Welcome to the red hot town of Sedona. No, honestly, it is very red! Once a quiet wellness and spa destination, Sedona is now a true hot spot for tourists, especially those looking to show off to their social media followers.

It is now so bustling that this Arizona town now has a sustainable tourism plan in place to protect its natural beauty and environment.

The landscape at Sedona is like nowhere else on Earth with its iconic red rocks and vortex sites to keep your camera clicking at all times.

Now it is no longer a sleepy little corner of Arizona, Sedona can be considered a true resort town.

After all, it has a number of great places to stay and if exploring the rock and local environment isn’t up your street, there are plenty of other activities to get involved with, including yoga, massage therapy, and various sports. 

Staying at Sedona is a unique experience with services and fine dining establishments that can only be found here. From boutique luxury to brand-name resorts, Sedona has it all.

Wherever you stay here, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to exceed your greatest expectations. 

If you’re looking to recharge your batteries and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day living, Sedona is the place to go.

With its incredible views, upmarket restaurants, and world class resorts, you will have an unforgettable experience here.

All you need is to find the perfect resort for you and your family and/or friends. Today, we have gathered 5 Stunning Sedona Resorts For The Perfect Holiday.

Read on to find your next getaway and find out why Sedona is one of the most sought-after places to stay in the U.S.

Stunning Sedona Resorts

1. Enchantment Resort

You want incredible views? Enchantment Resort has you covered! Located on 70 acres in the mind blowing Boynton Canyon, this resort is one of the more upscale of Sedona. 

Enchantment Resort is set just 8.5 miles from Sedona itself whilst Sloe Rock State park is 16 mile away. That’s close enough to take a day trip and enjoy an excursion through the natural wonders of the region. 

The Southwestern decor-inspired rooms here are chic and sophisticated and all have magnificent views of the deep red rock mountains.

If you want to treat yourself and the family, there are options for upgraded rooms and suites, too. These have fireplaces and kitchens with all the amenities you’ll need and more.

Some even have hot tubs or pools! Smart and upscale, Enchantment Resort is one everyone should experience. 

2. Amara Resort And Spa

One of Sedona’s most popular and beautiful resorts, Amara Resort and Spa is the perfect place to visit for a luxurious holiday with family, friends, or on your own.

One of the stand out features of the rooms here are the headboards which are made from planks of fallen trees in the area.

The whole colour scheme of the resort reflects the fauna and flora of the local area so you always feel at one with nature at this resort. 

Another favourite feature of this resort is its infinity pool. Here, you can sit back and gaze out over the rocky outcrops and pinch yourself that you’re seeing what you’re seeing!

And, as the name suggests, you can enjoy a full-service spa here, and various activities, such as yoga classes (every room comes with its own yoga mat, so there’s no need to pack yours!)

If you want to take a walk around the town, the resort provides a free shuttle service. Just as the warm, friendly, welcoming staff, they will be happy to help and give recommendations on local trails and sightseeing spots.

And, let us tell you, there is A LOT to see around Sedona! 

3. L’Auberge De Sedona

L’Auberge de Sedona provides guests with an unforgettable Sedona Experience, ensuring they enjoy every moment of their stay. We mean, look at that view!

The resort’s attention to detail and commitment to luxury amenities is unparalleled, creating an incredible ambiance around every corner.

Nestled on the banks of Oak Creek, this oasis is the perfect spot for brunch with the family, deep tissue massages, and upmarket dining.

With a complete on-site spa and fine dining options, you can indulge in everything the resort has to offer and emerge completely rejuvenated.

All without ever needing to venture beyond the property’s borders. When here, though, you’ll be itching to go and explore the surrounding areas when you see how beautiful everything is.

4. Hilton Sedona Resort At Bell Rock

This one is for the golf lovers and those of you who want one of the most relaxing experiences of your lives.

The Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock boasts a golf course designed by renowned golf architect Gary Panks and is of Championship standard.

So, whether you wish to practise your swing or want a competition with your friends, this course is ideal.

The resort also boasts two pools to lounge in and its suites include kitchenettes and cosy fireplaces. As soon as you step into this desert nirvana, you’ll never want to leave!

But, it won’t be long until those red rocky outcrops will start calling you.

We do not recommend heading out in the wilderness unprepared, so ask the head desk in the resort’s lobby for advice and guidance. They also offer a Pink Jeep Tour which will take you through the red rocks and surrounding areas.

We highly recommend checking out Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock’s world class spa. Here, you can get everything you’d expect from a spa, as well as a tarot reading.

When you’re hungry and thirsty, you can head to the Shadow Rock Tap + Table restaurant and enjoy fire pit s’mores. This is one resort that offers something for everyone!

5. The Wilde Resort & Spa

In the heart of Sedona lies the picturesque Wilde Resort & Spa where you can spend hours upon hours relaxing besides its fire pits dotted around the grove gardens.

From this resort, there are awe-inspiring views of the Thunder Mountain. Just head up to the Rangeview Rooftop patio and you can be wowed by the extraordinary sights on show.

Thanks to its central location, the Wilde Resort and Spa is the perfect place to come back to after a day hiking the surrounding trails.

There are also biking and jeep tours of the red rocks available. The resort is also close to some of Sedona’s very best restaurants. So, finish a hike, head back to the resort and get ready for some of the best grub you’ll ever have!

Stargazing from the gardens here is something you have to try. You can even sit in the resort’s heated pool or hot tub and enjoy the shooting stars overhead.

If you decide to stay at the Wilde Resort and Spa, we highly recommend one of their excellent tours, such as an expedition through the region’s famous vortex sites and wine tasting trip in Verde Valley.

The perfect place to unwind and/or do some serious hiking and biking!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Sedona Resorts?

Sedona is a wonderful palace to visit all year round. In truth, the best time to visit Sedona depends on your preferences.

The summer months can be pretty hot, but many resorts offer pools and other amenities to help you beat the heat.

Spring and autumn tend to be the most popular times to visit Sedona, with comfortable temperatures and beautiful scenery.

That being said, winter can be a great time to visit for those looking for a quieter experience and the opportunity to enjoy snow sports in the nearby mountains.

Are Sedona Resorts Family-Friendly?

The majority of Sedona resorts cater to families of all sizes and offer a range of family-friendly activities and amenities such as kids’ clubs, game rooms, and outdoor activities.

These tend to be suitable for all ages. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the resort in advance to ensure it’s suitable for your family’s needs.

What Amenities Can I Expect At A Sedona Resort?

You’ll never be bored in Sedona. For many visiting here, it’s a chance to take it easy and unwind, but for others, hiking the red rocks is the number one reason they visi

t. Overall, most Sedona resorts offer a variety of amenities, including spas, pools, fitness centres, on-site dining options, and outdoor activities such as hiking or golfing.

Some resorts also offer special services like yoga classes or hot air balloon rides (the views are even better from above!)

In Summary

Sedona is one of the most remarkable, breathtaking places on Earth. And, the resorts above will ensure that your stay here will make it the best possible experience for you, your family, and friends. 

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