When it comes to city stays across the United Kingdom, the best places to visit have often been the biggest or oldest cities across the islands of this nation.

London is the big one, but there are also many other places like Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Oxford, Glasgow, and a whole host of other regions to choose from and enjoy the local history.

However, that also means that a lot of slightly smaller cities and locales never get the full recognition that they deserve.

For us, one of the best examples has to be Nottingham.

From its iconic Nottingham Castle, the many museums and markets dotted across the city, and even its cultural connection with the figure of Robin Hood can sometimes feel a little overlooked when compared to the size and majesty of the capital cities of Edinburgh and London, or the ye-olde feelings of other smaller cities like York.

Well, no longer! We’re here to tell you that you should visit Nottingham on your next city holiday. And to do that, you’ll need a nice hotel to stay in.

From upper-crust to comfortably affordable, from the city centre to further out, these hotels are the best for comfortable visits to Nottingham city!

1. Restaurant Sat Bains With Rooms

Starting this list off with a hotel that is as personable and, perhaps surprisingly, delicious as it is comfortable to stay and sleep in, we have an amazing hotel that combines comfortable living with incredible food.

While it’s pretty common to see hotels have bars or restaurants on their ground floors for customers, it’s a lot rarer to see the reverse happen, where a restaurant will also provide on-site accommodation for paying guests.

However, that’s just one of the things that set Restaurant Sat Bains apart from other hotels, including quite a few others on this list!

Don’t be fooled by the somewhat mundane, maybe even shabby, appearance that the street might seem like on a flyover.

The moment you step through the door, the quality of this place is impossible to deny.

The dark, vivid hues of both the hotel’s bedrooms and the bar and restaurant make for a calming environment, perfect for relaxing and luxurious dinner’s out, or nights in.

And while the location, being on the outskirts of Nottingham, might make some people raise an eye-brow, especially if they’re looking for a city centre stop, the short 10-minute drive is not far for anyone with access to a vehicle.

So, if good food is a big priority when it comes to the hotels that you choose, this is the best choice for you.

2. Lace Market Hotel

The historic Lace Market has been a cornerstone of Nottingham’s culture and history, whether it was as the centre of the world’s lace industry or the modern reinvention of this redbrick neighbourhood that has happened in the last couple of decades.

One of those incredible new establishments in the centre of the city is this amazing hotel, named after the area that helped put the city on the map in the first place!

There’s a certain riding-the-lines that this hotel manages to do between high-class luxury and laid-back comfort that the best hotels need to have.

The muted greyscale that each of the hotel’s 42 rooms use is punctuated by a host of warmer colours, especially around the bed, creating spaces that feel ideal for falling into comfortable sleep cycles.

With that mix of high-class decoration, and practical comfort, it’s reflective of Nottingham itself, in an interesting twist of irony!

Aside from the decoration, you’ll find all the amenities that you would expect from a good-quality hotel, from included Wi-Fi, TV, and en suites.

The superior bedrooms even have fully freestanding bathtubs, and views of the surrounding area from the rooftop. Surrounded by older, but gorgeously built redbrick buildings, this helps you feel like you are in the centre of the city.

Add to that high-quality photographs taken of old, long-vanished sites and locations from Nottingham’s History, and you have a hotel room that helps you feel that Nottingham history just that little bit better.

3. Tiny Home

Sometimes, you want a hotel complex or building booking that you know will have rooms to spare, is 10 storeys tall, and comes with a perfect view over an entire city landscape.

And other times, you just want to try and enjoy accommodations that let you relax into them.

No need to worry about finding your single room in a corridor of liminal identical space, or the unnervingly white sheets, rub, wall, ceilings, or everything else.

It’s this homely feeling that Tiny Home aims for. With this room, not only do you get a cosy bedroom, but a fully functioning kitchen space.

It almost feels like a miniature home away from home, making relaxing in this space after a long business or tourist day that much easier.

However, don’t think that this hotel doesn’t have luxuries to offer any lucky customers that book a room here.

From the surprisingly large living space in the room, the on-site private parking and Wi-Fi, to access to a beautiful garden and terrace to enjoy.

If it’s small-scale comfort and luxury you’re looking for in Nottingham, this is the palace for you!

4. Mercure Nottingham

Now, if it’s a boutique experience that you want from your visit to Nottingham, then Mercure Hotel Nottingham is going to be high on your list to check out!

From the moment that you step into your room at this 76-room hotel, you get a feel for the distinct character.

Whether it’s the charming decorations put out across the room, or the comfortable bed that is oh-so-easy to just sink into and snooze away, there’s a lot of character to each of Mercure’s Nottingham hotels.

And all of it screams luxury!

And this is a boutique restaurant, after all, so you’re not just getting an amazing bedroom to enjoy.

You also get access to the Curious Tavern bar and restaurant, where the amazingly prepared food and drinks will both wow your taste buds and fill your belly.

(We recommend the amazing dressed oysters that they offer. Fresh and delicious, there’s nothing else in Nottingham like them here!)

And, of course, it’s located in the middle of Nottingham too, meaning that every place of interest that you could want to check out is here within walking distance of you.

Whether it’s a show at the Nottingham Theatre Royal or the International Arts Centre in the heart of the city, none is too far away from you to not stroll on down to and check out for yourself!

5. Hart’s Hotel & Kitchen

When it comes to places to stay in Nottingham, it’s surprisingly hard to narrow down where the best palace to stay overnight is, with every visitor giving you 5 different hotels each one the best ones to visit.

However, one place that many hotel-goers seem to be able to agree is a phenomenal stay, it’s Hart’s Hotel and Kitchen. So it must be doing something right!

Designed by a local architect, this hotel complex feels distinctly modern from many of the redbrick hotels that you’ll find across the city, given it a pretty distinct character compared to many of the other places in this guide.

That same modern styling switches things up once you enter your room. The bedrooms feel almost vintage by comparison, decked, in soft beige, and older furnishings.

It’s a stark change from the one presented outside, but one that we love.

After all, would you rather kick back a relax in a room that has a little character and looks like it should be lived in, or a pristine white new room that would feel almost rude to stay in and stain the room in some way?

And, of course, it’s just a short 10-minute walk away from many of the hotspots around the city, like Lake Market and Market Square, or the Park Estate, the classy Victorian neighbourhood that is just a short stroll away from your accommodations.

6. Birchover Juniper Court 

Rounding out our hotel hopping holiday scouting in this list, we have a hotel that is perfect for customers that want to feel accommodated, no matter what party size they are booking for.

With flats with both one and two bedrooms, you’ll find that these rooms can accommodate much bigger parties than you otherwise might expect.

Why settle for two different rooms for 2 or 3 people, when you can opt for a single booking for 6 or 8 people?

This makes the hotel perfect for family trips, romantic getaways, and even single-person stop-overs to book with. Not an easy feat, especially in a city with as many hotels as Nottingham has!

And with a location that is both in one of Nottingham’s best neighbourhoods and just a short walk away from Nottingham Castle and Cathedral, it’s not hard to see why so many people recommend it.

Final Notes

So, with so many different hotels to choose and decide between, that leaves you with only one question:

Which place will you book next?

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