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Bath is an absolutely breathtaking place to visit. It is one of those gems that while appreciated, still doesn’t get the true recognition that it deserves. The fact of the matter is, there are hundreds of different things to do in Bath. 

Obviously, I can’t list them all. But what I can do is list my top ten favorite activities that just should really be a staple of any Bath trip.

So, let’s take a closer look at what Bath has to offer so that you can start planning and getting excited for your next trip away. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get straight to it. 

Top 10 Things To Do While In Bath

1. Visit The Roman Baths

Education and enjoyment aren’t exactly two things you think of as being synonymous, and yet that’s exactly what you’ll get here.

First, you’ll immerse yourself deep into all the rich history of the Romans and learn all about how they would relax themselves all those many years ago. 

You’ll also be able to get involved with a variety of interactive exhibits and take a look at several CGI reconstructions that’ll have you transported back to yesteryear.

Don’t forget to take a trip to the World Heritage Centre either, there’s even more to be taught here. 

Though it is very educational, you’ll have an absolute blast as you go around this interesting and interactive heritage site. 

2. Unwind At The Thermae Bath Spa

After wandering around the Roman baths, you’ll probably be left feeling like a dip in a relaxing pool of water yourself. Well, the Roman baths have long been closed to the public, but luckily there are still plenty of options for enjoying a dip. 

The Thermae Bath Spa is a beautiful natural hot spring that’ll ensure wave after wave of relaxation. And the hot spring isn’t the only thing on offer.

You’ll also have access to tons of different spa treatments, a handful of spaces dedicated to relaxation, and an amazing rooftop pool where you can bask in the stunning 360-degree view of the incredible city. 

3. Soak Up Bath’s Rich Culture

For all the culture vulture’s amongst us, you can’t find a better place than Bath.  There is an astounding amount of museums and galleries in the city. So many that I couldn’t begin to list them all here. 

However, I will name some of the best galleries and museums around. The Holburne Museum is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about Bath’s culture, while No.1 Royal Crescent is brimming with work from the Georgian Era.

One of my absolute favorites to visit is the House of Frankenstein where you’ll see many wonderful, and dark, creations by Mary Shelley herself.

Then for those who adore art, you’ll need to see the Victoria Art Gallery where both classic and contemporary pieces are accessible to view. 

4. Climb Bath Abbey’s Tower

This tower is arguably the most iconic landmark in Bath so it would be rude to visit and not check it out.

And then you’d miss out on the amazing Bath Abbey Tower Tour where you’ll be able to learn more about the working side of the landmark. 

You’ll need a little stamina to make it all the way up to the top, climbing a total of 212 steps. But it’ll definitely be worth it as you ascend past the ringing chamber and bell chamber.

You’ll also get to stand right above the vaulted ceiling and sit right behind the tower’s clock face! 

And as if all that wasn’t enough, once you finally reach the rooftop, you’ll be rewarded with the most stunning scenic views of the city and its surrounding countryside. 

A little tip for you, if you enjoy this experience, and have a little breath left in you, ensure you take a trip to Beckford’s tower too. Here, you’ll be able to climb 154 steps to the top of a 120-foot tower. 

5. Get Lost In Austen

Things To Do In Bath On Your Trip

For devoted book lovers, there is no better place to be than at The Jane Austen Centre.

While taking a look around, you’ll be able to see many exhibits while costumed characters detail what it was like to live in Bath during the early 1800s. 

You will also learn lots more about how Bath influenced the famous author’s writing. 

6. Take A Stroll On The Bath Skyline Walk

If you want to truly appreciate the beauty and splendour of the city, then you need to take a walk across the Bath Skyline walk.

Located not far from the city centre, you’ll get the chance to wander across a six-mile trail that will take you through Bath’s breathtaking beauty. 

You’ll see amazing meadows, ancient woodlands, and secluded valleys, all the while you’ll also have a full view of Bath from an angle you’d never usually see.

Ensure to bring your cameras along for this one as you’ll definitely get the chance to take some of the best natural pictures around. 

7. Spend The Afternoon At The Pump Room Restaurant 

All that exploring makes for hungry work. When you are ready to rest your feet, be sure to take a break at one of the most elegant restaurants in the city.

This elegant and gorgeous Georgian restaurant hosts some of the most extravagantly epic afternoon teas or you could treat yourself to a delicious main meal. 

However, while you’re there you need to try the water. Yep, the water. The famous hot springs aren’t just for bathing and actually the water is said to be mineral-rich and the perfect remedy for a whole host of ailments.

So while enjoying your fine dining, be sure to sip away at Bath’s hot spring water. 

8. Sample The Best Buns Around

There’s been a long-standing debate in Bath as to which bun is the best.

There’s the Bath Bun, which is a delicious sweet roll covered in crushed sugar and fruits and then there’s the Sally Lunn Bun which is pretty similar to a brioche bun. 

While the locals of Bath continue to argue over which bun is truly the best, why not sample both for yourself and be the ultimate judge? 

9. Take An Architectural Tour

Bath has some of the most beautiful buildings around. In fact, it is the only city across the whole of the UK that is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With many different landmarks to boast about and show off, missing one of these tours would be absolutely criminal. 

An architectural tour will take you across Bath, pointing out the many stunning architectural buildings and giving you a little more insight and knowledge into the must-see landmarks. 

10. Get Festival Fever

You’ll need to do a little research as to what is on during your visit, but I can almost guarantee that something will be. Bath is constantly packed with loads of different festivals all of which are so much fun to be involved in. 

There are comedy festivals, carnivals, food and drink festivals, music festivals, literature festivals, and so much more. However, the city is most renowned for its Bath Festival which is centered all around the arts from music to literature.

In the span of 10 days, there are over 120 different events that will take place.

Then, of course, there is the Jane Austen Festival which any book-lover would hate to miss where you’ll get another 10 days of literary-inspired events and workshops taking place. 

Honorable Mention: Christmas Markets

Now, this didn’t make the list purely to it only being available during the latter winter months. However, if you are scheduling a trip around December time, then the markets are not something to miss out on. 

Shop around the many wooden stalls that litter the city streets and pick up some unique Christmas gifts or sample some of the Christmassy treats.

The mulled wine is to die for, so ensure you buy a cup to keep your hands warm as you wander around the markets and get into the festive spirit. 

Final Thoughts

Bath is honestly such a stunning place to visit, and if you’ve got an upcoming trip, just know that you’ll have the absolute best time. You can soak up all of Bath’s culture with the many museums, galleries, and the Roman baths.

You can then trek to the top of the Bath towers to get some amazing panoramic views or take a 6-mile walk to see the city from a brand new vantage point. 

And then once you’re starting to tire from a busy day, you can relax in the amazing spas or take a much-needed break in a fantastic Spa.

Then the next day, you can take part in some amazing tours or get involved in the many festivals the city throws throughout the year.

And of course, if you’re joining the residents of Bath during the festive period, leave some spare time to scour the Christmas markets. 

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