Updated on October 16, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

The British aren’t known for being particularly crazy or weird per se, but when it comes to hotels and other accommodation, they like to go out on a limb. There are many distinctly quirky hotels in the UK as well as accommodation that stands out in other ways.

Planning a trip to the UK? Would you like to stay in places that give you a little extra bang for your buck? Then here are 10 crazy, weird and unusual hotels in the UK to read more about! If any of these hotels appeal to you, be sure to check if they are currently bookable through Hotels.com to take advantage of great promotions and discounts.

Spitbank Fort – Portsmouth

Spitbank Fort

Just south of the coastal town of Portsmouth is an old fort that has been used in wartime. It has now been transformed into a very luxurious hotel that actually has a restaurant, spa, bar and also offers experiences such as wine tasting, fishing and ribbon boat tours. A guided tour on arrival is of course also included.

There are a total of eight rooms to choose from and all boast a wealth of luxury and an exquisite sea view that is something special. How to get to and from Spitbank Fort? The hotel will of course provide transport!

Crazy Bear Hotel – Stadhampton

Crazy Bear Hotel

A hotel named Crazy Bear has to be at least a little crazy, right? The Crazy Bear Hotel in Stadhampton, Oxfordshire is eccentric in more ways than one. Let’s start with the fact that the walls and ceilings of the rooms are lined with padded leather.

We can go on to say that the beds are dressed in silver and the bar is decorated much like a pub would have looked a couple of hundred years ago. In one of the two restaurants, the tables are made of brass and the columns are covered with red velvet. Copper bathtub in the middle of the bedroom? A double-decker in the garden? Crazy Bear Hotel offers all kinds of crazy and in abundance!

Sunborn Yacht Hotel – Canary Wharf London

Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Not many of us mortals get to board a luxury yacht at some point in our lives. However, if you make a visit to London, you can experience the dream. The Sunborn Yacht is anchored at Canary Wharf and offers a range of modernly furnished rooms of a high standard and, of course, a number of suites.

Sunborn London also boasts a luxurious restaurant with unbeatable views over London. So how much does it cost to be a “yacht owner” for a day? In fact, not much more than the cost of a standard hotel room in London.

Hard Days Night Hotel – Liverpool

Hard Days Night Hotel

The port city of Liverpool in the north-west of England is a bit of a pop music centre of the world and the biggest band and artist from the city is of course The Beatles. The Fab Four began their journey at the Cavern Club and soon the world was at their feet.

The Cavern Club remains and right next to it is the Hard Days Night Hotel. Here the Beatles fan can really get his fill! All rooms and common areas are peppered with pictures, art and quotes related to The Beatles. In addition, there are of course all kinds of services available.

Swinton Park Hotel – Swinton Yorkshire

Swinton Park Hotel

There are an almost infinite number of castles and manor houses around the British Isles and a list of 10 crazy, weird and unusual hotels in the UK must of course include at least one castle! Swinton Park Hotel in Yorkshire is a good option.

The old castle has been transformed into a luxury hotel that gives every visitor the chance to live like a king or queen. Huge rooms, grazing sheep outside the window, a magnificent spa, two restaurants that exude old-world elegance, cinema, billiards room, indoor and outdoor pool – Swinton Park Hotel provides the ultimate castle experience.

The Mermaid Inn – Rye East Sussex

The Mermaid Inn

Haunted rooms, a history of visits by royalty and a myriad of secret passageways and passageways – The Mermaid Inn in Sussex is a truly mad and strange hotel. It all began in the 15th century and over the years the building has been home to a legendary gang of smugglers, among others.

Today, The Mermaid Inn is an obvious destination for ghost hunters and history buffs (and visitors who like comfort – The Mermaid Inn is a high-class hotel). Dare you book Dr Syn’s Bedchamber, said to be the most haunted room? If you want to escape the room quickly, there is a secret passage behind the bookcase!

Burgh Island Hotel – Bigbury on Sea Devon

Burgh Island Hotel

Tides are an exciting thing and tides are certainly relevant to a visit to the Burgh Island Hotel in Devon. It is only possible to get to the hotel when the tide is out and then you have to be transported on a very odd tractor.

The hotel itself was built in the 1920s and most of it is in an exquisite Art Deco-inspired style (think The Great Gatsby). The views of the surrounding area are of course magnificent and the hotel boasts an endless array of activities and experiences.

Enchanted Manor – Isle of Wight

Enchanted Manor

The tale meets the poem meets the legend – Enchanted Manor lives up to its name! Located on the Isle of Wight outside Southampton (with good boat links), visitors are greeted by cherubs, Greek statues and unicorns and spend the night in rooms straight out of any Disney film with princesses and princes.

Both inside and out, the Enchanted Manor is clearly lavish, earning it a place on the list of 10 crazy, weird and unusual hotels in the UK.

Shangri-La – London


If the price tag is no obstacle, there’s no reason not to take a trip to The Shard skyscraper and check into the Shangri-La hotel. More luxury, exclusivity and grace is hard to come by in London, and that’s saying something!

Shangri-La is located on floors 34-52 of the skyscraper and all rooms have unbeatable views of the city. Of course, the view is also incredible from the hotel’s infinity pool, located on floor 52. Perhaps a hotel to put as number one on your bucket list?

Georgian House Hotel – London

Georgian House Hotel

Is there anyone who is not a fan of Harry Potter and his universe? There is no official Harry Potter hotel in the UK, but there is a runner-up, the Georgian House Hotel in London.

Stepping into the Georgian House Hotel is like a visit to Hogwarts and there are more surprises than you can shake a stick at. For example, the hotel offers wizard hats instead of the usual boring bathrobes, magical afternoon tea, rooms hidden behind bookshelves and much more.