among things to do when you’re bored, watching movies is a natural choice. Why not make sure you always have at least one good movie downloaded to turn on when you get bored?

Look at people

Watching people in waiting rooms, at stations and on platforms is an underrated pleasure. If you are travelling with someone, together you can try to find out the characteristics, professions, family situation and so on of the people you are looking at. People-watching can be a really fun activity!

Play punch buggy!

Long journeys can be tempting and the wait to get there can be unbearable. Then a fun game can cheer you up! If you’re on the road, the punch buggy
game is a classic. Truth or dare is another. You can probably think of more fun games on your own.

Tell stories

Everyone, children and adults alike, loves a good story. If you’re on a tour with one or more travelling companions, you can take turns telling stories. It’s obviously an advantage if the stories are funny, scary or crazy. Don’t you know a good story? Search online!


Many of us find that we don’t have time to meditate and breathe in our daily lives. When you need to wait for something and you’re bored, you definitely have time. Use a meditation app or just focus on your breathing. It’s good for your body and soul.

Learn about the destination

Haven’t had time to read much about your destination? Then you can use boring waiting time to read about facts, history, culture and so on so you know more about the destination.

Connecting with others who are bored

If you feel bored at the gate or in the waiting area, chances are that the people around you are bored too. Of course, not everyone is so keen on conversation, but you might be lucky enough to meet a really nice person!

Get some sleep

If you can take a nap, you can shorten the time you have to wait. Just make sure someone in your party is keeping an eye on your gadgets when you decide to escape the doldrums for a while.

Draw, write and doodle

Are you a creative soul? Do you like to keep your hands busy? Make sure you always have a pen and pad with you. That way you can doodle, draw and write as soon as you feel boredom creeping up on you.

Plan for your next trip!

Maybe it’s on the way home that you get bored of waiting. So why not start planning your next trip? In this way, waiting times are likely to feel much shorter.

Clean up your email

Should you do something boring when you’re already bored? You’ll probably never get around to clearing emails and messages. Then do it when you’re bored. You’ll feel very satisfied when you’re done.

Paint mandalas

A mandala is a picture with geometric patterns of various kinds. The idea is for you to colour in the patterns however you like. It’s soothing and it also stimulates your creativity. If you paint mandalas when you’re bored, your mood will probably lift a few notches!