Updated on November 15, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

Motorhomes are great. You can go on an adventure at any time in your own little wheeled home and park your mobile home almost anywhere. With a house on wheels, you can holiday however and wherever you want.

There is only one disadvantage of a motorhome and that is that space is limited. You can get a lot but not everything. It may also require some special solutions here and there. That’s why it’s a good idea to think smart! To give you some good tips, here are 14 smart gadgets and solutions for your motorhome.

Mini vacuum cleaner

Mini vacuum cleaner

It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny and dry or rainy and wet – your motorhome will get dirty sooner or later. At the same time, you may not want to clean up every day.

One solution is to use a mini vacuum cleaner with battery power. A few quick swipes with the vacuum cleaner will remove the dirt and you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

Collapsible shovel

Collapsible shovel

The collapsible shovel is one of the most useful inventions of the modern world (almost on a par with the motorhome itself!). The applications are endless.

You can use a collapsible shovel to shovel gravel under your car boot if you get stuck, make a hole in the ground for nature’s needs if the toilet gets stuck, hammer things into the ground and much more. Some collapsible shovels also have saw blades so you can saw into wood. You can buy these collapsible shovels at Go Outdoors. Please use a Go Outdoors voucher via us to get some discount.


Mobile data can cost a fortune, and with a number of mobiles, tablets and other items in the motorhome, the money can tick away quickly. Among really smart gadgets and solutions for the motorhome, we have to mention mini-WiFi or portable WiFi. It’s a small box that creates a local wireless network.

Inflatable sofa/air lounger

Inflatable sofa

Of course, you don’t want to be inside the motorhome all the time when you hit the road. At the same time, different outdoor furniture takes up a lot of space. An incredibly clever gadget to simplify is an inflatable sofa, or air lounger by another name.

An air lounger is really just a plastic cylinder that takes up hardly any space at all. To “inflate” it, spin it around until it is filled with air. You then close it and have a sofa at your disposal.

Cash box

Motorhome burglaries are more common than you might think and protection for the most important items is essential. Today there are many different types of safes and the like to use in the motorhome. Some swallow passports, money and some additional small items while others can protect, for example, a laptop. You can buy a safe from Safe.co.uk, for example. With a Safe.co.uk voucher from us, you can also get a reduced price!

Assault alarm

Assault alarm

Personal safety and security should never be compromised. A campsite may not be the most unsafe place, but the risk of trouble is always there. If you choose to go on an adventure where you are more isolated, you should be even more careful. An assault alarm with a blaring siren is not just a smart gadget, it’s a necessary gadget. It may also be useful to supplement with assault spray.

Soft water bottles

Soft water bottles

There are many reasons why you might need extra water while travelling and it’s always a good idea to have a spare can.

A hard plastic water can is large and difficult to stow away, but a soft plastic water can takes up hardly any space at all when not in use. Models are available with volumes ranging from a few litres up to 20 litres.

Solar chargers

Solar charger

Your motorhome uses up a lot of electricity. So do your electronics. It’s a good idea to save a little on the camper’s battery and a very clever gadget and solution is to use solar cells. A solar charger doesn’t cost a lot of money and you can set it up or mount it just about anywhere. You can buy a solar charger at Currys. Use a Currys discount code via us to get a small discount.

Washing bag/portable washing machine

There are smart gadgets and solutions for the motorhome and then there are extremely smart gadgets. A portable washing machine/washing bag belongs to the second category.

What is it? It’s a durable synthetic bag that you fill with water and detergent. Then you put in your dirty clothes and shake the whole package. Grooves, ribs and knots on the inside simulate a washing machine with the result that your clothes get clean!

Folding bicycle/bicycle

Folding bicycle/electric bicycle

Exploring on foot or by bike is a key part of travelling by motorhome. If you are very serious about your cycling, you probably have a bike rack. If you just want to be able to do short rides, a folding bike (or e-bike) will suffice. It’s almost guaranteed to fit somewhere in the motorhome.

Portable shower

Portable shower

Perhaps you have facilities to shower in your motorhome? If you don’t have one, a portable shower is a really smart gadget. A portable shower doesn’t cost much and takes up minimal space when not in use.

Of course, there are a few different varieties of portable showers, ranging from simple ones that mostly consist of a bag to more advanced models.

Portable fireplace

It’s great to grill and make a campfire outdoors. Campsites and pitches almost always have fireplaces to use, but what if you’re staying somewhere else? Then you can use a portable fireplace that you simply fold out. It usually has four legs and a wire net.

GPS receiver

GPS receiver

GPS is indispensable when you’re travelling with your motorhome. The idea of your holiday is not to wander the roads, but to get to your destinations quickly. Maybe you have a GPS built into your motorhome? You may want to make do with the GPS function you have on your phone.

However, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at the newer navigators. Features are being added all the time, such as the ability to opt out of certain roads based on the weight and size of the motorhome.

Roller blinds with insulation

On the theme of smart gadgets and solutions for the motorhome, we just have to mention roller blinds with insulation. A motorhome can get very hot in summer and very cold at other times of the year. Your motorhome may have temperature control systems, but you may still want to consider buying roller blinds with insulation.

What roller blinds do is reduce condensation in summer and retain heat at other times of the year. So you can control the indoor climate in a good way.