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Axel Hernborg

One should always be careful about generalising, but it is well known that the French like to think outside the box. If something has to be luxurious, the French make it ultra-luxurious. If something is to be innovative, the French will go to any lengths to break all boundaries.

So how do the French create their hotels? Sure, there are countless conventional accommodations, but France probably has the most crazy, weird and otherwise different hotels per capita. Check out this list of 10 crazy, weird and unusual hotels in France. Thinking of booking a trip to France? Don’t miss out on all our handpicked travel deals such as holiday packages for under £300.

Anthenea Luxury Suite – Bretagne

Anthenea Luxury Suite

A luxury suite is usually at least fairly high up in a five-star hotel in the centre of a major city, such as Paris. The Anthenea Luxury Suite is located in the sea instead, but it’s no less luxurious for that. Anthenea Luxury Suite is currently located in Brittany in northwest France, but the idea is to have floating luxury suites all over the world.

Anthenea is round. At the top there are seating areas where you can sunbathe and relax. One floor down is a large circular room that serves as a living room, bathroom (complete with bathtub!), bedroom and kitchenette. To complete the experience of the sea, there is also an underwater window where you can gaze out at life in the water.

Shangri La Hotel Paris

Shangri La Hotel Paris

A hotel doesn’t have to be haunted or otherwise incredibly odd to be crazy and different. It may be enough for the hotel to offer maximum luxury. This is exactly the case with the Shangri La Hotel Paris in the capital. Awards have been a constant for the hotel over the years and Forbes business magazine has named Shangri La the best luxury hotel in Paris.

What does this extravagant luxury consist of? We can start with the view of the Eiffel Tower, the rooftop terrace and the full-fledged spa area complete with mosaic pool and columns. There are also mighty chandeliers, gold leaf reliefs, paintings and sculptures on the ceilings and, not least, marble bathrooms. No matter which room you choose, luxury is at its best. Staying at this hotel is expensive, but should you wish to spend a night or two in luxury, you can book through Expedia and use an Expedia discount code to get a discounted rate.

Hotel Arbez – Les Rousses

Hotel Arbez

There are some places in Europe where national borders run right through cafés, restaurants and even residential buildings. At Les Rousses there is such a place. Hotel Arbez is located right on the border between France and Switzerland. This means that one half is in France and the other in Switzerland.

If you check in at Hotel Arbez, you can have lunch from a French menu in France and then have a Swiss-style dinner in Switzerland. It can get even weirder at bedtime when you can choose which country you want to sleep in. And, if you have a travelling companion, you can sleep in different countries even though you are next to each other. You can book this hotel at a great price with the help of a Hotels.com discount voucher.

Belrepayre Airstream Trailer Park – Mirepoix

Belrepayre Airstream Trailer Park

Retro. Camping. Americana. Airstream Trailer Park is something as unusual as French camping with an American theme and American caravans. The French aren’t always so keen on the American thing, but for Airstream Trailer Park, the owners have “gone all in”.

The Airstream Trailer Park is located in Mirepoix, a town in the far south of France, not far from the Spanish border. There are a number of old American trailers decorated in a style reminiscent of the 1960s. The caravans are of course of the brand Airstream! There is, of course, a restaurant – which of course serves period food – as well as a bar and a small mini-spa.

Bagnols Château – Beaujolais

Bagnols Château

Bagnols Château – the castle of Bagnols – has stood proudly in the Beaujolais region since the 13th century. So there is nothing that the walls of the castle have not seen. There have been murders and no songs, adulteries, threats and hatred – yes, everything that should take place in an old honourable castle through the centuries!

In addition to the dark stories on the walls, the owners of the castle have also decorated the hotel rooms with a design reminiscent of old times rather than modern ones (for more fairy tale castle hotels, check out our guide here). Ancient murals, vaulted claustrophobic ceilings, minimal windows – there’s a lot that’s odd about the Bagnols Château hotel. As a small bonus to the list of unusual things, we can mention that the hotel has a number of underground crypts. What hides there can only be imagined.

Châteaux dans les Arbres – Bergerac

Châteaux dans les Arbres

The castles in the trees – that’s what this accommodation is all about. There are quite a few hotels and accommodations with tree houses and tree huts, but not many build entire castles in the treetops! Châteaux dans les Arbres is located in Dordogne and the nearest town is Bergerac. Here in the middle of nature there are six tree castles, each with its own unique character.

Now you might be thinking that staying overnight in a tree house is a bit spartan? On the contrary, the six slots are equipped with a whole host of amenities and luxuries. Each castle has a spa, a walk-in shower, minibar and much more. Hotels with tree houses are not uncommon, but Châteaux dans les Arbres offers more and should definitely have a place on a list of crazy, weird and unusual hotels.

Les Hautes Roches – Rochecorbon

Les Hautes Roches

Les Hautes Roches is luxury, gastronomy, culture and nature all rolled into one – but it’s not these things that make the hotel quirky and different. Instead, the hotel is largely built on caves carved out of the rock. In the past, the caves were used by monks, but nowadays they have been converted into hotel rooms and common areas.

An ordinary hotel room at Les Hautes Roches is halfway inside the rock and the rough walls have been preserved. However, the decor is obviously a little more modern – you don’t have to sleep on a bed of sandstone if you’re checking in at Les Hautes Roches!

Les Folies de la Serve – Ouroux

Les Folies de la Serve

Many visitors are sceptical when they first approach the accommodation Les Folies de la Serve. From a distance, the place doesn’t look like much to the world. However, all the questions will soon be resolved! Les Folies de la Serve is an accommodation that can leave even the most seasoned traveller breathless.

The accommodation consists of a number of old “roulotte”. This is the French name for the carriages often used by travellers in the past. The carriages have been restored and decorated in the way you would expect, with lots of colour and materials such as wood in different shades and types and velvet. The interior has an Indian/Oriental touch that is quite unique. Without a doubt, Les Folies de la Serve is an accommodation that can fit on any bucket list. If you ever want to stay at the hotel, you can book it through Lastminute.com. If you want to get a discount, remember to visit our Lastminute.com page where we list discount codes and offers.

Hotel Cap Pirate – Cap d’Agde

Hotel Cap Pirate

There is one official Pirates of the Caribbean hotel and it is located in the USA. For a true pirate experience a little closer to home, head to Cap d’Agde on the Riviera where you’ll find the Hotel Cap Pirate. This really is a crazy hotel that offers both a deluxe pirate feel and rather large portions of luxury.

Let’s see, what else exactly is on offer at the hotel? Pirate-themed rooms and suites, of course. Several lagoons around which you can eat and drink well. Suites with Jacuzzi and other luxuries. A water land! Cap d’Agde has always been known for its beautiful beach, but there’s more than just the beach to discover in this resort.

Samsaget Hobbit House – Dordogne

Samsaget Hobbit House

Even someone who has never read a book or seen a movie probably knows what a hobbit is. JRR Tolkien’s fantasy stories are widely known and names like Bilbo Baggins and Frodo are certainly not unknown. Maybe you’re a fan of Tolkien’s world? In that case, a visit to the Samsaget Hobbit House in the Dordogne region might be a good choice!

The Samsaget Hobbit House looks like a hobbit’s house, complete with grass on the roof and everything. Luckily, you don’t have to be short as a hobbit to get through the door! There are a lot of fun details in the accommodation – such as a sliding dome – and amenities are not lacking either.