Updated on October 16, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

If you were to pick a country characterised by the crazy, the weird and the different, Sweden is probably the last country on your list. When it comes to hotels and accommodation, however, there is a lot of the more unusual kind to be discovered.

Sweden’s nature is central to many crazy, weird and unusual hotels in Sweden. Ghosts too! Sweden can also offer a lot of sophisticated luxury, often with an odd touch of some kind. In short, there’s a lot to explore in our vast country and here are 10 crazy, weird and different hotels in Sweden.

Bäckaskog Castle – Kristianstad

Bäckaskog Castle

Housed in the old Bäckaskog Castle dating back to the 13th century is today a hotel with a large number of different accommodations (for more fairy tale castle hotels, check out our guide here). You can choose to stay in the castle building itself, in the old monastery or in one of the side buildings. The service is impeccable and of course there is a restaurant.

Bäckaskog Hotel has a slogan that reads “mystery and romance since the 13th century”. The former is something the hotel is widely known for. It is said, among other things, that there is a ghostly horse that gallops around the castle at night. Should you see it, an accident could happen! It is also said that room number 19 can offer many different scary surprises. Dare you book a night at Bäckaskog Castle?

Treehotel – Harads


Located in the deep forest outside the village of Harads, with Boden as the nearest major town, Treehotel is the very definition of crazy, weird and different. The hotel, or holiday village if we’re being picky, consists of individually designed wooden houses, each with a special theme.

One of the wooden houses looks like a bird’s nest on the outside and another looks not a little like a flying saucer. The exterior of a wooden house is mirrored, which makes it blend in with its surroundings and make it almost invisible. In total, there are nine different accommodations to choose from. Getting to the small village of Harads is a bit tricky, but once there, you’re in for a probably unforgettable experience.

Hotel Pigalle – Gothenburg

Hotel Pigalle

There are not an abundance of designer hotels in Sweden, but Gothenburg boasts a gem in the category. It’s about the Hotel Pigalle. Located directly adjacent to Nordstan, this hotel is housed in a building dating back to 1749. However, the theme the owners have chosen is early 20th century French decadence and luxury. Staying at the Hotel Pigalle can be like being transported back to Paris in 1905.

The Hotel Pigalle has everything from smaller rooms to complete suites. However, there is nothing standard about any of the accommodations. The walls are covered with floral wallpaper and art. The drapes are velvet and the floor is covered with thick carpets. Large mirrors, chandeliers, upholstered furniture – the decor is as if from another century.

Borgvattnet Priory – Jämtland

Borgvattnets Priory

It’s not exactly common for hotels and other accommodations to boast about possible paranormal activity, is it? Often it is mentioned only in passing, if at all. For Borgvattnet Prästgård in Jämtland, the opposite is true. As early as 1947, the house began to be called Sweden’s most haunted house, and it’s an epithet that the owners don’t exactly hide from.

Borgvattnets Priory offers rooms in the Prästgården itself and rooms in the hostel. The rooms are decorated in such a way that the views and atmosphere alone can scare you to death, but the owners basically guarantee exciting paranormal experiences as well. An overnight stay at Borgvattnets Prästgård can therefore be a jackpot for those who like to be a little spooked. Of course, you can rent ghost hunting equipment.

Wrågården – Falköping


There are quite a few examples of hotels and accommodation designed as animals. In the US, for example, there’s a giant beagle, in France there’s a hotel shaped like owls and in Belgium you can spend a night in a Trojan horse. What about in Sweden? Which animal could be considered here? The moose, of course! Just outside Falköping in Västergötland is a moose and bison park with a restaurant and accommodation.

The accommodation is called Älghotellet and there are four cabins, namely Älgkon, Älgtjuren, Bisonkon and Bisontjuren. The cottages are practically next to the animals’ enclosures so you really get close to the animals! The accommodation is somewhat spartan in itself, but when it comes to different and strange hotels for unique experiences, Wrågården in Falköping undeniably stands out from the crowd.

The Ice Hotel – Jukkasjärvi

The Ice Hotel

No list of crazy, weird and/or different hotels in Sweden can be complete without the classic Ishotellet in Jukkasjärvi. Here, cold-resistant and adventurous visitors have been able to check into unique hotel rooms made of ice and snow for over 30 years. Sweden was actually the first country with this concept, which is now available here and there around the world. For some time now, you don’t have to visit the hotel in winter – there is now a permanent ice hotel!

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi is a hotel that is rebuilt and becomes unique every year. Staying at the hotel is as much an experience of great art as anything else. There are a total of 20 “standard” rooms and 12 suites to choose from. All suites have unique decorations!

The Winery Hotel – Solna

The Winery Hotel

The Winery Hotel has become so well known that it is perhaps too “ordinary” for a list of unusual hotels in Sweden. However, the fact remains that the hotel offers a lot that is very special. Here, for example, wine-making takes place (which guests can of course take a closer look at) and the hotel has its very own wine shop.

However, you don’t have to be a wine lover to have a different hotel experience at The Winery Hotel. The rooms are decorated in a unique industrial style and at the top of the building there is a swimming pool with magnificent views. You can book a room at The Winery Hotel at Hotels.com. If you want to get a little extra discount, take advantage of the discounts and promotional codes we list from Hotels.com.

Visby Börs – Visby

Visby Börs

Different is only the first name. It is difficult to even begin to describe how the owners have decorated and equipped their hotel. The hotel’s slogan – The feeling of stepping into another time – tells you a bit about what Visby Börs is all about, but this hotel should really be experienced in person.

In total, there are eight suites and they have all been given unique characters based on historical personalities. For example, you can stay in Princess Eugenie’s Suite or the Hotel Queen’s Suite. The design of the beds, furniture and other furnishings is very old-fashioned and may not suit everyone. If you like the old, the grumpy, the lavish – well, then Visby Börs will suit you!

Hotel Utter Inn – Vasteras

Hotell Utter Inn

One of the craziest and most unusual hotels in Sweden that has received the most attention over the years is the Utter Inn. The reason is that it is unique in Sweden. Part of the hotel is located above the water on a floating dock, while the other part is underwater.

For example, if you stay at the Hotel Utter Inn for the night, you can swim and sunbathe during the day and then in the evening step down into the sleeping area itself, which is three metres below the surface of the water. Of course, there are windows downstairs in the sleeping area and during the day you can look out over the water life in Lake Mälaren. There is naturally no restaurant, but it is possible to order food delivery.

Jumbostay – Arlanda


An aircraft that has long been grounded is parked near Arlanda Airport. It’s an old-fashioned jumbo jet that now serves as a hotel! Jumbostay är det kanske inte så fantasifulla namnet på hotellet. The hotel makes maximum use of the space on the plane and there is both a café and a bar in addition to the many rooms.

If you choose to stay at Jumbostay at the airport, you can choose between rooms for 2-4 people, standard rooms and even three suites. Checking into the suite located in the plane’s cockpit is clearly exciting (even if it is a bit cramped!). If Jumbostay can offer free transfers to and from the real planes at Arlanda? All transfers are included in the price of a room.