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Axel Hernborg

Europe really has something for everyone who wants to travel and explore. There are destinations for sun and beach, destinations for culture and history, cities that vibrate with the pulse of the city and even destinations that actually offer everything in one! If you are planning to visit any of these countries, don’t miss out on making the most of this website. For example, we work with Hotels.com and we list great Hotels.com discount codes and offers.

There are a few destinations in Europe that stand out in terms of visitor numbers. France is number one not only in Europe but in the world! No other country welcomes as many visitors from other countries as France. Spain and Italy, with all they have to offer, follow France on the top list.

Want to know more about Europe’s top 10 destinations? This article will tell you everything you need to know and perhaps inspire you to take your next trip?

10 Netherlands


First on this list of Europe’s 10 most popular destinations is the Netherlands. Travellers from near and far come here to discover the sights and pleasures. Above all, it is Amsterdam that attracts.

Amsterdam, one of the two capitals of the Netherlands, is actually the fifth most popular tourist destination in all of Europe. Between the city’s many canals are sights such as the Rijksmuseum, one of the world’s most distinguished art museums, Anne Frank’s house and countless beer breweries where you can sample the city’s many prides. Other classic destinations in the Netherlands include the beautiful city of Leeuwarden, the many seaside beaches and the countless tulip plantations.

9 Poland


Poland may not strike you as a tourist magnet, but the country has a lot to offer to many different types of travellers. From stunningly beautiful city centres and woodland experiences to medieval castles and the horrors of Auschwitz, the range of tourism on offer is undeniably vast.

Most tourists to Poland choose to visit one or more of the major cities for a weekend break. Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow och Warszawa är populära destinationer. Each of these cities has countless attractions and there are many World Heritage sites to wander around.

8 Greece


Greece certainly has what it takes to qualify for a list of Europe’s top 10 destinations. This sun-drenched country offers many of the things that make life enjoyable – sun, good food, cool seas, art and culture.

Greece’s honourable place in the top list comes first and foremost from summer tourism, with sun-seeking holidaymakers coming from every corner of Europe (for more statistics on tourism in Greece, check out our guide here). Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Corfu, Naxos, Zakynthos – the places with the character of paradise are many and here you can enjoy classic Greek specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, Greece has more – the capital Athens for example. This ancient city boasts golden nuggets like the Acropolis, the Parthenon and countless amphitheatres.

7 Austria


Austria is a tourist country with two faces. Firstly, the country is one of the top ski tourism destinations in the world. Secondly, the capital Vienna and the big city Salzburg offer incredible cultural and historical experiences.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mozart’s birthplace, the old city centre and the magnificent Salzkammergut nature reserve are all worth seeing in Salzburg. Vienna, for its part, boasts a number of palaces, the magnificent opera house and a world-class art history museum. Of course, in both cities you can also enjoy a strudel or a schnitzel or two. If it’s skiing you’re after, you’re never far from the nearest slope. Zell am See, Kitzbühel, Bad Gastein and Ischgl are just a few iconic resorts.

6 Turkiye


The country that is the gateway to the Orient, the country that is actually on two continents – this is Turkiye. Turkiye is now a very popular destination for us Europeans and the positive trend seems to continue year after year.

Above all, it is the sun and bathing that attracts with Turkiye. The great thing about this country is that it’s already really hot in April and it’s not until late October that it starts to get chilly. Another advantage is that you can get quite a lot for your travel money. Antalya, Alanya, Side, Marmaris and Bodrum are among the most popular tourist resorts. Of course, many people also visit Istanbul, especially for a weekend trip.

5 United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The UK doesn’t exactly lure with sun and sea, nor perhaps with exquisite gastronomy, but there’s plenty else to enjoy in the country that ranks fifth on our list. The UK attracts with sights, very varied natural environments, football and of course a genuine pub life.

London welcomes around 20 million visitors every year, making it the third most popular city in the world! The British Museum, the Tower, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Covent Garden – the list of sights is endless. However, Britain’s popularity does not depend solely on London. Edinburgh in Scotland is visited by millions every year and the incredible scenery of the Lake District and Wales attracts walkers in their thousands. And let’s not forget football – fans from all over the world flock to cities like Liverpool and Manchester to watch their favourite teams.

4 Germany


At number 4 of Europe’s 10 most popular destinations we find Germany, our big neighbour to the south. The country has around 40 million visitors every year, which actually puts Germany in the top 10 in the world. Germany has a lot for tourists to see and discover.

The capital Berlin is a destination where history, culture and nightlife all have their place. Sights include the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island and, of course, the Berlin Wall. Germany’s other major cities such as Munich, Hamburg and Cologne are also home to many attractions. Nature lovers can take a trip to Bavaria and visit, for example, Königssee or the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein, or travel along the Rhine in the Rhine Valley and discover castle after castle (for more fairy tale castle hotels, check out our guide here).

3 Italy


I’m sure some readers would like to place Italy higher on the list of Europe’s 10 most popular destinations, but the “boot country” takes bronze. Italy attracts holidaymakers of all kinds and is probably the broadest destination in terms of what to see and do.

Tourism to Italy is very much characterised by culture, with Rome, Florence and Venice as cultural and historical gems (Check out our guide to Italy tourism right here). Rome is also a very popular destination for weekend breaks, combining culture and history with food and wine. Another metropolis with millions of visitors every year is Milan, which is Italy’s fashion centre. But, Italy is so much more. Popular destinations for sunbathing and swimming are Sardinia and the Adriatic coast. In the north, there are many popular ski resorts and the rolling hills of Tuscany and Piedmont are havens for wine lovers.

2 Spain


Between 60-80 million holidaymakers head to “sunny Spain” every year. In fact, this huge number gives Spain the silver place among the top tourist countries in both Europe and the world.

Sun, sea and nightlife are the main features of tourism in Spain (for more Spain tourism statistics, check out our guide here). Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Mallorca, Canary Islands – there is no shortage of options for the traveller who wants to spend the day at the beach. But, Spain has much more than that. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Granada are bursting with attractions and every major city boasts a vibrant nightlife where you won’t want to go home until late into the night.

1 France


With around 90 million visitors a year (depending on how you count), France is the number one tourist destination in both Europe and the world. There’s a lot to love about France, not least the capital, Paris. France’s largest city is home to sights such as the Louvre, Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré-Cœur, the Arc de Triomphe and the macabre Catacombs. Paris is also considered the gastronomic and fashion capital of the world.

Looking beyond Paris, France boasts sun, sea and luxury on the Riviera, world-class skiing in the Alps, wine and culture in regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy, and stunning châteaux in the Loire Valley and elsewhere. In short, France has a bit of everything to offer!