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Flightright is a company that helps the passengers in enforcing their legal rights while traveling via air. The company has been doing so for over 8 years now and has major success. The company now has approximately 100 employees working in Germany. The company has helped people getting paid for 200 million now. The flightright company has revolutionized the legal practice in so many ways. The company helps the passengers to avail and enforce their rights within the airlines. They have had a success rate of 99% in the court. There is no cost risk involved for the customer. At flightright they understand that going to court for such issues can often lend into problems and provide more obstacles. The database is programmed in such a way that more than 80 million data records get updated on a daily basis. This process is completely automated and provides the customer to know if they can avail compensation or not.

Avail no-cost legal help

We have all faced the ordeals of flight delays or cancellations, and some of us have suffered through major financial setbacks due to missed client appointments or business deals. Have you ever wondered if some remuneration was in order for such predicaments? Well, you are in luck; Flightright is an advocate of passengers' rights and works relentlessly to compensate you for your troubles. If the flight was delayed or canceled and clearly the airlines' fault, you are eligible for compensation per Air Passenger Rights Regulation. The compensation may vary in the range of €250-600, depending on your flight's distance.

Rest assured; they are on your case

Legal proceedings can be a stressful affair, and typically people tend to stray away from them. It is only natural, as, in today’s busy world, one can hardly find the time to spend time with their loved ones, let alone attend court hearings. Flightright gives you peace of mind and informs you of the proceedings’ every development. You will receive updates from the comfort of your home and won’t even have to step into a court once. They are very good at what they do and boast a success rate of 99%, which is astoundingly high.

The no.1 in Europe

Flightright is a trendsetter in the sphere of passenger rights advocacy. They have a highly trained arsenal of travel law experts who don't take no for an answer. Usually, 7 out of 10 reimbursement claims are rejected by the airline's authority, but with Flightright's impeccable track record, you can take a back seat and let the professionals handle your request. The times you were stuck in an airport waiting for the next flight or had to spend the night in a remote place all alone, fear not because Flightright's got your back and they understand that time is money, and they will stop at nothing from getting you the compensation you rightfully deserve!

Deals and Offers: Get up to 50% off at Flightright December 31, 2024


Company information:

Rank High AB
Org.nr 559047-8144
Hantverkargatan 53, lgh 1103
112 31 Stockholm
Phone: +46 722-016786
Website: Rankhighab.com
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