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Axel Hernborg

If you’re travelling all the way across the Atlantic to the great land to the west, why stay in a motel or a bland three-star hotel? Of course, look out for accommodation that offers a little more holiday and adventure for your money. Make sure to check if your hotel is listed on Hotels.com. We have many great discount codes and promotions from Hotels.com here on the site.

Here’s a list of 10 crazy, weird and unusual hotels in the US. Some have a design and character that really stands out while others are in places that can definitely blow your mind. But, enough with the introduction, now we list 10 hotels in the USA where the owners have really thought outside the box!

Out’n’About Treehouses Treesort – Takilma Oregon


Out'n'About Treehouses Treesort

The pun in the hotel’s name is just the first thing that’s crazy about Out’n’About Treehouses Treesort in Oregon. The hotel consists of a total of 18 “tree houses” located at different heights in the forest.

Now it’s not your childhood treehouses we’re talking about. At Out’n’About, the wooden cabins are furnished with real beds, bathrooms and kitchenettes, so standards are high. However, actually getting to the front door can be a challenge. For example, some treehouses are only accessible via ziplines.

The Queen Mary – Long Beach Kalifornien

Queen Mary

The year was 1934 when the ship RMS Queen Mary was launched and began sailing between Southampton and New York. In those days, the Queen Mary was something of a luxury and those with money could indulge in luxurious indulgences.

The Queen Mary is still in the water but the ship now serves as a hotel and museum. There are many different rooms to choose from and the standard is good, but it must be mentioned that the ship is known to be home to countless ghosts!

Dog Bark Park Inn – Cottonwood, Idaho

Dog Bark Park Inn

A hotel shaped like a dog, or more specifically a beagle? Could it be something? In Cottonwood, Idaho, stands a stately beagle that measures nine metres from head to toe. Inside this mighty piece, there’s room for four people to enjoy all kinds of services.

The interior is also dog-friendly, with headboards featuring reliefs of dogs and pillows with embroidered dogs. Then the question is, are you allowed to bring your dog to the Dog Bark Park Inn? Of course!

East Brother Light Station – San Francisco Kalifornien

East Brother Light Station

In San Francisco Bay, California, there is a small island called East Brother Island. There is a lighthouse and a small residential building. In the past, the residence was for the island’s lighthouse keeper, but now it’s a hotel! From the island you have a great view of San Francisco, San Quentin and many other landmarks. It is also possible to book boat trips from the small island.

Grand Canyon Caverns Suite – Peach Springs Arizona

Grand Canyon Caverns Suite

If you suffer from a touch of claustrophobia, the Grand Canyon Caverns Suite is definitely not for you! This hotel consists of a number of rooms 70 metres straight down the mountain.

After a walk along the passageways down into the underground, you soon reach your cave where you have most of the amenities. But, it is quiet, very quiet. And when you turn off the light, it’s black, pitch black.

West Baden Springs Hotel – West Baden Springs Indiana

West Baden Springs Hotel

In 1917, West Baden Springs was completed after an extensive renovation. The renovation included the construction of an enormous dome over a courtyard, which led to the hotel being called the eighth wonder of the world.

Today, as then, West Baden Springs is a marvel of luxury with spas, fabulous suites and a rare array of amenities in its spacious rooms.

Yotel – New York City


Welcome to the future! Located in the heart of New York City’s Times Square, the Yotel is a hotel with one foot in the future. Sure, the food in the restaurant is prepared by real flesh-and-blood people, but otherwise you are served digitally and with robotics. For example, you check in digitally and if you have luggage, the robot Yobot will stow your bag with its automatic telescopic arm.c

But, there’s more at the Yotel in NYC, such as a terrace with a magical view of the city.c With its Times Square address, it really is the heart of NYC to look out over. In addition, the rooms are equipped to the max.

Victorian Mansion – Los Alamos California


Victorian Mansion

Among themed hotels in the US, few beat the Victorian Mansion in Los Alamos, California. The outside may not look like much to the world, but the inside boasts six suites, each with its own theme.

What themes are available? Well, a suite that breathes the 50s, one that smells of French luxury, a pirate suite, an Egyptian-themed suite, a suite where ancient Rome is the focus and a room where adventure in the wilderness with horse and carriage takes centre stage. The service is also impeccable. How about a gourmet breakfast served in your room every morning by a butler and each suite has its own hot tub?

Hotel Henry – Buffalo New York

Hotel Henry

Hotel Henry – that’s a name that sounds quite homely doesn’t it? It may bring to mind a boarding house with an elderly gentleman as a gracious host.

But, Hotel Henry is something completely different. It is a hotel with 88 luxurious rooms and suites housed in an old mental hospital. There are bars on the windows and here and there the owners have preserved details from a bygone era. Presumably a lot has happened in the impressive buildings, which were erected as early as 1880, and perhaps history echoes between the walls.

The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

Stanley Hotel

If you’ve seen Stanley Kubrick’s classic The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson, you’ll remember the mighty Overlook Hotel where the horrors unfold. The Overlook Hotel is real and today it is a luxury hotel with no less than four different sections of rooms and suites decorated in a rustic and elegant Colorado style.

You probably won’t meet the twins in the corridors, but the hotel does offer tours in the spirit of The Shinings. The Stanley Hotel is incredibly scenic in the mountains of Colorado and can definitely be a destination even for those who have completely missed Kubrick’s classic.