Updated on October 14, 2022 by Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg

Looking for a birthday present (or maybe two) for someone who likes to travel? Whether it’s a gift for a specific trip or a birthday present in general, there’s plenty to choose from. You just have to think a little bit about what your birthday child might want!

Then, of course, it doesn’t hurt to get some great birthday gift ideas for explorers of all corners of the world. Luckily, you’re in the right place – this article will give you some great tips! Here we list 11 birthday gifts for someone who loves to travel. All products are available both online and in the real world.

Fanny pack

Fanny pack

Nowadays, it’s not just Germans with questionable taste in clothes and a craze for the 80s who use fanny packs. On the contrary – the fanny pack is actually back and with a vengeance. The reason is that it is so flexible. With a fanny pack, you always have the most important things close at hand and you can feel safer if you always have an overview of valuables and the like.

An alternative to the fanny pack is the type of bag that is worn across the chest. It works as a mix of a fanny pack and a shoulder bag. When it comes to space for valuables and gadgets, there is normally no difference between the two types of bags.

Packaging bags for clothes

Anyone who travels a lot will probably want to travel as light and compact as possible. Not least to avoid having to check in luggage! A smart way to travel more compactly is to use packing bags and roll up your clothes in them. Packing bags keep clothes organised and make packing easier, which is of course optimal for the busy traveller.

Signature book with personal greeting

Today, it’s a simple matter to quickly create your own notebooks or journals and order them online. For example, you can add a quote to the spine of the notebook or a greeting on the inside cover. If the birthday boy or girl likes to keep a journal of their travels, a notebook with a personal greeting is an excellent choice.

Powerbank – extra battery power


When you travel, you often carry a variety of electronic gadgets. In addition to a mobile phone, this could include wireless headphones, a smartwatch, a Bluetooth speaker and a laptop. These are appliances that draw a lot of power, and right now they can run out of power. It can be quite tricky, for example if you have boarding passes and the like on your phone.

With a powerbank there is always extra battery power to draw from! So which model should you choose? The answer depends on how much battery power you want, the desired size and the desired ruggedness. A 10,000 mAh power bank is enough to charge a newer smartphone at least twice and doesn’t need to be larger than a credit card in width and length. Several models are available at Currys. Please visit our Currys discount codes page to see if you can get a power bank at a great price.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a powder that is massaged into the scalp. No water is required and this saves lugging shampoo around in your pack and going through security. Of course, the result will be different compared to regular shampooing, but on a short trip it might not matter so much. Dry shampoo is available in every major grocery store. You can also buy dry shampoo from AllBeauty, for example. With a bit of luck, they can be bought at a discounted price with the help of our AllBeauty discount codes.

Travel pillow

Travel pillow

Travelling is not always convenient. Long journeys and long waiting times can put a strain on physics and energy. A travel pillow is a handy tool and a perfect birthday present for someone who loves to travel. There are both supported and unsupported pillows to choose from. A travel pillow can make long flights, bus journeys or train journeys much more comfortable! Being completely exhausted before you’ve even set foot at your destination isn’t much fun.

Map of the world to scratch or map of the world with pins

Many people who travel a lot enjoy documenting the countries and places they have visited (and those they would like to visit in the future). A world map where the frequent traveller can do just that is therefore an absolutely brilliant birthday present.

An alternative is the world maps where you simply scratch off the countries you have visited like a jigsaw puzzle. Another option is to buy a nice world map as a poster and complete the gift with pins in different colours.

Personal address tags

Personal luggage tag

There’s nothing more boring than the stacks of paper you can pick up at the airport check-in counters. It’s much more fun to have your very own address tag to attach to your bag! There are several address tag manufacturers online (among others!) that can supply tags in different colours, materials and designs.

UV lamp for water purification

In our country we are well provided with clean water directly from the tap. In many other countries, including in Europe, water quality is a bit patchy. With a clever UV lamp, which works through UV radiation, water can be purified in no time from almost 100% of all potentially dangerous micro-organisms.

A UV lamp can be the difference between a great holiday and a not-so-great one. Among birthday gifts for someone who likes to travel, this one is a bit unusual but it can prove to be oh so useful!

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

Why should you have to leave your music at home when you travel? There are so many places on your trip where you can enjoy your favourite music, for example on the beach, on the balcony of your hotel room or at a picnic in a city park.

With a Bluetooth speaker, your music can follow you wherever you go. Bluetooth speakers come in all sizes and price ranges, and it’s a good idea to read tests online before you buy. As a general rule, however, it may be worth spending a little extra to ensure a little better quality.

Compression socks

There may be cheekier birthday presents to choose from for someone who travels a lot, but there’s probably none more useful than the compression stocking. When you’re travelling, whether you’re sitting still on a plane, train or bus, or walking, your feet and calves take a beating. Wearing compression stockings on transport helps the body to push blood out of the legs, making you feel more alert and less swollen.