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AnyVan is a private limited company that specialises in the couriers and transport industry. They have an online marketplace and help clients in need of delivery services, transport, and removal.

AnyVan has a big community of transport partners. The company was established in the year 2009, founded by Angus Elphinstone and Benn Goor. The intent behind it was to resolve the irregular pricing issue and minimise the levels of carbon dioxide being emitted during transportation. 

The company started functioning in the UK and later opened new branches in Germany. The headquarters are in Hammersmith, London, UK. 

They started operating by following the transporters in the local areas and bidding for the delivery jobs. They provide good pricing and have a lot of deals for their customers. 

Get the Best Home Removal Services with AnyVan’s Experts

Moving to a new flat or a newly built home is a happy moment. At the same time, it’s completely normal to feel stressed about moving your furniture and other heavy items and accessories to your new place

Finding local services can be costly and time-consuming. The best option to hire a home removal service provider is to book them online, and nothing can be better than AnyVan, which specialises in moving luggage of any type, including furniture, valuable items, accessories, motorcycle, cars, or any other heavy luggage. 

AnyVan removes your stress and saves you time. They offer affordable prices for a reliable home removal service. They’ll make your move as easy as possible with a dedicated move coordinator who will take care of the whole process.

How to book them? It all begins with an instant free quote and free basic compensation covering up to £50k for fire & theft (following their Ts&Cs). They offer an effective and affordable service to all their customers, earning a 5-star rating from more than 30,000 happy movers.

This team of professionals is passionate about giving you the same satisfaction. Whatever and wherever you're moving, AnyVan is always available to help.

Move Quicker with Instant Services at Affordable Prices

AnyVan is highly concerned about your ease during a potentially stressful experience, which is moving to another home. They provide high-quality services at reasonable prices to make the transition easier for you. 

AnyVan makes the process simple. All you need to do is input the furniture or any other item you want to move, and they will provide you with an overview of all the costs and introduce you to their procedures for moving your luggage. On their site, they also have a chart for every kind of luggage removal, which you can check before booking for rough cost estimation.

They offer tools to track your driver, time slots that suit your schedule, and great lead times. They are available to book on-demand across most of the UK. Don’t get stuck while shifting your heavy luggage. Visit their site now and book their luggage transfer service at affordable prices.

How to Use AnyVan Discount Code

Moving often is connected with considerable stress and high expenses. If you can make this process a little bit easier for yourself, it’s worth trying! With one of Tripplo’s coupon codes for AnyVan, you can book a moving service at more attractive rates. Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Choose the most suitable AnyVan discount code for your needs. 
  2. Click the “Get Deal/Discount Code” button. Before you copy it, check if any additional terms apply.
  3. If you get transferred to their page, it means the discount was already applied on their site.
  4. Go to the AnyVan website, and go through the booking process.
  5. Enter move details, including date and location. 
  6. Add any special requirements or notes.
  7. Proceed to Booking Details. 
  8. Paste your discount code at the checkout. You may also have the discount automatically applied. 
  9. There you go! 

Saving money can be easy. With Tripplo, you get access to thousands of different discount codes for various stores and service providers. Check our website regularly for more amazing deals every day.

AnyVan FAQs

How much can you save with AnyVan’s discount codes?

What you can save with Tripplo’s AnyVan coupons will depend on the deal you’re applying. Many AnyVan coupons offer 30% and 40% off. You can also grab some special deals, like Expert Piano Delivery from £45 at AnyVan or Low cost car transports starting from £34 at AnyVan.

How can you receive a delivery/removal quote?

To get a quote, you need to create a listing. It’s really easy, as the AnyVan site provides you with all the necessary information on how to do it. You must enter some essential information, like the date of your move, the address to which you want the items moved and what items you would like to transport. 

Creating a listing is completely free and takes a few minutes. You are also under no obligation to accept any quotes from their providers. 

How can I be sure my items arrive in good condition?

The first step is to ensure your items are secured for transport. You should wrap them to prevent them from breaking, touching other items, or inside of a transport car. It’s necessary to protect delicate or bright-coloured upholstery items, glass or fragile items, and valuable furniture. 

You can secure various items, like glass and tableware, by placing labels with warnings on the boxes. One of the most helpful things you can do is to execute signing check-in and checkout documents. These documents describe the conditions of items before and after transport, protecting your property against undocumented damages. 

These documents are attached to the job sheet or Driver Details document. Signing them is not obligatory, but it is strongly recommended. 

Can AnyVan help you with the storage of items?

Yes, you can request the items to be taken to storage. It’s essential to include this information in the listing, so your transport provider can prepare for this beforehand. 

How do I ensure a transport provider is trustworthy?

AnyVan has implemented a feedback recommendation rating system to inform both customers and transport providers about the type of experience they can expect from both sides. This rating system takes into account factors such as previous customer feedback and completed jobs. 

From this data, there is calculated the positive rating percentage of the transport provider. All of the customers’ feedback can be seen on each transport provider profile, so it’s easy to check if this is a partner worth considering for your transport needs.

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