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Axel Hernborg

When it comes to movie attractions to check out in the United Kingdom, Harry Potter World might just be one of the biggest in the country.

From exploring iconic parts of the Harry Potter movies to riding a broom and learning all the correct wand moves, there are tons of things to do in this Warner Brothers Studio experience!

It’s a full-day experience, no doubt about it.

This means that, if you’re looking to make the most of the day, you’re probably going to want to find a hotel nearby where you can spend the night before or after your stop.

With that in mind, we have collected some of the closest and highest-rated hotels that you can book when visiting Harry Potter World (see here for a full guide to Harry Potter World in London)!

Hagrid’s Hut Watford

Starting with a hotel that is appropriately named for its proximity to Harry Potter World, Hybrid’s Hit is arguably one of the best places to stop a night or two when exploring both Warner Brothers Studios London, and the surrounding town of Watford itself!

This might be one of the closest hotels that you’ll find near Warner Brothers Studio Watford, with the attraction being only 5 minutes away if you’re traveling by car.

It’s so close that it’s even within walking distance, at just 25 minutes at a decent place. Add to that the fact that London Lutton airport is just 15 miles away, and you’ll find a hotel that is close to many points of transportation.

Plus, the site itself is fully kitted out for all amenities, with a double bed in the master bedroom, two bunk beds in the second bedroom, and even a sofa bed in the living room to boot, fitting up to 6 people in a single hotel apartment.

The apartment also has a full kitchen with cooking and washing spaces provided, as well as a private bathroom for you and the family to use as well! There’s even free parking and Wi-Fi for your stay!

Overall, it is the full package and one that anyone will find themselves enjoying, especially for extended stays!

Holiday Inn, Watford

For another hotel that is just as comfortable to visit Watford and Harry Potter World in, you can always check out the Holiday Inn near Watford Junction.

Holiday Inn, is a very popular chain of hotels that you’ll find across the United Kingdom, and Watford is home to several of its establishments, many of which are all within a comfortable distance to not just Harry Potter World, but the Greater London Area as a whole.

Each room at Holiday Inn comes with modern bright design decor, a large flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom, regardless of what type of room you pick.

With Queen bedrooms, twin bedrooms, and plenty of other options, you’re pretty spoiled for choice as well!

Located just a few minutes’ walk away from Watford Junction, this particular Holiday Inn is easy to find and get to the moment that you step off the train and into Watford.

Plus, with the hotel being located just 3 miles out from Warner Bros Studio London, it is a short car ride as well.

The hotel even provides a shuttle service to guests that are looking to visit the attraction too, so you won’t need a car to stay here and visit this attraction!

The Bluebird, Watford

The Bluebird, Watford

Moving back to the deluxe apartment setup that is perfect for longer stays, The Bluebird is another hotel suite that you can stay in if you’re looking for a truly luxurious experience when staying in or around Watford.

With both a terrace and garden view with this accommodation, you get plenty of space to spend your time here, including the rolling English countryside that is almost as much a part of the world of Harry Potter as Hogwarts or Gringotts is.

And with a full kitchenette and living room space, complete with a plasma TV, it’s certainly a cozy palace to spend your relaxation time in.

Of course, no matter how comfy it is, you’ll eventually want to head out to Warner Bros Studios to see the Harry Potter World for yourself, and this is where the Bluebird’s premium location helps out.

The attraction is only a short drive away, as well as within 20 minutes of the Greater London area for further sightseeing.

This little slice of luxury right near both Harry Potter World and the English countryside has it all!

Leonardo Hotel (Jury’s Inn), Watford

Leonardo Hotel (Jury’s Inn), Watford

If you’re looking for a reliable hotel that you can trust to have space in Watford, then the Leonardo Hotel is exactly the place you should be looking to book a room!

Formerly known as Jury’s Inn, Leonardo’s hotel has over 215 rooms, meaning that you’ll almost certainly being to book a room to stay in here, from standard double rooms, all the way up to King-sized deluxe rooms as well.

Plus, like with many of the other locales we’ve checked out on this list, the location is ideal for travelers of all kinds, whether they’re coming and going by car with its public parking space, or arriving by train, with the hotel being a short 8-minute walk from Watford Junction train station.

And, of course, there’s its proximity to Harry Potter World, with the attraction being only 3 miles away, a short ride in a car or shuttle of your choice!

Where Is Harry Potter World UK Located?

In case it hasn’t already become clear based on the locales of these hotels, Warner Bros Studios London, where you can find Harry Potter World, is found in the town of Watford, just outside and North of London, meaning that it has pretty good transport links when it comes to getting in and out of your hotel, whether that’s by train, bus or car.

Final Thoughts

So, whatever your preferred style of the hotel, you can rest easy, both figuratively and, in these stays for Harry Potter World, whether you’re a child or a grown-up, making for a truly magical experience!

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