Liverpool is an excellent city to visit if you are looking for somewhere to stay for a couple of days. This city has everything a tourist would want, from a rich cultural history to a wide variety of attractions and things to do. So, it is understandable that you might be considering a trip to Liverpool. 

There are tons of different places to stay in Liverpool, and lots of different hotels to choose from. This can make it very difficult to know which hotel to book for your stay. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

In this guide, we’re looking at 5 of the best Liverpool hotels that are perfect for weary travellers. If you are unsure about where to stay, then these hotels are the ideal places to look. Read on to find out more! 

Best Liverpool Hotels For Weary Travellers

There are lots of outstanding hotels that you should consider staying in during your time in Liverpool. However, below we have gathered a short list of 5 of the best Liverpool hotels that are perfect for your stay. 

Titanic Hotel Liverpool

The first hotel that we would recommend staying at in Liverpool is the Titanic Hotel. When Titanic set off on its doomed maiden voyage, the ship was stamped with the name “Liverpool” despite never visiting the city. Since then, Titanic and Liverpool have been linked to one another. 

The Titanic Hotel Liverpool is a truly beautiful hotel. Inspired by the ship itself, this 4-star hotel is incredibly high-class, and it is a real experience to stay there.

Just minutes away from the centre of Liverpool on Stanley Dock, this hotel is perfect for fans of the film Titanic, but also great for anyone wanting to see the city. 

With breathtaking rooms, incredible food, and all the entertainment you could need, your stay at the Titanic Hotel is guaranteed to be a special one. That is why you should check this hotel out!


  • A historic-inspired, themed hotel
  • Lots of amenities available on site
  • A 4-star hotel for a luxurious experience


  • This hotel is fairly expensive

Malmaison Liverpool

Another brilliant hotel to check out for your stay in Liverpool is Malmaison Liverpool.

This majestic 4-star hotel is perfect for anybody looking for a sophisticated hotel to lay their head at night. This incredibly chic hotel is just 1 mile away from Albert Dock, so it is very close to the centre of Liverpool.

Malmaison Liverpool is a super stylish hotel that is very popular among people who visit Liverpool for concerts.

It is really close to Echo Arena which is a popular music venue, as well as being close to a variety of attractions in the city. However, no matter the reason why you are visiting Liverpool, this hotel will always be incredible.

Malmaison Liverpool has suites and rooms that come with a breathtaking view across the River Mersey. They also offer 24-hour room service, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and lots more.

So, if you are looking for somewhere to stay in the city, you should check out this hotel! 


  • A stylish hotel
  • Close to the centre of Liverpool
  • Tons of amenities (including 24-hour room service)


  • Part of a chain of hotels

The Shankly Hotel

If you are a keen football fan, then you have likely already heard of the Shankly Hotel. The Shankly Hotel is an elegant city-centre hotel dedicated to legendary Liverpool FC manager, Bill Shankly. But even if you aren’t a football fan, it is still a great place to stay. 

If luxury is what you are looking for, then this is the perfect hotel to visit. It has large, elegant rooms and also offers a number of different suites.

The hotel is home to a host of football memorabilia and is also really close to some of Liverpool’s biggest attractions. No matter whether you are visiting Liverpool for its musical or sporting history, this hotel will have you covered. 

This hotel is a little on the expensive side, however, it is totally worth it for everything that you get for your money. That is why you should check it out!


  • Perfect for football fans
  • Central location
  • A stylish hotel


  • Mainly contains suites 

The Dixie Dean Hotel

Alternatively, you should check out the Dixie Dean Hotel. This hotel is located on Liverpool’s famous Victoria Street, and it was dedicated to famous Everton manager William Ralph “Dixie” Dean. 

If you’re a blue, not a red, then this is the hotel for you. It is dedicated to Everton’s history and is the perfect place to visit if this is your club.

It is just a 6-minute walk away from Liverpool Lime Street train station, so it has excellent transport links. It is near to all the main attractions in Liverpool, and in a great area of the city.

Every room in this hotel comes with free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee-making facilities, and a whirlpool bath. Most rooms offer beautiful views across the city, and there is an outstanding restaurant right downstairs.

So, no matter your reason for visiting Liverpool, this hotel will be perfect for your trip. 


  • Perfect for fans of Everton FC
  • A stylish hotel
  • Lots of amenities in your room


  • Not the best choice for fans of Liverpool FC

Hard Days Night Hotel

This final hotel that we would recommend checking out is the Hard Days Night Hotel. If you are visiting Liverpool because you are a huge fan of the Beatles, then this is the hotel for you.

The Hard Days Night Hotel is located right next door to the Cavern Club, and as its name suggests, it is a Beatles-inspired hotel.

If you have saved your money to visit Liverpool because of the Beatles, this is the hotel to make your trip truly memorable. 

This hotel has upscale rooms and suites all decorated with Beatles memorabilia. It is also home to a restaurant and bar that focuses on the Beatles. So if you are Beatles-mad, you should check out this hotel! 


  • Beatles-inspired hotel
  • Super close to the Cavern Club
  • Decorated to a high standard


  • A themed hotel

Buyer’s Guide

There are some things that you should consider before you book a hotel for your stay in Liverpool. They include the following factors. 

Location In Liverpool

One of the biggest factors that you need to consider when you are looking for somewhere to stay in Liverpool is the area of Liverpool where you want to stay. 

Most people will choose to stay in the centre of Liverpool simply because it makes it so much easier to get around the city. When you stay in the centre of Liverpool, you can walk to most of the attractions, so it will save you money on transport. 

A lot of people choose to stay near Royal Albert Dock. This area is right on the bank of the River Mersey and close to lots of attractions in the city. 

Amenities In The Hotel

Something else you need to consider is the different amenities that the hotel offers. If you want a hotel with large luxurious rooms that offer tea and coffee facilities, then this is something you should look for in a hotel. 

A lot of the time, the amenities you might look for in a hotel could include on-site parking, a swimming pool, a restaurant, or spa facilities. Think about what you want from your hotel during your stay, and look for a location that has this on offer. 

Star Rating And Reviews

Finally, you need to consider the star rating for the hotel. If you want a really fancy hotel with lots of amenities, then a 4 or 5-star-rated hotel will be perfect for you. 

If you want to get an honest opinion on any of the hotels that you are thinking of staying in, then you should check out the reviews of the hotel.

People will give their honest opinions about hotels when they make reviews, so this can be a great way to get a true reflection of what your experience at the hotel could be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Area Of Liverpool Is Best To Stay In?

If you are planning on visiting Liverpool for a couple of days, then there are lots of great parts of the city to stay. However, the best part for tourists is near Albert Dock.

There are lots of tourist attractions near Albert Dock, and plenty of places to eat and drink within walking distance. So it is the perfect stop for tourists in Liverpool. 

What Are The Best Things To Do In Liverpool?

There are lots of brilliant things to see and do in Liverpool, but some of the biggest attractions include the Royal Albert Dock, the Cavern Club, The Beatles Story, and the Ferry on the Mersey.

If you are a big football fan, you may also decide to visit Liverpool FC’s ground at Anfield, or Everton’s football ground at Goodison Park.

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