Updated on January 19, 2023 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

In fact, Germany is a tourism giant in Europe (number 4 in the top list) and many people from all over the world visit the country every year. Berlin takes first place in terms of hotel nights, but of course there’s more to discover than just the capital.

In this article you will be introduced to 10 crazy, weird and unusual hotels in Germany. There’s a lot and there’s something for every taste, no matter how weird it may be. Happy reading!

Tropical Islands – Krausnick

Tropical Islands

Germany doesn’t top any list of “countries with great beaches” or places with “crystal clear turquoise waters”. The Germans are great at engineering, though, so it’s no surprise that they’ve built a tropical paradise inside a huge dome. Palm trees and tropical climate all year round? You’ll get it at Tropical Islands in the town of Krausnick about an hour by car from Berlin.

Tropical Islands is housed in an old airship hangar and the dome itself is actually the largest in the world. Here you can enjoy a full-fledged resort with water park, gym, souvenir stalls, restaurants, bars and various more or less adventurous activities.

Radisson Collection Hotel – Berlin

Radisson Collection Hotel

Berlin is one of the most progressive and vibrant cities in Europe. Arts and culture are also high on the agenda and there are plenty of rather quirky and strange hotels here. One of the most different, however, is a Radisson! Usually Radisson is a bit stiff stuff for business people, but Radisson Collection Hotel is clearly more quirky.

In the middle of the Mitte district stands an elegant building that is even more elegant inside. And, in the middle of the hotel is a water tank that holds a million litres of water and is full of fish! This “AquaDom” is at the centre of everything and you can look up at the tank both in the restaurant and the bar. Does the hotel offer anything else? Of course! It features a pool and spa. Would you like to stay at the Radisson Collection Hotel? Then check out our hotels.com discount codes to get a really good price!

Eh’häusl – Amberg



The largest hotel in the world is the First World Hotel in Malaysia with 7351 rooms. Eh’häusl in Amberg in south-eastern Germany is just the opposite. This hotel has one (1) room, no more and no less! Of course, one might ask if there is a story behind it all, and there is.

Nearly 300 years ago, newly married couples had to have a home. A developer built a narrow house between two existing houses. The distance between the houses is about 2.5 metres. Today the house and hotel house a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom.

Superior Hotel Colosseum – Rust

Superior Hotel Colosseo

There are themed hotels and then there are themed hotels! For Superior Hotel Colosseo, the owners have really gone the extra mile. Rust, a small town in Baden-Württemberg, is home to the huge Europa-Park amusement park. It’s hard to give an accurate picture of the size, but the park has 18 different areas, a huge water park and no less than 13 rollercoasters.

Europa-Park of course has a number of hotels and the Superior Hotel Colosseo is one of them. As the name suggests, the Colosseum is in the picture. The hotel is built around a replica of the Colosseum and is also in the Roman style. Pillars, statues, reliefs, ceiling paintings – authentic is just the name of the game!

Huttenpalast – Berlin


Do you like camping but start to grumble if it rains, mosquitoes come or it gets too hot? The solution, of course, is to camp indoors and that’s exactly what you can do at the Huttenpalast in Berlin. Here you can spend the night in an old caravan (there are many strange models) or a miniature cottage, for example.

Huttenpalast has also taken into account that not all visitors may want to camp indoors. There are a number of standard hotel rooms to choose from.

Hotel Im Wasserturm – Cologne

Hotel Im Wasserturm

Many crazy and unusual hotels are housed in spectacular buildings. This is also the case for the Hotel Im Wasserturm in Cologne. This hotel is located in an old water tower (a huge one, I might add).

The hotel is located in a residential area, but it is not far from the centre of Cologne, where the world-famous cathedral is one of the attractions. How many stars does the hotel have? Four of them. How is the view from the terrace on the top floor? Clearly spectacular.

Hotel Burg – Colmberg

Hotel Burg

Old castles are often home to crazy and unusual hotels (for more fairy tale castle hotels, check out our guide here). So is the Hotel Burg in Colmberg, Bavaria. The castle was built as early as the 13th century, so this is a place where history really hits hard. Burg Colmberg sits high on a hill and the view is breathtaking.

Inside the Hotel Burg, you won’t immediately notice that the building is many centuries old, but much of the interior gives the right feeling of staying in an old castle. With brick walls, wooden beams on the ceiling and lots of metal details, the owners have designed the castle to be just the right amount of different. You can book Hotel Burg via Expedia and with our help you can also get a discount.

V8 Hotel – Stuttgart

V8 Hotel

Stuttgart is one of the most important cities for car manufacturing in the world (Mercedes, Porsche and others). So it’s no wonder that just outside Stuttgart there’s a hotel called the V8 Hotel and that cars are the main focus!

The V8 Hotel Classic Motorworld Region Stuttgart, which is the full name, is four-star and just about everything is petrol vapour. There are exhibitions of both super sports cars and rarities and the hotel boasts a fitness area, a bar and a restaurant. The car theme permeates everything, of course. For the rooms, you can choose from different themed rooms, such as the V8 room where the furnishings and beds are made from real car parts. Whether it’s crazy or not probably depends on how much you like cars!

Iglu-Dorf – Zugspitze


It’s not just Sweden who have ice hotels. The Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, is home to the Igloo Village, which consists of a number of accommodations where snow and ice play the main role.

At Iglu-Dorf you can check in to several different types of igloo rooms. There are family rooms, a romantic igloo and an exclusive suite with a private hot tub. Of course, there is a restaurant and even a bar here on the slopes of the Zugspitze.

Ostel Das DDR Design Hostel – Berlin

Ostel Das DDR Design Hostel

The former GDR remains in many ways in Berlin and there is actually a hotel entirely dedicated to the old classic East German design. This is the Ostel Das DDR Design Hostel. Designed in lovely shades of brown and beige, both the furniture and beds are very practical. The interior is complete with old photos of GDR celebrities. Perfect for those who want a big dose of history!

What about service? The Ostel doesn’t have much of that, but the hotel is close to most things in central Berlin, so the nearest restaurant or bar is just a few metres away.