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Axel Hernborg

Cornwall is arguably the most beautiful area in the country. It is rich in history and its geography is incredibly intriguing.

Holidaymakers and tourists alike all flock to Cornwall on a yearly basis, and there’s excellent reasons for this! 

With its gorgeous landscape, glorious beaches, unique weather and plenty to do – Cornwall is a place for everyone. But what exactly can you do in Cornwall on your trip?

We’ve written this handy guide that shows you exactly what you can do when you are down this way, so if you’re ready to learn much more – then read on and discover the answers. 

[1] The Eden Project 

When we say that Cornwall is unique, we absolutely mean it. Not only is it unique in terms of its landscape and climate, but even the things to do and see in the area are in their own bracket. 

The Eden Project is a perfect example of this. It is an area in Cornwall built on old China clay pits to create its own climate inside large biodomes.

It is done this way to create artificial environments and allow for the growth and bloom of plants, flowers and more. 

It’s the only one of its kind in the UK and it has plenty of amazing features inside. One of the most popular is the largest indoor rainforest in the world, which you can explore! 

Not only this, but the area has a lot to do including watching musical shows, a soft play area and plenty more, so nobody in the family is going to find it slow! 

[2] The Milky Way Adventure Park 

If you’re looking for a very family friendly, exciting and active thing to do while you’re travelling around Cornwall, then why not head to the Milky Way Adventure Park. 

Situated right on the border, which technically is Devon – it’s a huge favourite among anyone on a trip to Cornwall.

This is likely due to the super fun rides and things you can do, including their Cosmic Typhoon Coaster, Gravity Rider, Planet Play and Little Stars! 

And, if you find yourself getting a little tired of all the rides (or a little queasy!), then you can wind things down by heading to the nearby Birds of Prey Centre which has so much alone!

It’s got sci-fi exhibits like Doctor Who, mini golf, pottery classes and a mini train. 

Definitely something to think about if you’ve got kids with you, but due to its location you need to plan accordingly. 

[3] Surfing 

Surfing has long been a popular activity, but if you head to Cornwall, you will find that it is within the local’s DNA.

Due to their unique climate and really useful geography, surfing is possible in so many places around Cornwall. 

However, around Newquay is probably where you will want to be heading for the best waves. Indeed, Fistral Beach is a massive hit among tourists and locals for surfing and just to relax. 

This is because the waves are great, the accessibility is large and simple, there’s plenty of food and drink on offer around and it is right on the edge of the main town. 

Around a five minute drive from the main town, there is a beautiful area for surfing known as Watergate Bay and this is another massively popular spot. There’s shops on site that can rent or sell you what you need too. 

There’s plenty of parking in the area, and it can be incredibly cheap at times – sometimes it has been known to be £1 for an entire day! 

[4] Minack Theatre 

If you’re quite far south, you should certainly head to Penzance – which is historically iconic alone – but it holds many areas and sites around that you absolutely need to visit. One of these is the Minack Theatre. 

This idiosyncratic theatre was built into the rocks and stones of a cliff that overlooks the absolutely stunning sea, and this was largely done by one woman on her own.

Indeed, this theatre is stocked full of history – which you can learn on a tour of the area. 

Of course, as it is a theatre after all, you can book to see a show here and it is certainly recommended.

You have never seen a show like it, especially in the evening during the summer months when the sun is about to set behind the actors into the sparkling sea. 

Yes – the theatre is outside! Everything is open air, so you need to be careful with the weather, but that’s why it’s so much better during the summertime. 

Aside from this, you can take a seat in their cafe and look down into the sea through their entirely transparent, glass windows. You’re likely to see basking sharks or dolphins!

[5] Helicopter To The Isles Of Scilly

Whilst you don’t technically need to use a helicopter to get to the Isles Of Scilly as there are plenty of small planes and boats that accommodate travellers – it’s always been highly recommended to go via helicopter.  

This is because the sight seeing is much more intimate and it allows you to look all around the area that you’re travelling in.

Not only this, but a large number of people have never been in a helicopter before, and this ticks another box off their list! 

You can board from Lock Rock in Penzance and head right over, spotting things like St Michael’s Mount and the picturesque views of the sea and beaches around. 

[6] Healey’s Cider Farm Tour 

Healey’s are the brains behind the hugely popular and iconically Cornish Rattler cider and gin.

But while you will see Rattler pretty much in any pub or restaurant in Cornwall, there’s nothing quite like visiting its origins and taking a tour of its home. 

Of course, this is an adult only affair, so no under 18s. You’re going to start on a tractor drive around the apple orchards and learn about how the apples are born and thrive. Next up, you will see where these apples go and what happens in the press house. 

Every step of the way, you will learn how this famous cider is made and have the chance to sample a lot of their freshest products.

Eventually, you will finish the tour in the secret cellar bar where you will have the opportunity to buy anything you’ve liked in the day!

[7] Visit Lands End 

Before now, you may have seen a famous signpost that says John O’Groats and Lands End before. This is because these are the most northerly and most southerly areas on our island. 

Land’s End used to simply be a place to go to see the end of the country – but nowadays it has flourished into a miniature theme park, with a lot of things to do for kids and adults alike.

There’s rides, a haunted house, play areas, pubs and restaurants. 

Of course, due to its location, you can happily sit and bask in the gorgeous scenery – and this is so much better on bonfire night! Most Novembers, you will be able to purchase a ticket for parking and this allows you to look at the amazing fireworks display.

As they burst over the waters, the reflections shoot the colours back and you sit in wonder – whilst enjoying a traditional Cornish pasty of course!

[8] Boardmasters Festival 

Boardmasters Festival is an annual festival situated on the cliffs between Watergate Bay and Newquay town. It is home to plenty of huge acts and with its setting, you’ve probably never experienced a festival quite like it. 

Liam Gallagher and Florence and the Machine are among the 2023 headline acts for example! You may need to book your tickets well in advance though because it is super popular. 

As a result, if you are around Cornwall during the summer, especially August, you will find yourself surrounded by plenty of festival goers – or people just hoping to catch a glimpse of the festival that they couldn’t get tickets for! 

Generally, as this festival is just up the road from Watergate Bay (technically it overlooks it), many people will go surfing during the day if they find themselves needing a little break from it all. 

Overall, the best time to visit Cornwall is during the summer, especially when things like this are on offer – but it’s critical to note that you need to plan well in advance for things like activities and accommodation, due to the popularity of Cornwall.

Final Thoughts 

There’s so many things to see and do in Cornwall, but it’s a pretty big place. Don’t expect to do everything in one day! We hope this guide has been very helpful for you and you absolutely adore your trip to Cornwall. 

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