Updated on November 26, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

When thinking about Christmas gifts, it’s always wise to start with interests. This automatically makes it easier to find the right one. Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for someone you love who you know likes to travel? Then you’ve come to the right place.

From powerbanks to hooded travel pillows and from anti-theft backpacks to passport cases, the options are endless and here on this page you’ll find our absolute favourites among gifts for the travel enthusiast. Without further ado, here’s our list of 10 Christmas gifts for someone who loves to travel.

Passport case

Passport case

A passport case is a great Christmas present for someone who travels a lot. Not only are passport cases usually very stylish, they are also practical. Often they are in leather and if you choose the right online shop you can buy engraving.

So what is practical about a passport case? Well, for one thing, the passport is protected from wear and tear! Secondly, there are extra compartments for boarding passes, tickets, banknotes and more. So everything important is in one place.

Compact beauty kit that can be taken on a flight

Anyone who flies a lot knows that the dry air in the cabin makes the skin and lips dry. It doesn’t matter how much water you drink! To get out of the plane reasonably fresh, it’s good to moisturise, but you can’t take just anything in your hand luggage.

Fortunately, there are nifty, compact beauty kits in approved sizes. Usually there is a product for the lips, one for the skin and sometimes also one for the hair. In short, it includes everything you need to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Hooded travel pillow

Travel pillow with hood

Have you ever fallen asleep on a bus, train or plane? Then you know your chin will fall to your chest and you’ll probably wake up with a sore neck. There is a very convenient way to counteract this. The answer is neck pillow.

Among Christmas gifts for someone who likes to travel, the travel pillow is optimal. It’s even better if it also has a hood. There are a few such models on the market. Even, even better is if the pillow is also inflatable. Such a variant works much like a scarf when emptied. It’s actually incredibly clever!

Subscription to audiobook

Waiting is part of the experience of travelling. You have to wait for flights, trains, taxis, buses and ferries. Sometimes the means of transport are also delayed!

An excellent Christmas gift for someone who loves to travel is a subscription to an audio book. These are monthly subscriptions that provide unlimited access to many thousands of audiobooks. An audiobook is perfect for killing long waits.

Sleeping mask

Sleeping mask

Closing your eyes and getting some rest during a long journey or at your holiday home is both wonderful and necessary to make your trip perfect. A sleeping mask makes all this so much easier, which is why it’s a favourite Christmas gift for someone who loves to travel.

There are practically thousands of different models of sleep masks. Some are incredibly boring in their design (but certainly very effective!) while others are a jumble of colour and shape. If you decide to give a sleeping mask for Christmas, choose a model that you know will be appreciated.

Earth globe with lighting

When thinking about Christmas gifts for someone who enjoys travelling, you can look at more than just things he or she can wear on the trip. For example, you could consider buying a globe as a gift!

There are globes of all sizes and characters. Some have an antique feel while others show the globe as it appears from space. Some models have a built-in light that illuminates the entire globe, while others have lights that illuminate the world’s cities. Whatever you choose for Christmas, it’s sure to be a hit!

Headphones with very long battery life


Out on the road, there are often eons of time to kill in waiting rooms and alleyways. One way to pass the time is to listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks. Then there are times when you want to listen a little further, for example during a few lazy hours at the beach or on a run. Headphones with very long battery life are therefore a perfect Christmas gift!

You probably know that there is an amazing variety of brands and models of headphones. However, not all have the same battery life. Explore the range carefully and see if you can find a model that provides hour after hour of sound (and is great in other ways too!). You can find really good headphones at Currys. If you’re keen to buy a pair of headphones from Currys, don’t miss out on taking advantage of one of the Currys discount codes we have listed here on the site.

Map/posts of favourite countries

Map of New Spain

Many people who travel a lot have a favourite place in the world. It can be a city, a country or an entire continent. It may also be that the avid traveller has a favourite place that they have not yet had the opportunity to travel to.

Whatever the case for the person you want to buy a Christmas gift for, a map or poster is an excellent choice. For example, it could be a map/posters of Spain or Australia. Maybe the goal is to visit all the countries in Europe? Then a detailed map of Europe is perfect? Maybe the dream is to travel around South America? You get the point!

Powerful powerbank


Whatever the destination and length of your trip, there are a number of electronic gadgets that need to go. Smartphone, wireless headphones, tablet, reader, smart watch, laptop – the list goes on. After all, there aren’t always sockets everywhere and you don’t always stay in one place long enough to charge!

Christmas gifts for travel enthusiasts can be clever and/or fun. They can also be “good to have”. Rather, a powerful powerbank is absolutely essential! A 20,000 mAh powerbank is enough to recharge a mobile phone 4-5 times, and that’s at least enough to go a long way. You can buy a powerbank at Robert Dyas and take the opportunity to use one of our Robert Dyas coupons.

Backpack with theft protection

Experienced travellers know that the risk of pocket theft is always high. The risk is not only abroad but also at home. Unfortunately, pocket thefts are common and there seems to be no end to the problem. To ease your worries while travelling, you can use a theft-proof backpack.

Theft-proof bag? It’s about not being able to open the backpack when it’s on your back. The zippers are behind the back. A simple yet clever solution!